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Cotuil was a Reiver who guarded the drawbridge of River's Rest. She disappeared one night in 5103, when the Krolvin attacked and accidentally blew up the magical log.


You see Cotuil the Hiresword.
She appears to be a Reiver.
She appears to be mature and average height. She has brooding moss green eyes and tanned skin. She has cropped, unkempt dark brown hair. She has an angular face, a broken nose and broad shoulders. She is well-muscled and quite fit, her hands calloused from handling weapons.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a silver vultite waraxe in her right hand and a mug of golden wheat beer in her left hand.
She is wearing some simple reinforced brigadine, a weathered leather cap, some patched tartan leggings, a pair of scuffed boots, a leather travel pack, a worn dark leather pouch clasped with a small golden drawbridge, and a crystal amulet.

Note: The above appearance is Cotuil's description in GM-run NPC form at the time of the Reivers is Rising storyline.


Cotuil required five silvers for passage into the town. Unlike Sleepy, the town guard of Wehnimer's Landing, any attempt to steal the fee from her resulted in bodily injury.

During the raids on Wehnimer's Landing by Hagga, Cotuil was seen alive. Her gravesite in the graveyard has been updated to reflect her current living status. The citizens of River's Rest hope she will one day find her way back home.