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A Confetti punch will turn appropriate paper into decorative confetti as well as decorate the paper. The punch can be customized with up to 100 different punch designs via live merchant, Sadie scroll, or automated NPC in the shop Arboreal Afterlife.


You analyze your silver hole punch and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This silver hole punch will punch holes in certain stationery items, decorating the paper and creating confetti.

   TURN - Toggle through available designs, or to a specific one
        - Currently: tiger
   FLIP - Toggle between confetti and paper shapes
        - Currently: confetti
  NUDGE - Toggle where the stationery is punched
        - Currently: None - will create a larger pile of confetti and destroy the paper
  CLEAN - Resets all settings
  PUNCH - Punch holes in stationery to create confetti and decorate paper
          Syntax: PUNCH MY punch AT {paper} or PUNCH MY {paper} WITH MY punch

This silver hole punch has the following patterns saved: spiral, bat, clematis blossom, monkey, tiger, lion

The punch itself can be altered into anything that can punch holes in paper.  Designs can be added by certain merchants in shops or at live sessions.  Valid designs should be one or two words that make sense as "design-shaped confetti" or "a handful of paper designs".  It should also make sense to be punched into stationery as a header or border.  It can be one or two words without character limitation, but must be singular in agreement (monkey vs monkeys).  An article should not be provided.

You get no sense of whether or not the punch may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
CLEAN You reset the current hole punch settings on your silver hole punch. None
FLIP You flip the settings of your silver hole punch, preparing for the punch to punch paper into a handful of paper dots. None
NUDGE You nudge your silver hole punch, preparing for the punch to punch the entire sheet of paper, creating a larger pile of confetti. None
TURN You turn the settings wheel on your silver hole punch, selecting the monkey punch. None
PUNCH This will result in your paper being destroyed and creating a handful of paper monkeys, which are confetti. If that is correct, please repeat the command.

You make monkey-shaped cutouts across the entire surface of your bright orange paper with your silver hole punch. You are left with a handful of bright orange paper monkeys.

Vanah makes a monkey-shaped cutout across the entire surface of her piece of paper with her silver hole punch. She is left with a handful of bright orange paper monkeys.
Confetti punch Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Customizable Yes
Custom 100 Punch Designs
Original Release Venue Rings of Lumnis
Original Release Year 2023
Restrictions Deepen only
Item Verbs