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This is a list of merchants that attended the first run of the Convocation of Coraesine Field.

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Shop Name: Adrowynne
Location: Ley Crossing
Merchandise: I offer seamstress services only -- I do not work on armor or weapons of any kind.


Shop Name: Alouetta
Merchandise: Alouetta ran the loresong raffles.
Alouetta also altered instruments, and altered and scripted instrument cases.


Shop Name: Ayzaila
Location: 2 Aelotoi Pavilion
Merchandise: A young aelotoi wanders by, saying, "I hear Ayzaila is offering her services in Bottled Time, in the Winged Cyvail."
Altered lifekeep flasks/gourds/vials, and deepened them to hold more sips.



Shop Name: Caliolia
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion
Merchandise: Perfumes


Shop Name: Casraden
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion, northwest
Merchandise: Casraden will remove zesting from items.
Casraden can also combine any scrolls onto one scroll. Six spells can be on one scroll. This service will unlock the spells on the scroll.


Shop Name: Chisma
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion
Merchandise: Sewing.


Shop Name: Corinthar
Location: 12 Giantman Tent
Merchandise: Making regular sheaths into blessing sheaths.



Shop Name: Dawe
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion
Merchandise: Lightening, Deepening, and Just One Thing alterations.
Dawe also ran a service where she added pockets to items that did not already have pockets.


Shop Name: Denorfio
Location: 11 Dwarven Smokes, in Dwarven Hall
Merchandise: Custom cigars. Noun has to remain cigar, so no stogies or spliffs.



Shop Name: Ecomend
Location: 9 Machina
Merchandise: A herald runs in and shouts, "The artisan Ecomend is raffling off a service to change the armor group of a set of armor. Please see him in 'Augment It' off the Burghal gnome pavilion within 5 minutes to get in on the action!"



Shop Name: Fanahn
Location: 16 Concealed or Stashes in the Imperial Envoy
Merchandise: Fanahn recharged enhancive items with permission from the Adventurer's Guild for 20 people.
Fanahn added hoods to partial armor concealers, making them into full armor concealers that covered the head as well. Only cloaks, robes, and other items that it makes sense to have full coverage for were considered for this service.
Fanahn added non-magical scripts to runestaves.


Shop Name: Faylle
Location: 2 Aelotoi Pavilion
Merchandise: Rangers! Faylle will be in the Aelotoi pavillion and she has enough magicks to work on a handfull of Animal companions.



Shop Name: Gostika
Location: 4 Klinaster Gather
Merchandise: Gostika added spikes to armor, shields, and armor accessories. This service is a general service and will not count toward the Last Resort service. The cost is 100,000 for armor and shields, half for accessories.
Gostika will be adding flares to armor and shields. Available flares will be cold, heat, impact, electrical, disintegrate, and vacuum. Cost is dependent on the flare chosen and the current enchant of your item. Armor accessories will be treated as +20 enchant for the purposes of pricing.



Shop Name: Iamal
Location: 2 Winged Cyvail
Merchandise: Iamal removed flares from weapons, shields, armor, and armor accessories. Flare removal is a general service and will not exclude you from the Last Resort service.
A passing aelotoi says, "Artisan Iamal has arrived in the Winged Cyvail. He will be lightening weapons and armor until his raffle for a high-end weapon enchant draws."


Shop Name: Ianthra
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion
Merchandise: Ianthra is the apprentice of Yfane, the famed dress maker. Ianthra added the Nalea/Yfane dress scripts to 5 dresses. She also altered existing Nalea-scripted gowns.


Shop Name: Ipsy



Shop Name: Javanna
Location: Possibly aelotoi


Shop Name: Jof
Location: 4 Jof's Tavern
Merchandise: Altered and added scripts to dice dice, altered darts, gambling tokens, and dice/dart pouches.


Shop Name: Joldaf
Location: 11 Dwarven Hall
Merchandise: Adds flares to weapons. Besides the four normal flares, plasma and acid are available. Prices depend on the weapon.



Shop Name: Keggie
Merchandise: Unlocking scripts on the new amulet holders.
Keggie also did some general alterations.
Keggie says, "Add spikes to appropriate items...
Keggie says, "Change how YOU look, provided you don't fight me about it too much."


Shop Name: Kincau
Location: 10 Bloodlines


Shop Name: Khapens
Location: 11 Fine Fashions, in Dwarven Hall
Merchandise: A well dressed dwarf appears as if from nowhere and announces, "Khapens will be in Fine Fashion for a bit of time to attend to any of your fashionable needs." The dwarf flashes a quick smile and heads off into the early evening.



Shop Name: Larkwen
Location: 2 Trinity, south in the Aelotoi Pavilion.
Merchandise: General and feature alterations.


Shop Name: Luharl
Merchandise: Ran the forging slab raffles


Shop Name: Lyxa
Location: 16 Imerial Envoy
Merchandise: When not distributing her special service of ezscripts, Lyxa can be convinced to do general alterations (she does just about everything, and typically charges more for non-Liabo work, but will be discounting everyone to about 25K per service since it's a special event).
Lyxa softly says, "I can lighten, deepen, alter, work on gem patterns, and so on."
Lyxa softly says, "I am able to change how you look or ink you up a bit."



Shop Name: Mortimmer
Location: 4 Jof's Tavern
Merchandise: Adding glowing orb scripts to unscripted runestaves with long descriptions only. The runestaves will be altered to reflect the orb.


