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Cobbling plate boxes were first released during Ebon Gate 2017 and were sold at The Glass Slipper. Utilizing weapons or other valid metal materials, plates could be crafted for use in cobbled shoes.

Default Settings

Barbed Scaled Burnished Polished
Buffed Segmented Flimsy Bejeweled
Filigreed Sculpted Monogrammed Grooved
Brushed Hammered Enameled Patinated
Glossy Riveted Tapered Matte


************************* Cobbling Plates Maker Box******************************
The metal box will allow you to put a metal weapon up to 3lbs or another valid material inside
and potentially make a pair of metal plates used for cobbling.
WARNING:  The weapon or material will be destroyed.

The look of the metal box can be altered by any merchant, but should remain a box.  A talented
cobbling merchant can add up to 3 custom plate settings.
The metal box currently has 20 charges.

Custom Plate Descriptions
 Custom Plate Setting 1: Not Set
 Custom Plate Setting 2: Not Set
 Custom Plate Setting 3: Not Set

Current plate style: barbed


Custom Settings

Custom settings can be engravings similar to gem cutter patterns, or other metal finishings.

The settings are not limited to 15 characters, but, according to Lady Airisu, "we don't want to get too long since you're limited to total characters on the shoe and it can potentially push some other stuff out."

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