Cotuil's Song

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Cotuil's Song

Author: Kayse Thaellian

This was written for and performed at the 5015 Ebon Gate festival and won 3rd in the "impersonation" category for the costume contest. The costume was to reflect that of the draw bridge guard in River's Rest whose name is Cotuil.

The costume consisted of:

You see Storyteller Kayse Thaellian the Smuggler. She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan. She is wearing a silvery green leather cap, some studded dark brigandine armor, a narrow swordbelt of glossy scarlet leather, some patched green tartan leggings, a pair of glazed leather boots, and a leather travel pack.

Cotuil's Song by Kayse Thaellian

Kayse removes a glaes broadsword from in her narrow swordbelt.

(Kayse draws her broadsword from her sheath and performs a complex, graceful series of maneuvers.  At the finish she sheathes her weapon with a flourish.)

Kayse puts a glaes broadsword in her narrow swordbelt.

Kayse cheerfully says, "Fer those o' ye that dinnae kno' me, I'mma Cotuil, the Reiver and drawbridge guard o' River's Rest."

Kayse informs, "See'in that I'mma guard, I've seen o' lot of things tha'ar peculiar."  Kayse tucks her thumbs into her swordbelt and rocks back on her heels.  "Mayhap I'll gie ye'll a tune tae tell me story."

Kayse looks lost in thought.

Kayse clears her throat.

Kayse dryly interrupts, "Since I can barely understand what *I'm* saying, I'll drop the accent for this performance."

Kayse mysteriously explains, "Cotuil is quite the mystery, even for those who have been around the Rest a long time, so her history is..."."

Kayse ponders.

Kayse thoughtfully adds, "Fragmented?"

Kayse lightly jests, "Just like this song."

Kayse removes a veniom-inlaid glowbark harp from in her travel pack. 

(Kayse strums a few strings and tunes her harp.  She then begins playfully plucking the strings in an upbeat melody.)

Kayse sings loudly:

    "From the North I came--
     When I heard there were krol to fight.
     Determined to kill the beasties,
     And again make the town just right."

Kayse sings quietly:

    "The Captain offered me a post
     There's no way I could refuse."
     Kayse glances down at her fingers strumming the strings, a big grin forms on her lips as she sings the next verse happily,
     "On my breaks I visit the Stone Eye
     And Byron gives me free booze!"

Kayse sighs blissfully as she closes her eyes and mumbles something barely audible about Winterberry Ale.  Her brow furrows as she grumbles about the swill other places have to drink before laughing softly to herself and lapsing into silence.

Kayse suddenly blinks and wakes up from her daydream.

Kayse sings loudly:

    "The krol attacked the town again,
     And blew up the magical log."
     Kayse smiles at the audience and takes a few steps forward lightly strumming her harp.
     "And on that night many years ago,
     I vanished into the fog."

Kayse sings softly:

    "Time went by, or so they say,
      The town folk thought me dead."
     Kayse brushes her fingers over the harp caressing them softly and lowering the volume of her playing.
     "There's even a shallow grave--
     Marked with a black stone head!"

Kayse remarks, "It's true, I've seen it!"

Kayse sings softly:

    "There was a mess in the Landing,
     Though that seems to always be the case.
     Long story short, I was sacrificed,
     Then I seemed to be misplaced."

Kayse sings:

    "Seems cheating death not once, but twice,
     Is how my fate played out.
     Hagga's wrath could not keep me-
     From my duty of being a scout."

(Kayse stands with two feet together, her head held high, as she pretends to guard the tree stump next to her.)

Kayse sings loudly:

    "I guard the bridge all day and night,
     There's nothing I don't see.
     If you're dragging your dead friend back to town
     You'll have to pay me a fee."

Kayse grumbles.

Speaking annoyedly to herself, Kayse comments, "So inconvenient."

Kayse shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Kayse sings softly:

    "For now, I live an honorary life,
     Longing for the quiet days of fishing."
     Kayse runs her fingers up her harp in a quick arpeggio as she takes a deep breath,
     "Protecting the town I have grown to love
     For honor and duty are my ambitions. "

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