Dargeur's Armors

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Dargeur's Armors is the armor shop in Solhaven. It is location in North Market East.

[Dargeur's Armors] RNUM: 12813
Leather and metal armor of all shapes and sizes covers the walls of this establishment. Oil lamps hang from the ceiling, dangling on rusted chains. A brawny half-elf leans upon the wooden counter, eyeing the customers from half-closed eyes. You also see a narrow stairway and the armorer Dargeur.


Welcome to Dargeur's Armors!

The armorer Dargeur offers his catalog to browse.
Dargeur exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a leather jerkin           16. an augmented breastplate
  2. some flowing robes         17. some half plate
  3. some light leather         18. some full plate
  4. some full leather          19. some arm greaves
  5. some reinforced leather    20. some leg greaves
  6. some double leather        21. a wooden shield
  7. a leather breastplate      22. a reinforced shield
  8. some cuirbouilli leather   23. a leather helm
  9. some studded leather       24. a visored helm
  10. some brigandine armor     25. a metal aventail
  11. some chain mail           26. some dark leather boots (2x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  12. some double chain         27. a pair of viridian linen footwraps (3x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  13. some augmented chain      28. a pair of russet leather gloves (2x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  14. a chain hauberk           29. a pair of ebon cotton handwraps (3x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  15. a metal breastplate

  Backroom Catalog
  30. a pair of braided leather sandals (4x UCS Gear (pocketed))
  31. a pair of ashen leather gauntlets (4x UCS Gear (pocketed))


The armorer Dargeur is a large unshaven half-elf, dirty with the sweat and grime from working in the heat of the forge.  His stained apron looks like it was once white, but now is an off-grey color, filled with assorted cutting tools and a large mallet.

Rusty chains hanging overhead squeak as Dargeur brushes by on his way to the backroom.

The armorer Dargeur leans against the counter, catching his breath.

A large pile of shields topples over. Laboriously, Dargeur bends down and begins to restack them.

An oil lamp flickers in the dim light, almost unnoticed next to the fire of the forge.

The armorer Dargeur pounds away at a sheet of metal, forming it into a breastplate.

The armorer Dargeur meticulously oils a new set of leather armor, giving particular care to the carefully stitched seams.

Dargeur places a new set of leather on display.