Company Store Pawnbroker

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Company Store Pawnbroker, located in the town of Kharam Dzu , is the only pawnshop on Teras Isle. Its entrance is a blue archway inside the Borthuum Company Store on Ora Street. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise.

Main Room

[Company Store, Pawnbroker] RNUM: 1885
This pawnshop seems fairly prosperous and upscale. It is clean, though somewhat cluttered, and brightly lit. The counter is made of a local hardwood and is polished to a bright luster. Despite the obvious efforts to protect the counter top, a few scars tell of heavy usage. A small pile of weapons is neatly stacked to one side while one of the assistants busily records their receipt. You also see a simple door, a blue archway and a slightly charred wooden barrel.
Obvious exits: none


>look at barrel
An engraved steel plate is bolted to the side of the barrel that reads: "TRASH GOES HERE"

>look in barrel
The charred wooden barrel is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.

Sales Room

[Company Store, Pawnbroker] RNUM: 12983
Several lanterns hang from the ceiling, each brightly glowing. The light shines most intensely on several tables lined in a neat row across the room. A simple door leads into the pawnshop's main room. You also see a simple door, a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it, an arcana table with some stuff on it, an armor table with some stuff on it and a weapon table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none


>look at miscellaneous table
The squat table barely stands two feet above the floor.  The thick legs support the table like titans holding a massive slab of rock.

>look at arcana table
Thin spindly legs support this table, the smallest of all in the room.  A thin slate tabletop displays years of pits and cracks.

>look at armor table
A squat iron table stands ready for any load of armor.  Each of the four legs is formed to resemble a heavy rigid chain.

>look at weapon table
A heavy shop plank lays across a few stone blocks to form the weapons table.