Disarm Weapon

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Disarm Weapon
Available To all
Mnemonic [DISARM]
Cost Base 12 (-2 Rank 3, -4 Rank 2, -6 Rank 1)
Roundtime 5 (see note)
Requirements Weapon (some exceptions)
Prerequisites None
Rank Square Semi Pure
1 2 3
2 4 6
3 6 9 12 
4 8 12 16 
5 10 15 20

Disarm Weapon is a combat maneuver available to all professions. Warriors can also learn this maneuver through the warrior guild, and are more potent at using it when they have mastered it in the guild compared to having rank 5 of it through CMAN training. A weapon is generally required to perform this maneuver. However, warrior guild disarm masters, characters who have trained all 5 ranks of the combat manuever, and unarmed specialists can attempt to disarm opponents bare-handed.

Using this maneuver will attempt to knock a target's weapon to the ground. It also provides defense against being disarmed, which is the main reason many professions choose to train in this skill.

Using Disarm Weapon against a bard's Sonic Weapon will result in having an additional 3 seconds of roundtime added to the maneuver's base roundtime of 5. Sonic Weapons are immune to disarm.

In the event of an item being disarmed, the Loresong on an item will only show the name of the person disarmed if the item was registered prior to being disarmed.

Creatures that use this maneuver

Success formula

Disarm success is calculated similarly to other CMANs, including level difference, encumbrance, attacker's and defender's disarm ranks and combat maneuvers training. For the defender, each rank in disarm is worth 15 points of defense (Confirmed only for rank 3 to rank 4).


On a successful disarm, the target receives roundtime based on the endroll. For every 4 points of success margin, the target gets one second of roundtime, with a minumum of 5 seconds and a maxiumum of 20 seconds.


[Roll result: 138 (open d100: 29) Penalties: 7]
Choosing your opening, you attempt to disarm Target's blue runestaff with your empty hand and connect!
Target's blue runestaff is knocked to the ground!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Attempting to disarm a sonic weapon:

[Roll result: 115 (open d100: 38)]
An Ithzir janissary swings a heavy star-flanged mace at your sonic warlance and connects!
The sonic forces of your warlance cause the mace to bounce off!