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Gender male
Service(s) Pocket adding
Venue Evermore Hollow
Status active

Dazzelwyn is a merchant who was recently found in the The Final Iteration adding pockets.


You see Dazzelwyn.
He appears to be a Coblynau.
He is taller than average.  His age is indeterminate due to the shifting nature of his features.  He has dull steely blue eyes and heavily wrinkled, burn-scarred pale grey skin.  He has a mess of thin, glossy brilliant blue hair with tufts of silver behind the ears.  His head is disproportionately large for his body, and his long arms extend almost to the ground.  Catlike whiskers, long and white, extend from around his bulbous nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a segmented rolaren rod in his left hand.
He is wearing a pair of twine-laced boots, a pair of leather-patched pants, an oil-stained leather kit, a simple white linen shirt, a mithril-reinforced padded leather vest, a rectangular mithril case with thick leather straps, a grease and oil-stained rag, a braided leather and ora belt, a rolaren-framed fractured moonstone brooch, a pair of brass-framed goggles with circular glass lenses, a thick ironwood gear amulet, and a carved monkey's paw pendant.