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Treasure Trove is located in a building at Bloodriven Village at room 26868.

a sap-covered pine and brick building go pine building


The Treasure Trove will be open to hold special token raffles featuring Jackpot Tier items during Duskruin, drawing once a day near midnight Eastern time. There is one raffle a day. When the item you want to try to win is featured on the shelf, use "a silver raffle token" to enter. Each token is good for 1 use. Items will not cost any silver if you win.

There is a limit of one Treasure Trove Raffle win per account for the duration of this Duskuin event.

Tokens can be found by anyone in bonus loot drops in the Arena, Sewer, and the Heist.

Tokens can only be used in the Treasure Trove drawings by characters on a paid subscription.

In the Treasure Trove Building, look on the shelf for the current raffle item, and on the tray for a preview of items that will be randomly selected for the next raffles. You can INSPECT the items on both surfaces for more information.

The TownCrier LNet channel will announce the winner when it draws and what the next item on the shelf is.

The HELP Command is specialized in the Treasure Trove Room to give you Treasure Trove info!

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a silver raffle token

You analyze your silver raffle token and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This token will give you entry to a Treasure Trove raffle!  This token currently has 1 charge.  A raffle token will be destroyed when:
 - all charges have been depleted, or
 - you win a raffle, regardless of how many charges are left.

Your silver raffle token is from Duskruin Arena and can only be used for Treasure Trove raffles at that event.  In addition, tokens are event-specific and must be used during the event from which it was obtained.

[Type HELP when in the Treasure Trove area for more information.]

Editor's Note: You literally type HELP inside the Trove and read all you need to know, as listed below:

Rules / HELP

Via the HELP command while in the trove room...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*   THE TREASURE TROVE   *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Welcome to The Treasure Trove!

 - Find a raffle token somewhere in this realm.  In many cases, these tokens will drop from games and/or event activities.  In other cases, these tokens may be purchasable.  Refer to information provided about the particular event for further details.
 - Look on the display shelf.  This is the current item up for raffle.  Raffles will not run between 2 AM and noon, Eastern time, so if the shelf is empty, it is because the Treasure Trove is currently inactive and will "wake up" outside of those designated times.  (Please note: the "wake up"  time may vary by as much as 30 minutes from day-to-day.)
 - Look on the circular tray.  This holds the next item(s) up for raffle.  The "next" selection is random.
 - If you are interested in being included in the raffle for the item on the tray, insert (DROP) your token in the wooden drawer for a chance to win the raffle.
 - You can LOOK at the cabinet and the drawer to get important information about the Treasure Trove.

 - Raffle tokens have 1 use.
 - DROP your raffle token into a token drawer.  You can enter a raffle as many times as you want.

 - If you win a raffle, you (and only you) will be messaged that you won (if you're online), noting the item that you won.  This item MUST be picked up before the next raffle item draws.  If you fail to pick up the item, both the item and the token used for the raffle will be forfeit.
 - Winning accounts will be locked from raffle participation for 336 hours (14 days).

 - When the Treasure Trove is awake (not between the hours of 2AM and noon, Eastern time,) raffles will draw every 1438 minutes [23 hour(s)].  A raffle will not start (ie: no item moved to the shelf) if its draw time would fall during the sleep hours.

 - Maybe!  Depending on the event, it's possible that an NPC will buy-back your tokens.  Look for an attendant near the Treasure Trove and ASK him/her about TOKEN to get more information.

 - In some cases, participation in the Treasure Trove may require some kind of pass.  For Ebon Gate, either a Games Pass is required, or you must be participating in Deep Sea Diving.  If you are participating in the latter, you will be eligible for 7 hours (real time) to use your tokens with your first dive.  This eligibility doesn't refresh with each entry to diving, so it will need to be refreshed after the eligibility period ends.  The Games Pass and Deep Sea Diving entry licenses can be obtained in the SimuCoin store.
a very large sign

In the Common language, it reads:

* The item on the shelf is the current raffle item.  Items on the tray will be raffled next, selected randomly after the current raffle ends.  Items with no raffle entrants will be removed from raffle circulation and will not return.
* You may enter a raffle as many times as you like, provided you have eligible tokens.  (Raffle tokens obtained from Duskruin Arena may not be used for the Treasure Trove at other events like Ebon Gate.)
* Raffle wins will block the entire household from winning another raffle for the duration of this event.
* Failure to pick up a won raffle item before the next raffle is drawn will result in a forfeiture of the win.  Pick up your item as soon as you are notified to avoid item loss.
* Raffles have no limit on entries.
* Entrants living in free homes (F2P) cannot participate in these raffles.
* [Type HELP for more information.]

