Deflect Magic

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Deflect Magic
Mnemonic [deflectmagic]
Type Passive
Requirements You must be wielding a shield of a size that you are maintaining the prerequisite ranks of Shield Focus in.
Available To Warriors, Rogues
Available In Shield Specializations
Prerequisites Any Shield Focus (at rank 3)
Spell Block (at rank 1)
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 6  
2 12 
3 18 
5 -


Your sheer mastery of the art of deflection allows you to redirect magic back at your enemies with ease.


Upon successfully blocking a magical bolt or ball while in an aggressive stance, there is a chance that the attack can be redirected against another enemy creature in the same room (or even the original attacker). This chance is 35%/55%/75% at Ranks 1/2/3.