Custom Tangle Weed

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Through rare merchants, raffles, and special events, the Tangle Weed (610) spell can now be customized.

There is at least one premade option available, and depending on the release method, the player may be allowed to submit their own customization. If the player does submit their own idea, it will be considered a delayed service, as it will have to go through the QC process.

When creating a custom tangle weed, the following item is required:

  • A description of the 'vine' cast. It must be a long description, some sort of naturally occurring vine, and have some sort of damaging structure.
Example: a wildly undulating rose bramble with sharply barbed thorns

Premade Options

Name Location Offensive Description Defensive Description
Dirge-vaon vine Ebon Gate 2016 a thorn-barbed dirge-vaon vine a creeping dirge-vaon vine