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Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: The Bad, and the Ugly (general complaints)
Message #: 43824
Author: MAERIT
Date: 4/29/2009 2:32:50 PM
Subject: Re: Old Coraesine Weapons still Un-Workable

I'll have to pull out my old logs when I get home. I had the list of winners at least, if not what weapon they took.

I've a strange memory for these things...

4x "impure" Winners:

Maerit (myself) - bastard sword
Taazyr - greatsword
Ravynsdeath - longsword
Morahia - bastard sword

5x "pure" Winners:

Tayler - bastard sword (auction won, paid a lot)
Nexxus - longsword (?? pretty sure)
Third person I don't remember... (there was a 3rd, right?)

The options I recall were: short sword, longsword, bastard sword, greatsword, and scimitar.

Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: The Bad, and the Ugly (general complaints)
Message #: 43826
Author: LRENZO2
Date: 4/29/2009 7:56:56 PM
Subject: Re: Old Coraesine Weapons still Un-Workable

Your memory is a bit off. I think there was 5 impure winners and you don't have me listed. :P

I play Rennoc and like I said, I have a longsword.


Category: Unofficial Player's Corner Forums
Topic: GSIV Merchant's Market
Message #: 1
Author: Wrathbringer
Date: 2/20/2010, 08:51 p.m.
Subject: Lvl 46 Giant Paladin w/Pure Coraesine Weapon
The coraesine handaxe seems to respond to the magic of Cappyn's song.
Cappyn's wrist blossoms trails of crimson as the misty thorns surrounding her handaxe spiral around it and flay off her flesh!
... 30 points of damage!
Rapped Cappyn's knuckles hard!
Right hand sounds broken.
She is stunned!

The handaxe is knocked to the ground!

The handaxe begins to resonate with the tone of your voice, and you find your vision swept away on currents of air...

Only to be replaced by utter darkness. But other things reach you in the blackness of the earth that surrounds you entirely... waves of power wash across you, soothing the very core of your being as threads of essence curl and nestle within you.

Millenia pass by in a heartbeat -- the power only growing further within you -- its mere presence further changing and shaping you as you stand as a silent and ancient receiver of its strength.

The blackness gradually fades away into the vivid colors of reality.

The heavy darkness returns to you once more as the handaxe gives way to the power of your song...

As you become used to the gradual waves of power collecting within you, flashes of bright white light accompany the darkness -- as if another awareness were reaching out to you.

As the years continue to pass by, the flashes become more drawn out -- their whiteness resolving into a pale grey that encompasses everything, as if the world itself were a huge swirling vortex of mist-laden air, its eddies and currents stretching for untold miles as it constantly shifts and reforms itself in an ethereal dance of beauty.

Realizing that somehow these visions are connected to the power which even now washes over and fills you completely -- the very power that fuels the awareness you now experience. You surrender yourself to the visions, and you feel the white-hot explosion of the power within you pushing you into transcendence...

And then the vision fades away into nothing but a lingering memory.

A tingling sensation overcomes you as the darkness settles over your vision once again...

Vaguely aware of your surroundings, you push at the borders of your dark world, your presence manifesting itself by slamming against the surrounding rock to no avail. With little else to do, you take in the power that has forever washed over you for centuries...

Until a chink of light breaks the endless blackness, a tear in the great velvet shroud illuminates your world...and you find yourself falling...

Dimly aware of the world, you sense a strange, alien presence among you, radiating its own sense of power as it retrieves you...

The world becomes a dizzying array of new sensations as you're moved for the first time in you existence. It soon melts away into reality as the vision comes to an end.

A strange heat ripples along your spine as the handaxe surrenders to your song...

You feel heat surround you on all sides, and intermittent strikes from above shape your form into something new altogether. You focus your power upwards occasionally striking the alien presence hovering near you -- the vibrations of its startled screams passing over your surface. The being's determination is relentless, however, and you find yourself wrought into a new form...

Soon after, you feel a distinctly different presence -- alien, as the others, but radiating a strange sensation -- a vaguely familiar feeling that touched you in ages past.

The vision's blackness recedes into the warmth of reality.

Tingling sensations race across the black void as you're plunged into it...

The familiar presence touches you with its power -- and for a moment you feel a white-hot surge of essence burst through you -- and then the blackness recedes into a hazy image of the world around if you were seeing through the being's eyes.

Dark cavernous walls surround you, and the lithe shadow of the Faendryl wielding you plays across the craggy surface. As you feel yourself whisked through the air and feel your edge slice into the body of another awareness...a strange energy courses through you, further amplifying your power -- allowing you to better understand the familiar presence which now wields you. Focusing your energies, you unleash a burst of essence, shrouding the one who wields you in a cloak of air -- propelling him into a second strike quicker than lightning against the alien presence, which expires.

The washed-out vision gives way to the lush colors of reality.

You sense the weight of many years as you delve into the memories of the coraesine handaxe...

The master fluidly slices through battle, your senses perfectly in tune with his own. Calling up your power, you extend your presence to aid and protect him as he defeats foe after foe -- the number of alien presences surrounding you innumerable.

As the battle rages on, you sense a presence behind the master, poised to strike -- you twist in his grip to block the blow, but it is too late -- you feel the spark of his life fade away like a dying star and you merely drop to the ground.

The alien slayer reaches to pick you up, and you surge forth with your power to sprout spikes that flay off the presence's flesh, causing its rumbling screams to vibrate along your surface.

No longer able to sense the master who bonded with you so long ago nor see through his eyes, your world fades into darkness...

And the vision comes to a close, the darkness gradually fading into reality.

You get a sense that was the handaxe's last memory.


Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 3173
Author: GS4-TAMUZ
Date: 05/24/2018 10:39 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Pure Coraesine

In related news, I've discovered why some people were having so much trouble with the recently released coraesine weapons: they were never intended to be blessable. Being blessed actually fiddles with some important things that are causing issues with the new batch of coraesine weapons (specifically backlash). Therefore, they'll update themselves to no longer be blessable and bump back to maximum affinity the next time you grab your weapon.

Sorry for the hassle, folks!

Weapon Types

Discord Message Link:
Author: GameMaster Auchand
Date: 12/5/2020

Coraesine is limited to: Backsword, bastard sword, broadsword, dagger, falchion, katar, longsword, main gauche, estoc, rapier, scimitar, short sword, whip-blade, awl-pike, flamberge, two handed sword, hook-knife, jack-blade, knuckle-blade, sai, tiger claw, and troll claw

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