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General Information

Discord Message Link: General Information
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 11/15/2023

2023 Duskruin Dates

  • February 16th - March 10th - Duskruin Arena
  • August 16th - September 8th - Duskruin Arena

General Announcement 1 - February 2024 - Duskruin Information

Discord Message Link: February 2024 - Duskruin Information
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 2/2/2024

Duskruin is just around the corner and the excitement is already echoing through the lands as adventurers try to glean a hint of what changes have taken place in Bloodriven Village. If you’d like to take part in the fun and excitement, then join us on the Official Discord Server and jump into our SIMUCOIN EVENTS and QUESTS > Duskruin Channel.

Is Discord too noisy and crowded for you? Then fear not! Everything will be shared on our Duskruin Wiki Page under SAVED POSTS.

Some speculation is already taking place, as adventurers wonder what tie-in Duskruin will offer to the global theme, Year of the Clockwerke Devices. Join the fun and wild guessing tonight at 9pm EDT when the channel opens!

Additional Information:

General Announcement 2 - February 2024 - Duskruin Shop List

Discord Message Link: February 2024 - Shop List
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 2/2/2024

Please remember that the categories have the following meanings:

Reopen - This means that the shop is being reopened with no changes in designs or inventory

Refresh - This means that the shop is being opened with either new offering, changes in designs, or additions

Closed This Run - This means the shop was announced last run (in August) as having its last run and the offerings are no longer available in Bloodriven Village

Last Run - This means the shop is in its final run and that the offerings will not be available in August.

Forum Discussion on Shop List

Reopening w.o Inventory Changes Refreshed New Closed This Run Final Run Shops
Alchemical Attractions All You Knead Amalgamations Gilded Gladiator Art of Lore, The
Art of Lore, The Be Warez Balance and Frenzy Best Tressed, The
At The Ready Blood Red Rose, The Clockwerke Solutions Blades of Glory
Be Still My Hops Just for Kicks Daily Grind, The (delayed opening) Eonak Arms
Best Foot Forward Daily Grind, The, Accents (delayed opening) Shadowed Light
Best Tressed, The In the Shadow of the Sparrow Tiles of Chance
Beyond Barriers Right to Flare Arms
Blades of Glory Skayl Mix
Bloodriven Bowery
Bloody Lotus, The
Bolt From The Blue
Broken Coin, the
Bundle Up
Burning Twilight
Currents and Safeguards
Curved Cuts
Deep Within Darkness
Dunh's Lab
Eonak Arms
Fairy Ring, The
Fatal Afflares
Fireside Supplies
First Rule, The
Gamac's Goods
Good In-Tent-ions
Heady Spirits
Herbal Huntsman, The
Hide and Fur Depot, The
I See You
Icy Disposition
Knifery, The
Knit One, Punch Two
Librarium, The (Study, Sanctuary, Laboratory)
Make Your Mark
Mar and Scar, the
Mind Your Manas
Modern Morph, The
Mystic Phrases
Ode To Resistance
On The Other Hand
Paranormal Pages
Pirate Looks at Four Teas, A
Preening Plover, The
Rock Solid
Scoria and Dross
Secretive Sips
Shadowed Light
Shield Thyself
Sigil Shop
Sparrow's Dance
Sprite Club
Stay Awhile and Glisten
Temple of Tentacles
Tiles of Chance
Tome Raiders
Trapper's Shack
Twinkling Twilight
Twist of Briars, A
Untamed Spirit
Vaalin Rose, The
Volatile Storage
Wild Instinct
Yarrrpee Shoppe, The

General Announcement 3 - Gladiator

Discord Message Link: Gladiator
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 2/16/2024


The booklet exchange NPC will have a 10 minute timer instead of the 30 minute timer. You run the risk of losing a lot of experience if you die, so use this frequently at your own peril. The NPC also has some better debugging if you use the wrong item.


There are still some hidden easter eggs in the arena.

