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Milax podcast about the Dreavenings

Here is a GS podcast by Milax interviewing Dreaven about Dreavenings:


Who are Dreavenings?

Dreavenings are everyone! Upwards of 35% of the entire game's population come together to chat, roleplay, play games, receive spells, and send mana so everyone can get their spells faster.

What are Dreavenings?

Dreavenings are regular events that provide nearly every spell buff in the game. There are also other services provided such as loresinging, armor support, blesses, and more! Dreavenings are provided by the character Dreaven and his group of spell slinging friends.

When are Dreavenings?

There is no set time or days for Dreavenings, they happen when Dreaven is around his computer and is up to the task of starting his script. That being said they typically happen at least once a day and they are at least 210 minutes apart. The best way to interact with the Dreavening community and to see when the next Dreavening takes place is to tune to the Dreavening channel on LNet.

Where are Dreavenings?

Dreavenings take place at the Wayside Inn in the Landing, Lich room number 3619 then GO DREAVEN TABLE or GO ITENO TABLE.

Why are Dreavenings?

Why not?

How are Dreavenings?

To receive your spells all you have to do is get to Dreaven's table on time and you'll receive everything, no actions necessary on your part! Dreaven only spells up to 70 people at a time, if there are more than 70 people waiting for spells then Dreaven will have to do two or more groups. In this case Dreaven will choose 60 people to be in group one, he will add them to his group and go to another table. If you do not get chosen for group 1 don't worry! Just remain at the table and Dreaven will return shortly to continue handing out spells.

How to prepare for Dreavenings?

Be sure to download the ;dreavening script from the Lich repo and run its setup by doing ;dreavening setup. Once you've run the setup you won't have to do it again but you should add the script to your startup scripts by doing ;autostart add dreavening. This ensures the ;dreavening script is always running when you need it. The ;dreavening script helps facilitate things at a Dreavening for maximum efficiency by having your character auto accept items back that you handed to one of Dreaven's cohorts (such as for loresinging) so the next person can get their service done, by automatically sending mana to Dreaven and his crew so everyone receives spells faster, reducing screen scroll during a Dreavening, and so much more!

Commands at Dreavenings

give: If you accidentally GIVE something to Dreaven that you didn't mean to give him simply whisper GIVE to him and he'll automatically give back to you the last item you gave to him. Give.

Historical facts about Dreavenings

On May 25, 2016, a Dreavening caused GS to crash because we had 115 people in the same room all casting spells at one another. This was back in the day when Dreavenings took place one block west of TSC in the Landing. This is what prompted me to rewrite the code so Dreavenings take place at a table with a limited number of people in each group to ensure a Dreavening won't cause another crash.

Games played at Dreavenings

Amazing Alpaca Adventures

Roshambo and Cards Against Humanity