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Cormah is one of the Ta'Vaalor guardsmen posted at the Amaranth Gate, the northwestern gate of the city of Ta'Vaalor.

Behind the Scenes


Cormah is middle-aged, of average height, and has a lean build. He has dirty blonde hair and blue-grey eyes that dart about nervously. He has a grubby appeareance, from his dirty face to his disheveled uniform. Cormah is dressed in a dark red coat trimmed with bright gold piping, which also has three broad gold stripes across the left arm. His pants are a matching red with the cuffs tucked into knee-high dark leather boots.

Random room messaging

Cormah nods and gives you a friendly smile as you pass. You note, however, that the smile does not quite reach his eyes.

Cormah steps away from the gate for a second to share a word with a shadowed individual whose face is covered by a deep hooded cloak. They exchange a few words before the individual heads away and Cormah returns to his post.

Ryaro casually comments, "Have you heard about this latest string of burglaries? Rumor has it that they're close to capturing a suspect." Cormah blinks in surprise, then scowls at Ryaro and replies, "You should pay more attention to your duties and less to gossip and speculation, soldier."

Ryaro glances sideways at Cormah, clearly trying to be inconspicuous. Cormah notices his glance and rounds on him with a snarl exclaiming, "What are you looking at, Squire?" Ryaro shrinks visibly, cowering from Cormah as he mutters, "Nothing," under his breath.

Cormah adjusts his equipment and frowns at nothing in particular.

Cormah checks the edge on his weapon.

Cormah gives you an appreciative glance.

Cormah glances about at his surroundings.

Cormah scratches his nose.

Cormah shifts his weight.

Cormah yawns.

Interaction messaging

Interaction messaging is as viewed by a Vaalor elf and citizen of Ta'Vaalor.

>bow Cormah
You bow to Cormah. He glances at you and bows in return.

>curtsy Cormah
You curtsy to Cormah. He glances at you and bows in return.

>greet Cormah
You nod to Cormah in greeting, who smiles and nods in return.

>salute Cormah
You salute Cormah, who smiles at you with a nod.

>smile Cormah
You smile at Cormah. He smiles broadly in return.

>wave Cormah
You wave to Cormah. He glances at you questioningly in return.