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Town Ta'Vaalor
Gender male
Race elf
Job guardsman
Affiliation(s) Crimson Legion

Dukash is one of the Ta'Vaalor guardsmen posted at the Victory Gate, the southwestern gate of the city of Ta'Vaalor.


Dukash is entering his adult years, is of average height, and has a very sculpted build.  He has a perfectly bronzed complexion, short blonde hair, and pale amber eyes.  Dukash displays an air of superiority, staring down at everyone nearby.  Dukash is dressed in a dark red coat trimmed with bright gold piping, which also has one broad gold stripe across the left arm.  His pants are a matching red with the cuffs tucked into knee-high dark leather boots.

Random Room Messaging

Dukash gazes haughtily around the area, turning his nose even higher into the air with a roll of his eyes as he spots one of the lesser races in his presence.

Dukash glances at you and nods smartly, saying, "For honor, pride, and glory."

Dukash says to Simlasyth, "Oh, my father asked me to invite you over for dinner!"  Simlasyth smiles eagerly, but then Dukash smirks, "But that was last week, and I completely forgot.  I really am so sorry.  My, was that meal good!"

Simlasyth nods curtly to Dukash and says, "Your uniform is well pressed today, Squire.  Good job."  Dukash nods in return, but then smirks slightly as he glances away from Simlasyth.

Dukash adjusts his equipment and frowns at nothing in particular.

Dukash checks the edge on his weapon.

Dukash gives you an appreciative glance.

Dukash glances about at his surroundings.

Dukash narrows his eyes as he gazes out at something in the distance.

Dukash scratches his nose.

Dukash shifts his weight.

Dukash yawns.

Interaction Messaging

Interaction messaging is as viewed by a Vaalor elf and citizen of Ta'Vaalor.

>bow Dukash
You bow to Dukash. He stares down his nose at you in return.

>curtsy Dukash
You curtsy to Dukash. He stares down his nose at you in return.

>greet Dukash
You nod to Dukash in greeting, who glances at you with a disdainful sniff.

>salute Dukash
You salute Dukash, who snorts and rolls his eyes at you.

>smile Dukash
You smile at Dukash. He offers a tight smile in return.

>wave Dukash
You wave to Dukash. He glances at you and looks you up and down purposefully.

Behind the Scenes

The Ta'Vaalor guardsmen were updated on 07/19/2008 to have names and different personalities. Prior to that they were nameless and identical.