Copper Potts' Pies and Sundries

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Copper Potts' Pies and Sundries is a food shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located in a two-story whitewashed shop on the eastern edge of Kraken's Fall Logging Colony.

[Copper Potts' Pies and Sundries]
Ambient light filters through the large stained-glass windows that dominate the face of the shop, the filtered light chasing red, amber, and copper colors across the knotty pine walls. Floor-to-ceiling brick and stone ovens line the eastern wall and fill the air with a heavy, warm heat. Several wrought iron chairs flank small round tables and are pushed far enough back to allow customers ample space to purchase wares at a long and low copper-edged counter.


Welcome to Copper Potts' Pies and Sundries!

Baker Copper Potts offers his menu to browse.
Copper Potts exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a loaf of five-grain bread       11. a slice of five-grain bread
  2. a loaf of cinnamon bread         12. a slice of cinnamon bread
  3. a loaf of seed-encrusted bread   13. a slice of seed-encrusted bread
  4. a loaf of honey wheat bread      14. a slice of honey wheat bread
  5. a loaf of oat-topped bread       15. a slice of oat-topped bread
  6. a cup of white tea               16. a wedge of ricotta pie
  7. an aromatic stone fruit tea      17. a wedge of blood orange pie
  8. a warm cup of hazelnut coffee    18. a wedge of stone fruit pie
  9. a warm cup of raspberry coffee   19. a wedge of spiced fruit pie
  10. a mug of frothy hot chai        20. a wedge of pear-cardamom pie