Shop Name: Muzer
Location: 12 Giantman Tent
Merchandise: Adding pockets to shields


Shop Name: Mychus
Location: 9 Machina
Merchandise: Mychus offers enhancive conversions. Mychus is able to convert enhancive magics stored within an item to aid you with different skills than they do currently. He can convert among weapon skills, among lore skills, and among mana control skills. He cannot add new bonuses or convert any other magical enhancements. The limit on any one item is +15.



Shop Name: Naigood
Location: 14 Lor Colonnade



Shop Name: Ofee
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion, Heraldic shop
Merchandise: Altered cloth and jewelry.
Ofee says, "I will be offering personal consultations on hair and facial features, for the cost of 5,000 silvers if you provide your own design, and 10,000 if I provide it."


Shop Name: Olba
Location: 11 Dwarven Hall
Merchandise: Olba ran the permablessing and sanctifying services.
Olba also did general alterations.


Shop Name: Otuio
Merchandise: Otuio ran the raffles for custom swears.



Shop Name: Petria
Location: 3 Ley Crossing
Merchandise: Enchanting bows and bow sighting.



Shop Name: Raibeyhan
Location: 16 Tehir Yurt
Merchandise: Raibeyhan is a Shakat merchant. Raibeyhan will perform a limited number of alterations using her own stash of rare Tehir materials at the cost of 100,000 silvers each, as well as raffling off rare materials that other merchants will be able to use. She'll also take tabard or similar garments and convert them into hudors for Tehiri women only.


Shop Name: Raiyek


Shop Name: Razalka
Location: 1 Elf Pavilion
Merchandise: Adding scripts for TWC-users on TWC-able weapons. This is a limited service that disqualifies you from the Last Resort service.



Shop Name: Saah
Location: 2 Winged Cyvail
Merchandise: A soft voice proclaims, "The merchant Saah will be working on beautifying your musical instruments at the Winged Cyvail."


Shop Name: Siolan
Location: Hidden Intent
Merchandise: Siolan says, "I work on weapons."
Siolan says, "I don't do armor, I don't do shields."
Siolan says, "I will, however, do sheaths and harnesses and such."


Shop Name: Skorzeny
Location: 16



Shop Name: Teryle
Location: 2 Southern Arms
Merchandise: Artisan Teryle will be selling and customizing his dolls on the Southern Arm of the grounds. Stop on by if you'd like to have a doll designed by this master toymaker. You can change the doll's gender, race, profession, hair color, hair style, hair texture, hair quirk, eye color, complexion, nose and face. If you get chosen, Teryle will whisper you your choices for each specific feature. You may also choose one feature that is uniquely altered for you.


Shop Name: Tisla
Location: 15 Peaked Ger
Merchandise: Tisla added drawstrings to bags.


Shop Name: Tlizal
Location: 10 Bloodlines
Merchandise: Tlizal ran the padding raffles.
Tlizal also lightened shields, weapons, and armor. This particular service is a general service and will not count toward the Last Resort service.
A herald calls, "The Artisan Tlizal will be offering ten slots of padding removal, for the cost of 100,000 a slot. He will choose his customers in the Bloodlines Pavilion in five minutes."



Shop Name: Ursuline
Location: 14 Lor Colonnade
Merchandise: Lady Ursuline will raffle FIVE total teachings of shien'tyr specialty runes to sorcerers at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time tonight in the dark elf pavilion, Lor Colonnade. The cost is 100,000 silvers.
I work on clothing, containers, some odds and ends, and metallic gowns. Lightening or deepening is acceptable.
I will only lighten LEATHER ARMOR. No weapons.
I do not change the appearance of weapons, armor, or anything else that I can assault you with.
You may only choose one service. The fee is 50k.
Ursuline distractedly says, "If you get work on a metallic gown, I will alter it and unearth some of the metal's special properties, too."



Shop Name: Vithalan
Location: 13 Jade Repose
Merchandise: Clothing alterations.



Shop Name: Xlan
Location: 10 Bloodlines, Basrenne Bower
Merchandise: Xlan altered custom gems for Lockmastery, cobbling, basrenne and ferroniere, or just plain to have a pretty gem. This particular service is a general service and will not count toward the Last Resort service.



Shop Name: Yseridha
Location: 14 Dark Elven Pavilion, Lor Colonnade, The Ebon Hand
Merchandise: Added scripts to whipblades, either your own or from her shop. This service disqualifies you from the Last Resort service.
She also worked on weapons in general and armor after those with whipblades were serviced.



Shop Name: Zanenka
Location: 3 Ley Crossing, Sylvankind Pavilion
Merchandise: "I will be working on general clothing, containers, jewelry and small weapons while waiting for my raffle to draw. I can also style hair. Any items from my shop that are tailored are free of cost to alter."


Shop Name: Zanthie
Location: 15 Peaked Ger, Hiding Hoods
Merchandise: Zanthie could add a feature concealing script to existing cloaks as a special service. This is limited to twenty winners. As an aside, that script can only be added to cloak type items that do not already have a script on, and could logically have a hood that might conceal a face. So, no capes etc!
Zanthie could also alter the reverse side of the hooded cloaks sold in Hiding Hoods.
Zanthie also added scripts to skirts and necklaces.


Shop Name: Zifku
Location: 4 Klinaster Gather
Merchandise: Tattoos