General Announcement 4 - Create-a-Golem

Discord Message Link: Create-a-Golem
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 2/16/2024

This year at Duskruin, you'll be able to build a golem if you participate in both the February/March and August runs. In the BATTLE VAULT, you will receive a chassis in the February/March run which is the foundation of your golem, without it, you cannot build one. These are character attuned. At Duskruin, you will come across golem pieces either in the arena by facing a clockwork golem or randomly searching in the sewers. There are 5 types of pieces you can find, arms, legs, plates, gears, and heads.

On the chassis you will ADD {part} TO {chassis} to attach a piece you find. You will need 2 arms and 2 legs. FLIP the chassis to select which side you are adding arms and legs. If you've already added a piece and wish to replace it, you can, but you will lose the old piece. There are over 10 of each piece currently with plans to continue to add more.

During the February/March run, you cannot finish the golem, as you will need the next BATTLE VAULT in August, which will be a motor/engine of sorts. So for now, you'll have just a incomplete chassis with anything you attach to it this run. You will be able to attach pieces next run if you don't find everything or maybe something new comes along that you like. After the golem is complete, you can still swap out parts.

The only verbs it will have for now are ADD, LOOK, and FLIP. I may add some more after we get everything released to have it do something between now until August, but no promises.

If you don't want to participate in this, you can BREAK the chassis for a violet exp orb. Be warned, there is no replacement and you will not be able to complete your golem. You only get one chance to build a golem. The violet exp orb will be account attuned so you can hand those off to other characters on your account

You glance down to see a hammer-fisted cast iron arm in your right hand and an empty golem chassis in your left hand.

You're about to replace an oversized iron left arm on an empty golem chassis. Repeat ADD arm TO chassis within 30 seconds to confirm this action. An oversized iron left arm will be lost.

You attach a hammer-fisted cast iron arm to an empty golem chassis.

You pick up an upturned steel bucket head.

You attach an upturned steel bucket head to an empty golem chassis.

Lots of combinations you can make!

General Announcement 5 - Various Discord Q & A

HESS CERTIFICATES Questions and Answers

Why do some certificates take longer than others?

  • Chances are that the certificate you are hoping to have completed on a weapon or armor require review.  If this happens, then please understand that it takes time for us to review them.  We want to make sure that you don't have complications with your item further down the line.

Are all of the HESS certificates out for this run?

  • Yes, at this time all HESS certificates are out.

If I have Rotflares on my weapon with Dispell and I want Flare Affinity, how do I do that?

  • Go to the dabbler and remove your rot flares, then go purchase the necessary certificates.

Does Flare Affinity work with paladin bond flares?

  • It does not.

Does Flare Affinity work with scripted flares?

  • It does not.

When do I have to start paying a surcharge?

  • After your fifth service on an individual item.

Can I reforge something with an Ethereal String on it? For Ethereal Strings, they only work on a dagger, handaxe, war hammer, quoit, discus, javeline, throwing dagger, throwing axe, and spear.  So your could reforge from (example) a dagger to a handaxe, but no other edged weapon profile would be eligible. Longbow to hand xbow is fine?

  • Yes, as long as the old and new weapon use exactly the same weapon skill.

Can brawling weapons be reforged to UCSE?

  • No, brawling weapons and UCS cannot be converted either way.

DUSKRUIN VERB Questions and Answers

Is the Duskruin Verb how I see my bloodscrip?

  • No, you'll need to type TICKET and this will give you a readout of all your alternate currencies.

How do I figure out what to set in Duskruin?

  • Type DUSKRUIN HELP in-game.

If I do DUSKRUIN REWARD SCRIP instead of LOOT can I still get golem parts?

  • Yes, special drops are still accessible under SCRIP instead of loot.
  • Turning of loot simply means less runs to the pawnshop.

Is there a way for me to specify what kind of BOOSTS I'd like to get?

