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This MHO is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

Dush gno Krol was an organization dedicated to half-krolvin located in Solhaven.


Dush gno Krol (trans. Brotherhood of Krolvin) was established shortly after the arrival of half-krolvin into the population centers of Elanthia. Established in Solhaven in 5104, the group of half-krolvin existed for approximately a year as a means for half-krolvin to support each other in a society often hostile to their race. The dush gradually dissolved due to scarcity in numbers and conflicting interests of the members. At its height, the group ranked as one of the Distinguished groups at the Solhaven meeting hall.

From the Dush's Archives

Creed of Purpose

To unite against the opression/fear of the non-krol blood.
To be an army that advances the strength and goals of the kin,
To share and to strengthen the culture and ways of the kin

Challenge for Membership

Membership, restricted to half-krolvin, required the initiate to venture into hunting areas above their skill level and locate the leader of the dush. Prior to the leader's departure into the wilds, he challenged the half-krolvin with this speech:

We, Dush gno Krol, gather to recognize our shared heritage. That heritage be the one of the Krolvin. For some of us, it is one we admire, for others, one we despise. However, it is our blood that we share and for it we gather. To test the strength of your blood, to test your pride and honor, you must prove that you are willing to walk the same ground as they, for it is their blood that runs through your veins and that in your chest, beats in your heart. By finding me within that field, you will prove your courage, your pride in your blood, and honor yourself and our gathering with such an act."

Oath of Membership

By the blood of the sea,;
I will serve the dush.;
I will uphold the honor and the spirit,;
and fail not the strength of my ancestors.
I am dush gno Krol,;
I will suffer before death,;
I will die before shame.;
By this I vow and by this I live.
Dush Gno Krol!

Symbol of the Dush

The symbol of the dush was a blue skinned fist imposed over three stylized white crested waves. The words "Honor, Strength, and Pride" beneath it.


Founding Members