Darbo Phoop's Arcane Outfitters

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Darbo Phoop's Arcane Outfitters is the alchemist shop in Solhaven. It is located on Tumbledown Lane.

[Darbo Phoop's Arcane Outfitters] RNUM: 9396
A scattering of arcane symbols, worked in polished brass, are inlaid in the blue granite floor. A few of the sigils even gleam from the stair treads and risers that circle upward to the floor above. Opposite the stairway, a midnight blue tapestry stitched with gold astrological diagrams forms a backdrop for a glaes-paned display case and a dark maoral counter. Cracked plaster walls peek between the wall hangings. You also see a model of the cottage, a wooden sign, the Arcane Master Darbo and the cellar door.


Welcome to Arcane Outfitters!

The Arcane Master Darbo offers his catalog to browse.
Darbo exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a silver wand                   13. a dented iron cup
  2. a golden wand                   14. a crude hexagonal runestone
  3. a metal wand                    15. an aish'vrak potion
  4. an oaken wand                   16. a slender glass vial
  5. an aquamarine wand              17. a claw-footed grey granite mortar
  6. a twisted wand                  18. a slender grey granite pestle
  7. a rohnuru potion                19. a small crystal flask
  8. a duqnuru potion                20. some waxy translucent chalk
  9. a dirtokh potion                21. some fine crystalline chalk
  10. a grot t'kel potion            22. a leather book
  11. a cracked wood-handled brush   23. a faceted glass jar
  12. a tin vial of rune ink

You see a scale replica of Vornavis' corner tower and a cutaway of the cottage and its onion dome. Hair-thin wires of silver, gold, and copper trace lines along the planes of the city walls and the tower. A surprising number of them intersect at a silver bead in the center of the tiny dome chamber.

East of the main room is Darbo Phoop's Used Emporium, where you can purchase used or player-sold items.

West of the main room is the consignment shop, where alchemical items may be sold by player characters.

Darbo Phoop

Wearing deep burgundy robes embroidered with silver geometric shapes and golden runes, Master Darbo Phoop bears the rounded facial features, pointed ears, light frame and large feet common to one of both halfling and elven lineage:  an Elven-farthing in Solhaven parlance.

"The rings are not unique," comments Darbo, "but if you need to know one ring from another at a glance, they can be a lifesaver."

Forgetting for a moment that he has a shop to run, Darbo loses himself in a minute examination of one of the embroidered diagrams on one of the tapestries. He nods slowly to himself before blinking, and the rest of the world once again intrudes.

"The periapts are not new magic," explains the shop's proprietor, "just old magic in a more convenient form. It's a shame they're not rechargeable."