  • Yes. Your options are:
 DUSKRUIN BOOST RANDOM: Receive random boosts.
 DUSKRUIN BOOST BOUNTY: Receive bounty boosts.
 DUSKRUIN BOOST ABSORB: Receive instant mind clearers.
 DUSKRUIN BOOST SUPERCHARGER: Receive item superchargers.
 DUSKRUIN BOOST LUCK: Receive luck boosters.
 DUSKRUIN BOOST LTE: Receive long-term experience boosts.

ATTUNEMENT Questions & Answers

What is the benefit of buying an attuned item?

  • Attunement provides you with a 25% discount on the item.

Is attunement account or character bound?

  • It is account bound.

If I buy an item at normal price and then buy the unlock attuned, what happens to the item?

  • The item becomes attuned.

What if I want to pass my item to another account for a character on that account to use?

  • Attunement means the item is restricted for use to the purchasing account.

Can I buy an attuned item and give it to someone else so that they can unlock it?

  • No, only the account purchasing the item has the attunement.

Battle Vault Questions & Answer

How are Battle Vaults Attuned?

  • Battle Vault is attuned to the first CHARACTER that opens it.

Can I buy more than one Battle Vault?

  • Yes, they do not attune until they are opened.
  • While you can buy more than one per ACCOUNT, you can only claim one per CHARACTER.

How do I use the scroll?

  • Anytime between February 16th and March 10th, you may redeem the scroll. From the moment you do, it will award 2x base experience absorption for 30 days.
  • You can not activate this outside of the run dates of Duskruin.

Can I activate two scrolls at once?

  • No, you can only have one scroll active per character.

If I buy two Battle Vaults, can I break the Chassis to get the experience orb on one and keep the other to create my golem?

  • Yes. As long as you have one chassis, you can still build your golem.
  • The orb from your chassis is account-attuned, not character-attuned.

General Announcement - 6

With this year’s Duskruin, we are attempting something new.  Some of the storylines will be continuing at Bloodriven Village and you may see some Merchants as well.  While not all storylines or towns may have a way to weave a town like Bloodriven into their workings, some will and may.  As such, we’ve created an avenue for this to happen.  Please keep an eye on the calendar for these events.  All events will be on the calendar if they are to happen, there will be no surprises or pop-ups to ensure that those interested don’t miss out.

Also, some merchants may come around.  All merchants will also be on the calendar, and they will be in public areas.  Merchants will not be associated with shops, though they may work on shop items.

We hope that you enjoy these changes.  Who knows, perhaps you’ll see one of the local authorities of your favorite town in the Cheap Seats, cheering you on.

Shop Teaser/Announcement 1 - In the Shadows of the Sparrow

Discord Message Link: In the Shadows of the Sparrow (shop)
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 2/3/2024

Located down an alley and secreted away, a young merchant sells fans modeled after the famed fighting fans of the Sparrows of the Night Queen. She will not speak to those that come seeking her out, instead just watching from the shadows of her shop as customers come and go.

While her fans are simple and elegant, they are not weapons, however, they do still allow for the chained dance of the Sparrow.

The cost of a base fan is 2,500 bloodscrip, with each unlock costing 1,000 bloodscrip.

Shop Teaser/Announcement 2 - Skayl Mix

Discord Message Link: Skayl Mix (shop)
Author: GM Naiken
Date: 2/3/2024

Armaments made of a new metal known as obskruul are being imported to Bloodriven Village from Teras and sold in Skayl Mix.

Forum: Obskruul Discussion
Lore: Mellar's Metal
Wiki: Obskruul

Shop Teaser/Announcement 3 - Fancy Stance

Discord Message Link: Fancy Stance (certificate)
Author: GM Valyrka
Date: 2/3/2024

A certificate will be available for purchase this Duskruin that adds fancy stance messaging to your weapon.

This fluff messaging does not take up a script spot.


stance off

Gripping your steel falchion, you take an aggressive step forward.

stance advance

Leaning forward, you position your steel falchion at your knees and ready yourself for battle.

stance forward

You pull your steel falchion across your body, preparing to fight.

stance neutral

Lightly gripping your steel falchion, you shift your balance from foot to foot.

stance guarded

Bringing your steel falchion across your chest, you glance about with a watchful eye.

stance defense

Stepping backwards, you pull your steel falchion close, protecting yourself from attack.

