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This event/activity is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

Released during the December 2018 Duskruin, the Treasure Trove featured a rotating set of items that could be purchased with bloodscrip. In 2019, the Treasure Trove was updated to a raffle format utilizing tokens found through the sewers, arena, and Bank Heist.

General Information

Raffles within the Treasure Trove draw once a day at 9pm eastern time. Entrants can drop an unlimited amount of tokens into the wooden drawer to enter the a raffle, but can only win once per account within the same Duskruin run. Free to play accounts are ineligible to enter.

The display shelf shows the item currently up for raffle, while the circular tray holds four items that are on deck, one of which is selected randomly for the next raffle.


The Treasure Trove Warehouse is located in a sap-covered pine and brick building on Faida Lane, next to Shield Thyself (Lich ID: 26005).

Raffle Token

A silver raffle token - These tokens are awarded as a prize from the Duskruin activities, with a drop rate of 1/250.

This token will give you entry to a Treasure Trove raffle!  This token has 1 use.  A raffle token will be destroyed when it is used to enter a raffle at the Treasure Trove.

Your silver raffle token is from Duskruin Arena and can only be used for Treasure Trove raffles at that event.  In addition, tokens are event-specific and must be used during the event from which it was obtained.

This one was obtained at the event with ID #(#) (which is typically a date).  (For example, 100120 would be October 1, 2020.)

[Type HELP when in the Treasure Trove area for more information.]

You get no sense of whether or not the token may be further lightened.


The sign within the Treasure Trove reads:

In the Common language, it reads:

* The item on the shelf is the current raffle item.  Items on the tray will be raffled next, selected randomly after the current raffle ends.  Items with no raffle entrants will be removed from raffle circulation and will not return.
* You may enter a raffle as many times as you like, provided you have eligible tokens.  (Raffle tokens obtained from Duskruin Arena may not be used for the Treasure Trove at other events like Ebon Gate.)
* Raffle wins will block the entire household from winning another raffle for the duration of this event.
* Failure to pick up a won raffle item before the next raffle is drawn will result in a forfeiture of the win.  Pick up your item as soon as you are notified to avoid item loss.
* Raffles have no limit on entries.
* Entrants living in free homes (F2P) cannot participate in these raffles.
* [Type HELP for more information.]

Refund Policy

Posted by GM Thandiwe on the official Discord.

Below is a list of the rules for refunds that were given to the players:

We are updating the refund policy on item and service purchases at Duskruin.

Our refund fee will be 10% flat from now on. We're also tightening the timelines here. HESS purchases can only be refunded within 24 hours of the service being applied.

Here is a list of other refunds.

No refunds beyond 24 hours after general purchases. No fee on purchases made within 24-hours that are a mistake.
No refunds on items purchased during previous runs. This has always been the policy, just repeating it.
No refunds on Mania items. This includes refunds on other items because of your Mania win.
No refunds on WPS services. If you make a mistake on type, please ASSIST.
As long as you ASSIST with the refund request before the 24-hour mark, it is considered within that window.

Prize Lists

Additional Information


While within the Treasure Trove, typing HELP displays a menu with information on the raffles.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*   THE TREASURE TROVE   *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Welcome to The Treasure Trove!

 - Find a raffle token somewhere in this realm.  In many cases, these tokens will drop from games and/or event activities.  In other cases, these tokens may be purchasable.  Refer to information provided about the particular event for further details.
 - Look on the display shelf.  This is the current item up for raffle.  Raffles will not run between 2 AM and noon, Eastern time, so if the shelf is empty, it is because the Treasure Trove is currently inactive and will "wake up" outside of those designated times.  (Please note: the "wake up"  time may vary by as much as 30 minutes from day-to-day.)
 - Look on the circular tray.  This holds the next item(s) up for raffle.  The "next" selection is random.
 - If you are interested in being included in the raffle for the item on the tray, insert (DROP) your token in the wooden drawer for a chance to win the raffle.
 - You can LOOK at the cabinet and the drawer to get important information about the Treasure Trove.

 - Raffle tokens have 1 use.
 - DROP your raffle token into a token drawer.  You can enter a raffle as many times as you want.

 - If you win a raffle, you (and only you) will be messaged that you won (if you're online), noting the item that you won.  This item MUST be picked up before the next raffle item draws.  If you fail to pick up the item, both the item and the token used for the raffle will be forfeit.
 - Winning accounts will be locked from raffle participation for 336 hours (14 days).

 - When the Treasure Trove is awake (not between the hours of 2AM and noon, Eastern time,) raffles will draw every 60 minutes [1 hour(s)].  A raffle will not start (ie: no item moved to the shelf) if its draw time would fall during the sleep hours.

 - Maybe!  Depending on the event, it's possible that an NPC will buy-back your tokens.  Look for an attendant near the Treasure Trove and ASK him/her about TOKEN to get more information.

 - In some cases, participation in the Treasure Trove may require some kind of pass.  For Ebon Gate, either a Games Pass is required, or you must be participating in Deep Sea Diving.  If you are participating in the latter, you will be eligible for 7 hours (real time) to use your tokens with your first dive.  This eligibility doesn't refresh with each entry to diving, so it will need to be refreshed after the eligibility period ends.  The Games Pass and Deep Sea Diving entry licenses can be obtained in the SimuCoin store.

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