Duck and Weave

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Duck and Weave
Available To Rogues and Monks
Mnemonic [WEAVE]
Cost 30 Stamina + special
Roundtime N/A
Requirements None
Prerequisites Evade Mastery Rank 2
Rank Square
1 4  
3 12

Duck and Weave is a combat maneuver available to rogues and monks that provides a 30 second boost to evade chance. The increase is higher when wearing lighter armor groups. When you evade an attack, there's a chance that you can redirect that attack against a different enemy. The redirection chance is higher in more offensive stances and is also based on influence and agility. Training in the Dodging and Multi Opponent Combat skills is recommended. There is a 5 minute cooldown period during which the reactivation cost triples to 90 stamina.


A human robber removes a plain wooden arrow from in his quiver.
A human robber fires a plain wooden arrow at you!
You manage to maneuver yourself such that when you dodge aside at the last moment, a human robber finds himself attacking an elven thug, much to their mutual surprise!
AS: +424 vs DS: +337 with AvD: +30 + d100 roll: +68 = +185
  ... and hits for 33 points of damage!
  Nice puncture to the back, just grazed the spine!
The wooden arrow breaks apart and crumbles away.