Thank you to GM Ethereal for helping code and APM Estild for his help in getting a new script slot added to make this happen.

With the release of this certificate comes a new field on items called Fluff Script, which will allow you to add fluff scripts that won't interfere with your mechanical scripts.
The way it works is as follows:

  • The primary script always takes precedence.
  • Multiple fluff scripts can be stacked into the fluff script field, but the order of importance is noted by the order of addition.

Example: Primary Script has verbs RUB, EXHALE, PULL, 1st fluff script has RUB, PUSH, PONDER, 2nd fluff script has PONDER, GAZE, GLANCE

  • Rub, exhale, and pull will always default to the primary script.
  • Push and ponder will always default to the 1st fluff script.
  • Gaze and glance will default to the 2nd fluff script.
  • And so on as it goes.

Shop Teaser/Announcement 4 - Crafter’s Tome Update

Discord Message Link: Crafter’s Tome Update
Author: GM Ethereal
Date: 2/6/2024

Three updates to Crafter’s Tomes/Monocles will be going live when Duskruin opens on the 16th:

  1. Crafter’s Tomes and Monocles will be updated to support the new Bard service. They’ll provide appropriate stat and skills boosts when used in conjunction with the service. Affinity will not be reset during this update, so the item should be usable immediately.
  2. Warrior’s will no longer see a difficulty assessment message when applying the grit service.
  3. A new certificate will be available from Tome Raiders: a black voucher. This voucher will unlock to assess your service bonus when PONDER’ing your tome or monocle. It’ll provide both an IC range as well as the numerical value.


>ponder tome
Your crafter's tome pulses with a crimson light, suffusing you with necromantic knowledge.
You open your crafter's tome and scan through the pages, studying the text and diagrams contained within. After a few moments, you feel a presence briefly touch your mind, as if searching it. The feeling fades as you close your tome once again.
You sense that your ability to ensorcell is proficient.
[Your skill bonus given your current condition and environment is 488.]

Shop Teaser/Announcement 5 - Teaser for the Cobblers!

Discord Message Link: Teaser for the Cobblers!
Author: GM Elidi
Date: 2/6/2024

Stop by Just For Kicks for the refreshed inventory and pick up a new Cobbling Settings Maker Box. Load 4 gems into the contraption, turn the knob and dials to cycle through the available settings and create some settings you can incorporate into your shoes as beads, buttons, studs, or insets. The box has room for 10 custom settings and yes, you can charge it yourself with some spare gems (or ask Lady Airisu).

G>l my box
Looking closely at the settings on the side of your ebonwood box, you notice a dial set to "gold-set" and a knob set to "moon."
G>push my box
To make your cobbling settings [some gold-set pallid sapphire moons], your gems will be destroyed. Are you sure you want to do this?

Shop Teaser/Announcement 6 - Clockwerke Solutions

Discord Message Link: Clockwerke Soluations
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 2/13/2024

You analyze your round bronze pocketwatch and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Created in 5124 at the precise stroke of midnight on Lormesta the 1st, a filligreed round bronze pocketwatch is a timepiece in honor of the "Year of the Clockwerke Devices."

The pocketwatch is currently tier 1 of 3 and can only be unlocked via an unlock certificate at Duskruin.

It has access to the following verbs:

CLOSE, GAZE (provides time), LOOK, OPEN, REMOVE, and WEAR.

It has the following available customizations:

Chain Article: herringbone

Chain Material: copper

Lid Design: an embellished filigree whorl

Shape of pocketwatch: round

Interior Lid Item (base): a scrap of parchment

Interior Lid Item (description): Scrawled across the thin slip of paper is a wish for a happy new year.

