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My tale of a dear friend:

Dante St.Etienne first made a name for himself around 5094, a time when the lands where still mostly covered in ice. As a cleric he fought mightily against the undead and strove to keep fellow adventurers alive and well.

A few years later he wrote a guide about his experience as a cleric. The guide is hopelessly outdated by now, of course, but was appreciated by some back when. He married Lady Fennel the Healer back in 5096. The ceremony took place at Silvergate and was officiated by Lady Morgaine the Elder. In attendance were such luminaries as Lady Miriani, Rtune, Kincain, Lady Kiora and myself.

Lady Dabu Lucent was the Matron of Honor.

Sylvine was Dante's Best Man:

You see Lord Sylvine Quartermaine the Dark Elf.
He appears to be in his 50's, has very long white hair, violet eyes, and very dark skin. He is in good shape. He is wearing a mother-of-pearl plaited belt, some light grey pants, a soft grey cape with a glaes clasp inset with mother-of-pearl, a soft grey silk shirt, and a mithril juggernaut pin.

At the wedding Dante had put on his best attire:

He is wearing a pale yellow quilted jack stitched with gold thread, a soft grey silk shirt embroidered with runes, an ivory-plaited belt, some light grey ki-lin hide pants, some pale yellow boots with ivory side-buckles, a white moire pouch adorned with ivory buttons along the opening, a gold ring, a dark Ronan medallion, a jewelled engagement ring, a pearl earring and a grey pearl amulet.

The wedding...

Lady Morgaine recites:

Before we begin the ceremony
Let us acknowledge the Matron of Honor
Legendary Lady Dabu Lucent
And the Best Man, Lord Sylvine Quartermain
Dante, will your take Fennel's hand?

(he did)

Our lovely bride follows the goddess Imaera
And as this sprig of Imaera's lace signifies the beauty
Of the earth goddess
The beauty of the love Dante and Fennel share shine in their faces
And will continue to be a beacon in their lives together
Our handsome groom follows the god Ronan
The guardian of our dreams
And while Ronan protects our souls while we sleep and dream

A soft flute begins to play, weaving a bright song that dances in the air like a swirling snowflake. The music fades, but the memory of the song remains.

So too will Dante and Fennel protect each other
As their lives and hearts are joined
By the Powers vested in me as a cleric in Elanthia
I pronounce you Husband and Wife

And so forth.

Below is an announcement from that time. I fear I don't quite understand it all, but I relate it to those who might read this with the hope that they may understand more than I...

   Dateline: August 15, 1996
   >news 11
   Dante and Fennel are pleased to announce their wedding this Saturday night,
   starting at 10PM Eastern!  The ceremony will be held in the ballroom at the
   Silvergate Inn and a reception will follow in the Lounge.  Join them as they
   celebrate their love!

The wedding ended in horrid disaster, unfortunately, as dear Fennel had a heart attack not long after the happy couple retired for the night. Dante never mentioned Fennel again, but I wonder if the event did not have a more serious effect on him than we ever imagined at the time. These days he seems oddly quiet, even with old friends. Still my good friend, but a more quiet and less happy version of the Dante I once knew. I do hope that he will find some of his old self again, but I shall remain patient.

I happened to come across him the other day. I can't really say that he's following the latest trends when it comes to fashion:

You see Dante St.Etienne.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He appears to be very young. He has violet eyes and tanned skin. He has shoulder length, wavy silver hair.
He is holding a pearlescent white iorake falchion.
He is wearing a silver circlet inset with a large grey pearl, a pearl earring, a dark Ronan medallion, a grey pearl amulet, a white cloak fastened with glaes clasps inset with black sea-pearls, a four-petalled violet sapphire pin, an onyx-inlaid round mithril brooch, a pearlescent white bouclier edged with silver, a grey satchel adorned with a few black sea-pearls, some pale yellow armor, some scratched glaes arm greaves, an ivory-plated belt, a yellow moire pouch adorned with crafted ivory, some light grey ki-lin hide pants, and some pale yellow boots with ivory side-buckles.

The odd thing is that I know well that he was a Fair Elf years ago. How he possibly can be a Half-Elf now is utterly beyond me. Did Ronan get involved, I wonder? Dante was always a follower of the Dream Master.

I can't recall seeing Dante at all between the years of 5098 and 5100. He seemed to have disappeared altogether. He won't talk of those years, but judging from his scars and demeanor they can't have been easy ones. He did relate to me that he was a bit surprised to discover that a guildmaster by the name of Dante had appeared whilst he was away. Such things happen. I suggested to him that this may be a compliment of sorts, but he just shrugged and got that faraway look in his eyes. My friend, return to us!

Dante seems to be most comfortable and happy hunting these days -- on his own. A rather sad interlude for those of us who knew him of old. Those who meet him these days should know that once he was a happy person, full of joie de vivre. His antics around Town Square in what is now known as Wehnimer's Landing were always entertaining, and I think with bittersweet thoughts back to the days when he and his beloved Fennel were joshing and laughing there.

Its been my honour to relate Dante's tale. Or my version of it. I dare call myself his friend, though he does seem to eschew all such these days. Patience, pray! He saved my life many a time, and I feel that his tale needed to be told.

Yours in Honour,

Pushkin, Forest Gnome Extraordinaire

Afficianado of honey bees (and honey), yellow-breasted warblers, and things that go Hooray! on Midsummer's Eve (especially if they wear flowery garlands!)