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The Elemental Confluence

Elemental Confluence

This year, we introduced a global hunting zone, the Elemental Confluence, that allowed for more end-game content to our massively expanding world. This set of level 95 hunting grounds is populated with elementals of various types and combinations. Portions of the Confluence are accessible through numerous elemental instabilities created by the collision of Elanthia and the demiplane. Each of these protrusions toward Elanthia is separately accessible from each major town and is considered a separate (local) hunting ground. With the release of this new capped hunting area, it also introduced Adventurer's Guild tasks to every town. To be included in the task line up, one must be wearing a soulstone to be considered for a task. These soulstones can be created by other adventurers who can dabble in alchemy.

Arcane Blast

Ever have difficulty playing a magic-using character from the get go? If you said yes, you're not alone. We had trouble too, so we've addressed that issue with a new spell. The first level 0 spell, named Arcane Blast has been released in March. All Pures (Wizards, Clerics, Empaths, Sorcerers, and Savants) will have innate knowledge of this spell and can simply PREPARE 1700 or ARCANEBLAST (or INCANT) to cast it. It requires no mana to cast, but does subject the caster to 5 seconds of roundtime. If cast from stance defensive or guarded, it cast a warding attack at the target. If cast from a higher stance, it will cast a bolt attack at the target. Holy Receptacle (325), Magic Item Creation (420), Haste (506), Rapid Fire (515), Charge Item (517), and Scroll Infusion (714) do not work with this spell.

Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights

Our highly anticipated Hot Summer Nights (HSN) are coming back this year, and we’re excited to offer you several months of new releases! Starting June 21st, we plan on bringing you a content-enriched summer you won’t forget! While we don’t want to spoil what is to come, what’s an announcement like this without some teasers?! We plan on bringing you new login rewards, spell updates, lore changes, changes to death messaging, documentation, and even a new end-game hunting ground! Be sure to book your summer vacation in Elanthia this year!

Bloodriven Village and Duskruin Arena

We also released our long-awaited event Duskruin Arena, which is settled in Bloodriven Village. Unlike most tradition events, there is no upfront ticket cost. The grounds are free to enter and socialize in. Instead, we introduced entry via our SimuCoin store, where players can choose to buy into the level they desire. There are two games, the arena matches and the sewer search, both earning the currency bloodscrip, which can be used at the shops to buy fabulous items. The arena is a combat-driven game where players are pitted against 25 creatures in a short period of time to earn experience, bloodscrip, prizes, and silvers! The sewers are a way to avoid combat and if you're lucky enough, you may walk away with a new pet, but you'll still earn bloodscrip as well! Most inventory is priced cheaply, so you can walk away with the items you want. There are also options to go for higher-end items, as we establish a more desirable approach to get cherished and unique equipment. The event is slated to open again this summer with some updates to make the event even more of a hit! And if that wasn't enough, we also plan to release a bank heist event that will combine the activities of both the arena and sewer to offer a healthy mix of combat and searching! The bank heist is slated to come out later this year.

Spirit Beasts

Spirit Beasts are a mini-game that allow players to collect and train magical creatures to battle against NPCs and other players. Infinitely customizable, Spirit Beasts let you make friends and make them violently crush things in your name!

GameMaster Mazreth
Rank FGM
Team World Development
Guru Ta’Vaalor, Burghal Gnome

Spotlight on Staff

We talked with GM Mazreth to learn a little more about the man always striving for customer excellence!

"I’ve been playing GS since 1995 on AOL, with a couple breaks along the way, so of course I started in the Landing, but spent most of my time in the Elven Nations. I know my time in the EN has helped tremendously with taking Ta’Vaalor as I was already aware of the culture and lore. I have most recently started work on really expanding the Burghal Gnomes because I’ve always found clockwork stuff fascinating and they’re just that awesome. I still play regularly."

Where were you born?

Small Town Kansas

Where do you currently live?

Utah (no, I’m not Mormon)

Do you have any pets/kids/both?

I am married, no kids, and in between dogs at the moment.

What is your current occupation?

Assistant Superintendent at a Country Club

What did you want to be while you were growing up?

I always wanted to be a pilot. I grew up flying with my grandfather, but cannot get a pilot license because I’m completely color blind and only see in shades of grey.

Favorite TV shows?

I don’t watch TV but when I do it’s usually something unusual like Ancient Aliens on H2.

Favorite actors/actresses?

Cary Grant, George C. Scott,

Favorite musicians/bands?

Jimi Hendrix ~ My office is a Red House after all, Pink Floyd, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra

Favorite books/authors?

LoTR/Tolkein (I’ve probably read them 40 times, Wheel of Time/Jordan-Sanderson, Ender’s Game/Scott-Card

Where did you go to school and/or what did you study?

I went to Kansas State for 2 years studying Nuclear Engineering and now I’m at Utah Valley studying software engineering.

Favorite/least favorite job you've ever had?

Favorite job ~ I owned a paintball store in Portland, OR and played professional paintball for 3 years.

Least Favorite ~ I managed a mechanic shop and the owner was a crook. It was horrible. I confronted him and, of course, didn’t stay.

Favorite hobbies?

GemStone (yes I STILL PLAY), Golf, Mountain Biking

Favorite foods?

Authentic Tacos de Chorizo and Champurrado

Favorite board games or computer games?

Risk, GemStone (of course) and Diablo 3

Favorite sports/sports teams?

Football and Hockey. If you’ve ever looked in the case in my office, you would know those SIX Lombardi trophies belong to the Steelers! I’m actually old enough to remember watching the great Superbowls of the 70’s.

What would you do with a million dollars?

Invest it so I no longer needed to work, and buy a VW bus.

What three people past or present would you invite to dinner?

Gen. George S Patton Jr., my grandfather, and Art Bell

What is your favorite quote?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. That is good in life. ~ Conan the Barbarian

Name something you'd like to do before you die.

Play Augusta National

What's your favorite acronym?

Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division

Who is your hero or heroine?

General Patton

If you could have any musical group or artist, past or present, play at your birthday party, who would it be?

Pink Floyd

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Vader’s Force Choke ~ Why wouldn’t you want it??