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Town Ta'Vaalor
Gender female
Race elf
Job Guardsman
Affiliation(s) Crimson Legion

Dhoianna is one of the Ta'Vaalor guardsmen posted at the Annatto Gate, the southeastern gate of the city of Ta'Vaalor.


Dhoianna is fully mature, is taller than average, and has a curvaceous build.  She has a coppery complexion and shoulder-length dark blonde hair.  Her sparkling crystal green eyes are the focal point of her captivating appearance.  Dhoianna is dressed in a dark red coat trimmed with bright gold piping, which also has three broad gold stripes across the left arm.  Her pants are a matching red with the cuffs tucked into knee-high dark leather boots.

Random Room Messaging

Dhoianna bows and smiles flirtatiously as a wealthy merchant pauses to inquire about finding lodgings in town.  As he thanks her and turns to leave, she smiles broadly, but her eyes glitter speculatively.  Zydeth smirks and rolls his eyes, shaking his head at the merchant's foolishness.

Dhoianna leans closely to a passing elven gentleman, pressing up against him and whispering something in his ear.  The gentleman blushes heavily and moves on as Dhoianna gives a small sigh.

Dhoianna smiles prettily and bows at a cluster of nobles.  While one or two pause to admire her beauty, they quickly pass out of sight.  Dhoianna straightens with a grim look, her eyes glittering dangerously.

Zydeth pulls a well-to-do merchant aside and demands to inspect his papers.  Dhoianna smiles apologetically at the merchant and says with a wink, "I'm soooo very sorry, he's just overly officious sometimes.  Well, all of the time."

Dhoianna adjusts her equipment and frowns at nothing in particular.

Dhoianna checks the edge on her weapon.

Dhoianna gives you a curious glance.

Dhoianna glances about at her surroundings.

Dhoianna narrows her eyes as she gazes out at something in the distance.

Dhoianna scratches her nose.

Dhoianna shifts her weight.

Dhoianna yawns.

Interaction messaging

Interaction messaging is from the view of a Vaalor elf and citizen of Ta'Vaalor. >bow Dhoianna
You bow to Dhoianna. She sniffs loudly, a smirk creeping across her face.

>curtsy Dhoianna
You curtsy to Dhoianna. She sniffs loudly, a smirk creeping across her face.

>greet Dhoianna
You nod to Dhoianna in greeting, who grins and gives a little wave in return.

>salute Dhoianna
You salute Dhoianna, who pointedly ignores you.

>smile Dhoianna
You smile at Dhoianna. She pointedly ignores you.

>wave Dhoianna
You wave to Dhoianna. She rolls her eyes at you in return.