Raffle Items List

a ruched blue byssus pouch layered with yellow silk
In the blue byssus pouch you see a small vial of viscous liquid, a shard of purple plinite, a shard of red plinite, a parchment dueling slip, an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack, a platinum stamped voucher booklet and a large locker expansion contract.
Won by Coldd
a gold-hilted razern dagger etched with chaotic sigils
Folded many times during its creation, the razern blade of the dagger has a damascus-like pattern that ripples across its smooth surface.  Braided gold wire is fused with the razern at the base of the hilt, the brighter, softer metal creating a wavy design upon the short crossguard.  A rainbow glaes counterweight rests at the base of the hilt, while alternating light and dark rawhide is woven together to create a sturdy grip upon the gold.  You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.
It imparts a bonus of +25 more than usual.
It is a small item, under a pound.
It is lightly weighted to inflict more critical wounds than a normal weapon of its type.
The dagger requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of razern.

Special Property Details:
This razern dagger is a "Chronomage Dagger" and has a chance for a 3x mstrike flare when HURLED.  It was first released at Ebon Gate in 2009.
Current verbs: GET, DROP, RUB, and TOSS.
Won by Towermen
a scraggly rat fur cloak
Shaggy and scraggly rat fur squares are sewn together to create a voluminous, patchwork cloak that has a high collar and wide lapels.  Catgut, thin and opaque, binds each square together, while also providing a thick, durable edge to the either piece.  A copper ring decorates the right lapel, while the left house a burnished rat head complete with beady eyes and ivory fangs.
It appears to weigh about 5 pounds.
It is estimated that a scraggly rat fur cloak can store an exceptional amount with enough space for any number of items.
The cloak can be worn, hanging it from the shoulders.  The cloak appears to serve some purpose.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of cloth.

Special Property Details:

This rat fur cloak is designed to work in conjunction with a Moonshard Pendant that houses a Legendary Bloodrune.

If you have the Giant-rat Legendary Bloodrune active in your Moonshard Pendant, then you will receive special messaging when you use the following verbs:

Blink, Chuckle, Get, Glance, Pinch, Point, Preen, Pull, Put, Rub, Scratch, Shake, Snap, Stretch, Thump, Wave.

If you do not have a corresponding Bloodrune active, then you will get generic messaging for the above verbs.

This rat fur cloak may have a long or show description, but its adjective should never change.

Lastly, a scraggly rat fur cloak must only ever be a cloak-worn item.
Won by Venruki
a cord-strung ebonwood pendant carved with an inverted octopus
Strung from a simple, black hemp cord, the pendant is artfully carved from ebonwood and is polished to a glossy, smooth finish.  Darker grainlines create a striated pattern across the thumb-sized head of a silver-eyed octopus depicted as attacking a bright white barge from underneath it.  Seven of the eight tentacles encapsulate the small vessel, while the eight coils about the neck cord, which causes the pendant to hang at an angle when worn.
It is a small item, under a pound.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of wood.

Special Property Details:

This pendant is a 3x/day SanctBreaker that will remove temporary sanctuaries.
Won by Blacksail
a flawless bloodjewel obelisk caged in fine copper wire
It is a small item, under a pound.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of gemstone.

Special Property Details:

This bloodjewel obelisk is a wearable AI Crystal.
Won by Sabreon
a narrow blood red portfolio (Scroll Portfolio)
Two large pieces of vellum are stitched together along one edge, providing a crude and very thin portfolio.  A tarnished silver gem setting sits in the center of its cover, though it is empty.  Scribbled on the back cover is the list, "Topaz, Emerald, Smooth Stone, Ruby, Diamond".  All but "Diamond" have been crossed out.
A narrow blood red portfolio cannot store anything inside of it at all.
The portfolio can not be worn.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of organic material.

Special Property Details:

This blood red portfolio is a scroll combining book.
Won by Desorceri
a copper-inlaid adamantine chakram with black rawhide-wrapped grips
Flat and curved, the chakram is as large as a dinner plate and crafted of adamantine.  Burnished copper is fused to the weapon's inner circle to create an internal handle that is also wrapped with black rawhide for a durable grip.  Above the sharpened blade and forming a repeating pattern, archaic runes decorate the space between the unsharpened flat and the copper inlay.  You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.
It imparts a bonus of +25 more than usual.
It appears to weigh about 5 pounds.
The chakram requires skill in thrown weapons to use effectively.  It appears to be a modified quoit.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of adamantine.

Special Property Details:

Welcome to the Chakram, which was introduced in 5120 at Duskruin.

The chakram will collect charges every time it parries a blow.  Once it has collected 10 charges, it can be THROWN to hit 4 creatures in the room before it flies back to your hand.

It is currently 5 out of 5 Tiers, which means it can attack 4 creatures in battle when it has collected 10 charges.  It currently has 0 charges towards its HURL ability.

It has access to the following verbs:

Bow, Clean, Exhale, Flip, Gaze, Hurl, Knock, Point, Pose, Push, Snap, Rub, Toss, and Wave

The chakram can be altered with a long or a show description.  Its noun must remain chakram and it must be made of some kind of metal.  Furthermore, the highlighted information below may be customized:
Design - archaic symbols
Method - etched
Placement - into
Light - silvery
At this tier, the chakram also provides a parry bonus of 5%.
Won by Sacru
a bone-hilted rolaren gimlet knife
It imparts a bonus of +25 more than usual.
It provides a boost of 5 to Edged Weapons Bonus.
It provides a boost of 5 to Two Weapon Combat Bonus.
The knife looks to have more than your average giantman could count charges remaining.
It will persist after its last charge is depleted.
It is a small item, under a pound.
The knife requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively.  It appears to be a modified dagger.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of rolaren.

