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A character that is diseased takes health damage per round. The amount of damage caused decreases each round that damage is dealt.

Causes of Disease

Disease can be inflicted by a number of means. The most common, and the one that most players will encounter, is upon being struck by a melee attack by certain enemies. The attack need not cause a wound, but similarly, the disease is rarely guaranteed; rather, being inflicted with a disease is often an uncommon occurrence. A number of enemies are capable of inflicting diseases, but the most common are animals, from the lowly giant rat up. Additionally, many undead are capable of inflicting diseases.

Another cause of disease encountered frequently by locksmiths is traps, in the form of sky-blue glaes scarabs. The disease they infect with is often quite severe, and easily lethal.

A final source of disease is the Sorcerer spell Pestilence (716). The disease manifests as a Damage Over Time effect caused by a direct warding hit with the spell, or a reactive flare upon attacking something or someone wearing the spell.


Diseases dissipates as they causes damage. For example, diseases with a rate of dissipation of 5 per round that causes 60 damage per round will cause 60 damage in the first round, then 55, then 50, until the damage per round reaches 0 or less, in which the character will no longer suffer damage from the disease. Dissipation rates of 0 have been seen, which means the disease will continue to do damage until it is cured.

While diseased, the HEALTH verb will display the following:

     Maximum Health Points: 145
   Remaining Health Points: 125

     Maximum Spirit Points: 9
   Remaining Spirit Points: 9

    Maximum Stamina Points: 60
  Remaining Stamina Points: 60

Diseased!  Taking 18 damage per round.  Dissipating 2 per round.

Utility Spells