Timepiece Glass Color: clear

Timepiece Charm: golden bell

Timepiece Base: a filigreed round bronze pocketwatch

When worn, the pocketwatch will transform in the follow ways:

With a bodice/corset: a stay-pinned braided herringbone chain discreetly tucked into a (bodice/corset) pocket

With a vest: a button-latched looping herringbone chain attached to a pocket-tucked timepiece

If no vest or bodice/corset are worn, then it becomes a neckworn item: a copper-strung clockwork locket

In Locket & Pocketwatch form, the timepiece may have a long description.

> look

> The round pocketwatch has been crafted from bronze, its surface graced with an embellished filigree whorl.  Set within the panes of clear glass are tiny clockwork hands, the appendages affixed with gears and cogs set in thin layers beneath a disc of lacquered vellum.  A herringbone copper chain allows the timepiece to be attached to the wearer, leaving a diminutive golden bell to drape against the bow and crown.

> gaze my pocket

Toggling the closure spring with your thumb, you open your round bronze pocketwatch and gaze at the timepiece, noting that it is 9:40 AM by the elven time standard.  You close the pocketwatch with a quiet *CLICK*.

Noun can be watch (as long as the adj. if pocket directly before it) or pocketwatch.

For more details, visit: Clockwerke Solutions Pocketwatch

Discord Discussion: Forum Discussion

Shop Teaser/Announcement 7 - Balance and Frenzy

Discord Message Link: Balance & Frenzy
Author: GM Retser
Date: 2/13/2024

Hello everyone!

This Duskruin (redacted) will be releasing a new weapon line known as Balance and Frenzy. The weapons themselves start 4X and are available to all but UCS.  The weapons can be shifted between an offensive or defensive flare and set of abilities.  Numbers are mostly finalized

The first is the standard flares. The standard flares from the weapon are script level.  Each flare will add 1 counter to the weapon.  Upon reaching 20 counters the double flares will stop occurring until you TURN the weapon (swap) to the other side.

Current Pricing (Pending)

Base Weapon: 2500

Tier 2 Unlock 10000

Tier 3 Unlock 50000


Provides a boost in offense for the current attack.

Tier 1: 4 AS    2CS

Tier 2  8 AS    4CS

Tier 3  15 AS   9CS


Provides a boost in defense for 5 seconds (non-stacking) with an internal cooldown of 15 seconds.

Tier 1:  4 DS    2TD

Tier 2   8 DS    4TD

Tier 3  15 DS    9TD

Double Flares

Tier 1 (OTS)

The flares have a chance scaling with the tier of the weapon to DOUBLE the strength of the flare.

Cost: 5 stamina or 5 Mana taking the higher of the two.

Tier 1: Chance to double strength 5%

Tier 2: Chance to double strength 10%

Tier 3: Chance to double strength 15%

Double Frenzy

Chance on standard flare to double the AS and CS.

Tier 1: 8  AS    4  CS

Tier 2  16 AS    9  CS

Tier 3  30 AS    18 CS

Double Balance

Chance on standard flare to double the DS and TD.

Tier 1: 8  DS    4  TD

Tier 2  16 DS    9  TD

Tier 3  30 DS    18 TD

Balance & Frenzy

For 60 seconds you will receive the bonus of BALANCE and FRENZY on flare.

Cost: 20 Stamina OR 20 Mana taking the higher of the two.

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Tier 2


Cooldown: 15 Minutes

Cost: 20 Stamina OR 20 Mana taking the higher of the two.

Tier 3

Frenzied Fracture

Fractures a piece of the weapon for 60 seconds to sacrifice DS/TD to gain AS/CS

Tier 1: -8 DS  / -4   TD and    +  8 AS / + 4 CS

Tier 2: -16 DS / -9   TD and    + 12 AS / + 7 CS

Tier 3: -25 DS /-15   TD and    + 16 AS / + 9 CS

Balance Fracture

Fractures a piece of the weapon for 120 seconds to sacrifice AS/CS to gain DS/TD

Tier 1: -8 AS  / -4 CS and  + 16 DS / +  9 TD

Tier 2: -16 AS / -9 CS and  + 24 DS / + 14 TD

Tier 3: -25 AS /-15 CS and  + 36 DS / + 21 TD

Invigorate  (Frenzied OR Balanced)

Cooldown: 10 Minutes

This effect cannot be stacked.  This effect can only be present on a player once every 10 minutes.  The weapon must be held in the hand for the effect to continue.

