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The DISARM verb has two uses: first, by Warrior Guild members attempting to make a target's weapon fall to the ground, and second, by locksmiths attempting to disarm a trap.

Warrior Guild DISARM

DISARM is used by members of the Warrior Guild to trigger their Disarm Weapon guild skill.

Usage (Warrior Guild)

    DISARM {target}     - Attempt to knock a weapon from a player's or creature's hand (Warriors only)

Locksmith DISARM

DISARM is used by characters with the appropriate skill in Disarm Traps to attempt to locate or disarm a trap on a closed and locked container or door. The roundtime for this use of the verb (and not other uses) can be reduced with Celerity (506).

Only closed and locked containers and doors may be disarmed. If a trap has already been found on the item, and on no other item since, there is a window of opportunity of several minutes in which to attempt removal of the trap. Some traps are dangerous to bystanders if detonated, so care should be taken when attempting this, especially within legal jurisdiction, as local law enforcement will arrest those who kill others, even unintentionally.

Usage (Disarm Traps)

    DISARM {object}     - Attempt to find or disarm a trap on {object}
    DISARM {LEFT|RIGHT} - Attempt to find or disarm a trap on the object in the specified hand
    DISARM QUIET        - Use short, demeanor-based messaging when disarming a trap
    DISARM FULL         - Use detailed messaging when disarming a trap


Locksmith looks up with a big grin on his face!
Locksmith appears pleased.
Locksmith nods with satisfaction.
Locksmith goes about disarming an engraved maoral coffer, methodically achieving success.
Locksmith smirks triumphantly at the strongbox.

Locksmith Tookit

Some traps require a special locksmith's kit filled with various helpful items to be used. These kits can be purchased at various locksmithing shops. Keep in mind that one does not need to handle the toolkit when disarming traps - leaving it open and in an open container is all that is necessary.

Bundling Toolkits

As the toolkit empties of some items, one can refill it by buying another toolkit and bundling the two. The two toolkits do not have to look the same. Hold the kit you wish to keep in the right hand, and make sure both kits are open. After bundling, there will be an emptier kit in the left hand, and a fuller kit in the right hand. If a bundling mistake was made, and the wrong toolkit is now full, simply SWAP hands and BUNDLE again.

Bundling Acid Vials

Vials of acid can be bundled with the toolkit by holding a vial of acid in one hand and the toolkit in the other hand.

Bundle Maximums

These are the maximum numbers of items that can BUNDLE into a toolkit: 100 lumps of putty, 100 balls of cotton, 10 acid vials, and one each of the grips, file, and needle. Although other items will not bundle, there may be room to add other items to the kit's pockets manually. For example, a toolkit that has had 10 acid vials bundled into it, may still have room to hold an additional acid vial by PUTting the vial into the toolkit, up to the maximum capacity of the toolkit.

Toolkit Pocket Storage

A person can store other things in the toolkit. Lockpicks, calipers, enhancive jewelry, black demon rum, or other various items can be PUT in the toolkit, up to its maximum capacity. If the toolkit pockets are used in this way, exercise cautions as outlined below.

Bundling Cautions

Exercise caution when bundling toolkits. Bundling only combines putty, cotton, acid vials, grips, files, and needles. Other items will not automatically be transferrred during bundling. For example, if lockpicks or calipers were stored in an old toolkit, then after toolkit bundling, those items will remain in the toolkit in which they were originally stored. They do not transfer during the bundling process. If the wrong toolkit is thrown away, the lockpicks and calipers would then be lost. It pays to LOOK in both toolkits after bundling, and make sure to manually transfer or recover any valuable items.

Toolkit Contents

Brand new off-the-shelf locksmith kits often include the following items:

  • a lump of squishy white putty with about 50 pinches left
  • 50 little balls of cotton
  • a set of narrow metal grips
  • a thin metal file
  • a thick steel needle

More Toolkit Info

This is from "a dark leather locksmith's toolkit" sold in Wehnimer's Landing at Larton's Lockpicks:

>inspect my toolkit
You carefully inspect your locksmith's toolkit.

You estimate that a dark leather locksmith's toolkit can store a somewhat small amount with enough space for any number of items.

You determine that you could wear the toolkit, attaching it to your belt.  The toolkit appears to serve some purpose.

>analyze my toolkit
You analyze your locksmith's toolkit and sense that there is no recorded information on that item.  It may or may not be able to be worked on by a merchant alterer.

You can tell that the toolkit is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.

>look in my toolkit
Peering into the locksmith's toolkit, you see a lump of squishy white putty with about 50 pinches left, 50 little balls of cotton, a set of narrow metal grips, a thin metal file and a thick steel needle.

loresong verse 1:
This is a small item, under a pound.  In your best estimation, it's worth about 200 silvers.

loresong verse 2:
From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the toolkit is as a wearable container of some kind with a maximum interior capacity of fifteen pounds with room for any number of items.

Note: After two verses, the loresong ends.