Special Property Details:
Harsh and abrasive, a whisper at your ear entices you with its words, and as it does, you realize that the source is the rolaren gimlet knife in your hand.  "If you are to know my power, then you must seek out the path of Lornon.  Only then will you truly know what it is to serve and survive."

You realize that due to your CONVERT status that you will never be able to fully utilize this rolaren gimlet knife.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: there is various messaging based on convert status]

Enhancive: rechargeable
Won by Beldannon
a bone-hilted xazkruvrixis dagger inlaid with copper and silver (Xazkruvrixis Metal Weapon)
It imparts a bonus of +25 more than usual.
It has been infused with death.
It is a small item, under a pound.
The dagger requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of xazkruvrixis.

Special Property Details:

This item has nothing more of note.
Won by Valdarrow
a leaf green wooden box (Clay Animal)
In the green wooden box you see a small clay animal.
Won by Atyrmedes
a blackened steel short sword with a star-patterned fuller (MoonBlade)
It imparts a bonus of +20 more than usual.
It appears to weigh about 4 pounds.
The sword requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of steel.

Special Property Details:

This sword is a MoonBlade, aligned to Ronan, and originally released at the Ebon Gate Auction of 5106.
Won by Sobakka
a bloodstained parchment (Custom Illusion Pin)
The bearer of this certificate is entitled to receive a custom illusion pin.  The recipient will work with a GM to create a unique item but must adhere to the guidelines of the item's script as well as current alter rules.  If you are unclear about those rules, please refer to ALTER (in game) to get a general guideline.  This item must be completed within 2 weeks of the close of the August 2020 run of Duskruin Arena.
Won by Ruol
a haon-inlaid mechanical crossbow (Mechanical Crossbow)
Haliste: Doesn't look like inspect gives that, but it's a light crossbow
It imparts a bonus of +25 more than usual.
It appears to weigh about 8 pounds.
The crossbow requires skill in ranged weapons to use effectively.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of ruic.

Special Property Details:
 ----------------MECHANICAL CROSSBOWS & BOWS----------------------
   These crossbows/bows are of gnomish craftsmanship, and very   
   intricate.  Any alteration should be along with this theme.   
   Bows should have a wooden stock or grip, metallic gears and   
   limbs with crystal lenses for sights.                         
   If altering these, you may ONLY change the base 15/15/15      
   and the settings below.                                       
   It is unlocked to Tier 4.  It cannot be unlocked again.       
   It can now be loaded with up to 5 bolts at a time.            
   COCK encumbrance is bypassed while the crossbow is loaded.    
   It now has a random chance to launch a net flare that will    
   render an opponent immobile for a brief time.                 

  Metal Gears  = polished
  Metal Cams   = oiled copper
  Metal Limbs/Stirrup  = haon-inlaid
  Crystal Sights = octagonal
Won by Althaz
a melded linden and witchwood staff fraught with stylized flames
It imparts a bonus of +30 more than usual.
It has been infused with the power of a fire elemental.
It provides a boost of 10 to Elemental Lore - Fire Bonus.
The staff looks to have more than your average giantman could count charges remaining.
It will persist after its last charge is depleted.
It appears to weigh about 3 pounds.
The staff requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of witchwood.

Special Property Details:

This staff will create a temporary fire rune that is unique to the creator, and will use mana from the creator upon creation.
Won by Gespry
a heavy bronze-edged footlocker (Clockwork Armor)
In the bronze-edged footlocker you see a pair of bronzed vultite boots, a pair of bronzed vultite gauntlets, a riveted dragon's head burgonet and an articulated breastplate. [EDITOR'S NOTE: an articulated breastplate of interlaced bronzed vultite plates; suspect this is plate armor based on the description]
Clockwork Armor Info from 2016 Great Auction

"Nuts 'n Bolts" set of 4x half-plate and armor accessories that go with it. Arm greaves, leg greaves, and a helm. If you lock the accessories on to the armor, it increases the padding of the armor. The padding starts at 24 points, and reduces a wee bit each time you get hit. The wearer can TEND the armor to start a self-repairing cycle that will restore a bit of padding every half minute for 15 minutes. The user can do this once every day, and again, but if you do it more than once per day it could lock up and increase the amount of round time per each activation of TENDing it. You can NOT remove it while the repair cycle is going or while it is damaged. An articulated breastplate of interlaced bronzed vultite plates, a riveted dragon's head burgonet formed of bronzed vultite plates, a pair of bronzed vultite gauntlets constructed of overlapping plates, and a pair of bronzed vultite boots formed of overlapping plates.

Won by Azaton