Tier 2

Frenzied Invigorate

Restores 5 Health, 2 stamina, and 1 mana every 5 seconds for 60 seconds.   (Will not overfill) 60 Health, 24 Stamina, 12 Mana total.

Balanced Invigorate

Restores  1 Health, 4 stamina, and 2 mana every 5 seconds for 60 seconds.  (Will not overfill) 12 Health, 48 Stamina, and 24 Mana total.


Allows the weapon to change between balanced and frenzied form.  The weapon must cycle to the next before cycling back.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

Tier 1 (OTS)

Alignment, Frenzy

Channels the weapon to be in a frenzy mode.  This will remove all balanced abilities.

For the next attack (within 15 seconds) you will receive a guaranteed flare at increased strength.

Tier 1: 8  AS     4  CS

Tier 2  16 AS    9  CS

Tier 3  30 AS    18 CS

Alignment, Balance

Channels the weapon to be in a balanced mode.  This will remove all frenzy abilities.

Enables a barrier for 15 seconds providing a bonus based on the tier.

Tier 1: 8  DS     4 TD

Tier 2  16 DS     9 TD

Tier 3  30 DS    18 TD

Shop Teaser/Announcement 8 - The Daily Grind

Discord Message Link: The Daily Grind
Author: GM Avaluka
Date: 2/13/2024

Meat Grinders are a new food crafting item debuting in "The Daily Grind".

What does it create?

  • Raw, cookable sausages filled with up to two (2) filler ingredients and flavored with up to two (2) added flavors.
  • Raw sausages can be impaled on the end of any "stick" you may have lying around and cooked over a fire source (or you can CAST fire spells at them). If you like them crispy, you can cook them up to 3 times total.

What do you need to create the sausages?

  • Iron or silver wands (or lightning-based spells.
  • Salt (either regular salt, sea salt, garlic salt, celery salt, etc.)
  • Intestines.
  • A piece of raw meat.
  • (Optional) A second piece of different raw meat, an organ (heart, liver, or kidney), grain, wine, blood, vegetable, or mushroom.
  • (Optional) Up to two (2) flavor ingredients to infuse into the filling (these are items exactly like the alcohol still - Foraged Items, food, cooking/brewing additives, etc.)
  • The combination of the base ingredient (meat) and the optional 2nd filler ingredient will change the taste messaging you end up with, as some meats are more gamy or greasy and obviously a blood sausage tastes different than one infused with wine.

What sort of things can I do to change the sausage's looks?

  • OTS grinders can adjust the article (the first 15 of the 15/15/15).
  • An unlock certificate can be purchased to allow changing the adjective, as well as a separate certificate to allow adding a long description to the sausage.
  • All articles, adjectives, and long description options are based on what ingredients you have put into the grinder (no customs at this time).

What other things can be unlocked?

  • You can unlock the ability to make ropes of sausage links (an item that will create a "rope" that will let you TWIST off individual 3-bite sausage links).
  • You can unlock the "Spicy" or "Rancid" after-effect, which are messages that appear after you EAT the sausage.

Shop Teaser/Announcement 9 - The Blood Red Rose (Refresh Info)

Discord Message Link: The Blood Red Rose
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 2/14/2024

This shop houses Iasha Weapons. All new weapon bases have been built for this shop.

There are also two new unlock certificates available.

The coveted tier 3 unlock (providing +3 Wisdom Stat bonus and 1x/day teleportation to the player's deity's nearest temple/shrine (where applicable) via the ATTEND verb is now available. This tier is limited to Paladins/Clerics.

However, if you get the GREATER All-Profession upgrade (also on sale) it will work for anyone.

