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The Council Expands its Limited Presence in River's Rest!

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: Council of Light - General Discussion
Message #: 2341
Date: 5/25/2008 12:05:04 AM
Subject: The Council Expands its Limited Presence in River's Rest!

The society that cannot be named without a severe re-rendering of one's neck arteries is reportedly happy with a new facility in the town of River's Rest. The members of this particular society will no longer be forced to resort to the dark alleys of the town, but instead now have a much more private setting when using one of their many mysterious powers.

The River's Rest branch of the Council of Light has been expanded to include a new and private landing spot! Beware, a clever mind may be needed to exit once arriving at the new location.

The expansion would not have been possible without the work of the following GameMasters:

Design by GM Bradach
Completion of Design by GM Ozias
QC by GM Sirina

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