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Dragon Bones is a craps-like gambling game that is held infrequently, usually during festivals and pay events. Unlike player invented games, Dragon Bones is always run by a GameMaster.

It will always be held in a specific tent designated for the event. Below is an example of a Dragon Bones room:

[Dragon Bones Tent]
A large table carved in an elaborate dragon motif dominates the center of the chamber, the crimson silk of the tent walls casting a reddish glow upon the waiting dice. Several signs and warnings are scattered about, waiting to be read. You also see a well-dressed grubby gnome cashier, a disclaimer, a payoff chart, a warning, a dusty sign, a large poster and the Dragon Bones table.


The game of Dragon Bones hails from sometime during the First Age. The exact origins of the game are lost in the depths of time, but are believed to have been created by the Arkati. However, this is the ONLY game of its kind. These bones are unique. Several games have been created in an attempt to copy Dragon Bones, but have been unable to attain the same quality and excitement. It is said that the dice were created from the bones of deceased dragons by their Arkati servants to honor them. Nobody knows for certain whether this is true or not, we will never know for certain. All that is known is that these bones possess many strange and unidentifiable magical properties. The creator of the game understood this and established certain special bets to take advantage of these random occurrences.


The rules are simple: Someone rolls the bones. People bet money as to whether the roller (called Slayer) will be successful, or unsuccessful. There are several other bets which are impartial to the slayer's success, and are only for one roll. This means that the bet only lasts for ONE roll. You are betting on the outcome of the bones on the next roll. If you bet correctly, you are payed off according to the odds chart. If you do not bet correctly, then your silver is swept into The Dragon's Maw!

Other bets last for several rolls, and are only dependent on whether the Slayer succumbs to Dragon Strike, or gets the Quarry. The bones are passed to a new Slayer whenever the current slayer hits a Dragon Strike.

Play begins with the Fly Out Roll. At this time, there is no Quarry to try and capture. People betting with the Slayer are hoping that a 7 or 11 is rolled on the Fly Out Roll. People betting against are hoping for a 2, 3, or 12 (All of them known as Dragon Bite). If the Slayer rolls something other than the previous numbers on the Fly Out Roll, that roll becomes the Quarry. To win, the Slayer MUST roll the Quarry again before a 7. For those betting against the Slayer, a 7 is the only way for them to win their bet. If the Slayer captures the Quarry, then he keeps the bones and is on a new Fly Out Roll. And the process begins all over. If ANY of the Dragon Bets hit, the Slayer retains the bones, AND the next roll will be a Fly Out Roll.

There are several bets that can be made which have nothing to do with the Quarry. Most of them are only concerned with the Slayer rolling a 7 before whatever number is bet upon.

There are TWO types of betting: Normal Betting and Dragon Betting. You may make as many normal bets as you wish. If you do make a normal bet, you will be unable to place a Dragon Bet. Only ONE person may have a particular Dragon Bet.

Normal Betting

             Dragon's Bones Payoff Chart

    Bet Types                         Payoff

One Roll Bets:
       2                             30 to 1
       3                             15 to 1
       7                              4 to 1
      11                             15 to 1
      12                             30 to 1
 Dragon's Lair (2,3,4,9,10,11,12)      Even
 (note:  Pays out 2 to 1 if roll is 2 or 12)

 Any Dragon Bite (2,3, or 12)         7 to 1

Multiple Roll Bets

    Dragon Spine                       Even
   Dragon's Belly                      Even
 (note: A bet on the Spine is in support of the Slayer.)
 (note: A bet on the Belly is not in support of the Slayer.)

       Odds                      Quarry Dependent
      4 or 10                         9 to 5
      5 or 9                          7 to 5
      6 or 8                          7 to 6
   Scaly 4 or 10                      7 to 1
   Scaly 6 or 8                       9 to 1

Dragon Betting

When normal betting has closed and Dragon Betting begun, you may place a Dragon Bet provided you have not bet on anything else. There are FOUR Dragon Bets. Only ONE person may bet a specific Dragon Bet. The minimum betting requirements and specific payouts for each bet are listed below:

Dragon Bet Minimum bet amount Payout
Dragon's Breath 1/10th the amount currently bet on the table. Your original bet AND all silver currently bet on the table.
Dragon Spawn 1/200th the amount currently in the Dragon's Maw. 40 times your original bet AND all silver currently bet on the table.
Dragon's Blood 1000 silvers. Twice the total accumulated while betting Dragon's Blood. Please read the posted warning before you bet on Dragon's Blood.
Dragon Master 1/100th the amount currently in the Dragon's Maw. All silver currently bet on the table plus one half the Dragon's Maw, AND you will receive 1/10th the value of the Maw at the end of the Gaming.
All Dragon Bets are considered to be ONE roll bets with the exception of Dragon's Blood and if a Dragon Bet wins, the next roll will be a Fly Out Roll.


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