Shop Teaser/Announcement 10 - Private Property Clocks

Discord Message Link: Private Property Clock
Author: GM Tivvy
Date: 2/15/2024

Sometime during the event, I'll be putting out a cart with a contract to place a standing clock in your private property.  This will not work in premium homes, tents, or any other location except in a private property you are the owner of.  The clock will chime on the hour and it will be audible throughout your property.  Once the clock is placed you can TURN the clock to toggle it on and off.  There are also a few fluff verbs you can use to interact with the clock once placed, CLEAN, LISTEN, LOOK, OPEN, PINCH, STARE and UNLATCH.

The clock is a script first coded by GM Kynlee.  I've made some updates to add more ring flavors and a few other small improvements under the hood.  You will be able to take the contract to any willing GALD merchant and have its appearance customized.   The noun must remain clock, but it cannot be a grandfather clock.   It will support long descriptions but not shows.   Once placed, you cannot change any of the custom settings, so be sure you have it how you want it before raising your contract!

You analyze your clock contract and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This clock contract is used to place a standing floor clock in a private property that you own.

TURN the contract to choose between one of six different hourly ring messages.

Current ring setting:  Striker

The appearance of the clock may be altered by any willing merchant with a long description but show descriptions are not allowed.  The noun will always remain "clock".

Current article setting:  a timeworn

Current adjective setting:  mahogany

Current long description setting:  a timeworn mahogany clock with a nacre-inlaid face

Current clock hands metal setting:  faenor

You should RAISE your contract while standing in the room where you want to install a standing floor clock.

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Clockwork Bird

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Dirge

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Banshee

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Guillotine

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Striker

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Gong

>turn my contract

Your clock ring is now set to:  Chimes

Shop Teaser/Announcement 11 - Right to Flare Arms

Discord Message Link: Right to Flare Arms
Author: GM Naiken
Date: 2/15/2024

Gloves in The Right to Flare Arms are non-UCS and come without any flares/addons.

You can unlock and store as many of the available flares as you want. There are no tiers, but the following addons are available:


Both hands can be set to a flare simultaneously and independently.


Activates an SMR flare against up to five random creatures for 15 stamina and a 10min cooldown. If Unlinked is unlocked, both hands can flare for 25 stamina.


Bestow Lesser Moods ambients to an unflaring held weapon. If Unlinked is unlocked, it'll choose randomly between two weapons as applicable.

-Greater Flares-

Chance to trigger the flaring portion of Greater Elemental Flares for supported flares (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Impact, Vacuum, Steam).


Add closeable pockets that hold a very small amount with space for two items.

Shop Teaser/Announcement 12 - Amalgamations

Discord Message Link: Amalgamations
Author: GM Marstreforn
Date: 2/16/2024

Something new...

>analyze my shield

You analyze your black alloy shield and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
* Twisted Shield - Acid Edition *
Available Actions
** TURN - held effect - [ON]

Special messaging when changing stances if STANCE VERBOSE is toggled.

Merchants that are skilled with this type of shield may also customize the following:
* Bouche: "an angular notch"
* Grooves: "labyrinthine"
* Fumes: "virescent"
* Enarmes: "rigid leather brace"
** Lever: "a twisted metal lever"
** Flares: "a twisted, prismatic spray of acid"
Combat Unlocks:
** Twisted Interdiction Flares (reactive: acid): UNLOCKED!
*** Twisted Assault Flares (offensive: acid): UNLOCKED!
Added below hands: Virescent fumes twist and churn over the labyrinthine grooves on his black alloy shield.
 [Must be held, and is toggled on/off with TURN]

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the black alloy shield for you.```

OTS-T1: 2,500 bloodscrip
T2 (reactive: acid): 20,000 bloodscrip
T3 (offensive: acid): 40,000 bloodscrip - these are double flares like GEF

Shop Teaser/Announcement 13 - Scoria and Dross

Discord Message Link: Scoria and Dross
Author: GM Tivvy
Date: 2/18/2024

Three new molds (key blanks, locksmithing clasps, and Snap-On Heels for cobbling) have been added in Scoria and Dross. These only work when used in conjunction with a Fullmetal Crucible.