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The Cobbling Settings Maker Box can be used to make settings for cobbling out of gems. It is sold at Just For Kicks at Duskruin.

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You analyze the ebonwood box and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

************************* Cobbling Settings Maker Box ******************************
This ebonwood box will allow you to put 4 matching gems inside and make some settings used for cobbling, e.g. beads, buttons, studs, and insets.  You can TURN and ATTEND the box to cycle through the available styles.  PUSH the box to create the settings.
WARNING:  The donated gems will be destroyed.

The look of the ebonwood box can be altered by any merchant, but it should remain a box-like item.  A talented cobbling merchant can add up to 5 custom adjective settings (PRE-STYLE) and 5 custom shape settings (POST-STYLE).

A talented merchant can add charges to your ebonwood box.  Alternatively, you can LOAD the box with emeralds to charge it.  It currently has 25 out of 50 charges.

Custom settings:
 PRE-STYLE Setting 1: Not Set
 PRE-STYLE Setting 2: Not Set
 PRE-STYLE Setting 3: Not Set
 PRE-STYLE Setting 4: Not Set
 PRE-STYLE Setting 5: Not Set
 POST-STYLE Setting 1: Not Set
 POST-STYLE Setting 2: Not Set
 POST-STYLE Setting 3: Not Set
 POST-STYLE Setting 4: Not Set
 POST-STYLE Setting 5: Not Set


Verb First Third
ATTEND You turn a dial on the side of your ebonwood box and set it for "POST-STYLE." n/a
LOAD You carefully insert your uncut emerald into a tiny slot on the side of your ebonwood box. Your ebonwood box glows brightly for an instant, and you feel confident that the emerald has charged your box with power. PLAYER carefully inserts an uncut emerald into a tiny slot on the side of his ebonwood box.
PUSH A variety of sounds emanates from your ebonwood box and it vibrates strongly. After a few moments, the box falls still. A variety of sounds emanates from PLAYER'S ebonwood box for a few moments.
TURN You turn a dial on the side of your ebonwood box and set it for "PRE-STYLE." n/a

Additional Information

The Cobbling Settings Maker Box comes with several pre-made settings.


faceted, pristine, flawless, fractured, exquisite, carved, matte, pearlescent, glossy, chiseled, columnar, crescentic, polished, radiant, bezel-set, gaudy, tiny, dull, gold-set, gilt-caged


droplets, tiles, feathers, vines, runes, peacocks, skulls, hearts, flames, snowflakes, scales, orbs, talons, shards, stars, moons, blossoms, charms, thorns, petals

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Cobbling Settings Maker Box Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Box
Alterable Yes
Customizable Yes
Custom 5 Adjective Settings (pre-style)
5 Shape Settings (post-style)
Original Release Venue Duskruin
Original Release Year 2024
Item Verbs