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While Ghezresh himself only cares about increasing his own power, those who convert to him are normally unwittingly enthralled and convinced that he is a deity that will fulfill all of their deepest desires. His followers are known to occasionally hear voices in their head of him beckoning for them to return to be near him. Converting to Ghezresh involves a quest only done during Ebon Gate festivals taking place at Caligos Isle.

You can get a hint on how to begin your journey by finding the Ezreshi wandering the Sea Caves and asking her about Ghezresh. Her backstory can also be learned from A Tale of Desperation.

Guide to Convert


Necessary Items

Conversion will require an egg, an indigo tidal pearl, and your soul. Two of these items are obtained from the Fishing and Digging games at Ebon Gate, details of which can be found at the Ebon Gate Primer


  • A yellowed marble-sized egg. These are obtained by fishing at EG and they have a low chance of appearing when cutting open a fish for their treasure. You may also buy it from players.


  • An indigo tidal pearl. Randomly found as a rare treasure from doing the digging minigame at EG. You may also buy it from players.

Your Soul

  • Dying is involved in completing the quest. Having a deed is recommended. You will also want to die in a place where people can find you.


  • Once you have the necessary items, you need to eat the egg.

WARNING: Once you eat the egg, you have 12 hours to complete the quest. This is more than enough time, but don't get lazy and eat the egg and not follow through until the next day or you may complicate your situation.

  • Go to the following room:

[Caligos Isle, Shadowed Grotto - 26615]

  • In this room is a door you will see if you look at the stairway. PUT PEARL IN DOOR. If your timer ran out, this is where you will get a fail message stating you need to do something beforehand. You may need an ASSIST to help restart the timer.
  • Assuming you're still inside the timer, you will be given a confirmation on if this is what you want to do. After confirming, you will be moved to the Birthing Chamber.
  • There is a bowl with seaweed inside. GET SEAWEED FROM BOWL.
  • KNEEL.
  • You should be given the following message:

[You have begun the journey to Ghezresh. You should probably leave this area now and rejoin your group, if applicable. You have 5 minutes to do this.]

  • Find a place where a cleric and empath can easily find you. You can even leave Caligos Isle and go to a place like Town Square Central.
  • Wait around and then enjoy your sudden yet inevitable death. Let the crowd marvel when you abruptly and gruesomely die in front of them.

Congrats! You are now a follower of Ghezresh! May all of your desires be fulfilled through his will!

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