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This run of Duskruin featured:

  • Duskruin Arena
  • Duskruin Sewers
  • All the Shops of Bloodriven Village
  • Plus, introduced the Duskruin Heist

June 2018 Duskruin Teasers

Duskruin arena Leaks.jpg

Deity Detect Monocle

GM Thandiwe is talking about the Deity Detect Monocle that will premiere at Duskruin. Use it to discern another person's deity. Also ... verby! It can also be turned to have it show in your features - or not. Bring your Religion Lore Ranks. Look for the info and ask your questions at the Officials.

Nebular and Solar Weapons

Also from GM Thandiwe, Nebular and Solar weapons are new this Duskruin. They will get stronger at night or day (Solar gets stronger in the daytime, Nebular at night) and weaken substantially during the opposite time period. They'll be in the Penitent Petitioner Shop. Read the announcement at the Officials.

Bank Heist

The first Duskruin leak is out - Mayhem Master Wyrom's code seems none too subtle. How long have we been waiting on that BANK HEIST?! Also: Duskruin is now sporting a final date, June 15th to July 1. The Officials' post by Wyrom alerting us introductory that the bank heist was going to happen on May 24th.

The Bank Heist will let you choose to help with the heist, or to stop it a couple ways. It's going to be a solo adventure. Many details were released in the full news page on June 13.

The Heraldic Standard

GM Modrian reveals a Heraldic Standard for Duskruin. It will inspire the members of your group once per day with 1 hour of +5 general attack strength and increased mana and stamina recovery. It can rally fallen group members, you get to pick your own emblem, or you can have it altered. There's lots more to read at the Officials.

Shimmer Trinket Options

GM Estild shows off a new way to use your Shimmer Trinket for a quick change! All on the same trinket. It will be available at Duskruin, probably at Spellbound. See the teaser details at the officials.

An Amber Crystalline Vile

GM Estild is putting an amber crystalline vial in the High End Scrip Shop for Duskruin. He says there are two new things listed in his example of how he used some spell called 502 ;whatis 502? Chromatic Circle. So, you are going to want to read more. It involves maybe a new runestaff flare? Or ... ? Complete teaser details at the Official Forums.

Sprite Weapons

GM Retser whets our Duskruin expectations with a new line of weapons, Sprite Weapons. He says they are similar to parasite weapons, but with a jovial sprite that feeds on mana instead of blood. SIMILAR? How can this be SIMILAR, parasites are CREEPY! Who wants a Sprite now?! Complete Teaser details are at the Official Forums.

The News

The first Schedule and Info was posted by Wyrom on June 8 2018 at the Official Forums:

  • The event will run from June 15th (9pm ET) until July 1st (11:59pm ET).
  • Dueling slips and rat tokens are being retired.
    • They will still be good at the arena and sewers. They will not work at the Bank Heist.
  • A new stamped voucher booklet will work for everything at the Duskruin event.
    • We are offering them in quantities of 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250. Pricing is the same as the former items.
  • The High End Scrip Shop (HESS) will open on Saturday, June 16th, at roughly 9pm ET. The staggered opening is needed due to a lot of new content we are putting out that may cause some hiccups.
  • MoonShards and the pendants will no longer drop.
    • Bloodrunes will continue to drop, a new legendary bloodrune has also been added for this run.
  • The Old Farmhouse (Nerve Staves), Khloake and Dagger, Skyfire, and A Flash of Strength have been retired.

Lots more details came out on June 13 when the Front Page News article came out. Here's our summary:

  • 12 priceless artifacts are guarded in the vaults of Bloodriven Bank, including a prized blood crystal from a secret location.
    • STEAL all 12 artifacts and turn them over to the Ophidian Cabal Ringleader for a unique carrying case that holds 10 of any one item. Find the Blood Crystal and the Ringleader will up his ante quite a bit with a sack that holds 10 of any 10 items - and you can locate expanders for these sacks in the sewers to expand capacity, weight, or even weight reduction.
    • Work with the Silent Investors to find and protect he bank vault from the Cabal. You'll be eliminating threats within the bank before it can be plundered. Good show!
    • Or choose the darker route, seek the Poisoned Heretics, a band of assassins, who want to stop the Silent Investors entirely.
    • Which will you choose to support?
  • What you'll find in the Heist:
    • Rat-shaped vial ... rat phereomone to lure rats in the sewers
    • Dull grey rabbit's foot and silky white rabbit's foot for luck boosts in the sewers
    • Sphere Bombs for combat aids in the Arena
      • a vibrant yellow glass sphere: stun - damages and stuns the creature
      • a bright crimson glass sphere: fire - fire DoTs the creature
      • a silvery white glass sphere: sticky - webs the creature
      • a dull black glass sphere: void - implodes the corpse (and removes it)
      • a sickly green glass sphere: enervate - decreases combat stats
  • Updates to the Sewers include:
    • A new legendary bloodrune: Vesperti
    • New collectible drops, expanders, and small amounts of field experience now awarded per search
  • Updates to the Arena include:
    • Time recording to alert you about your last and fastest match.
    • Challenge your friends to see who the best Arena combatant is
    • Taking the place of the pendants is an indigo RPA orb
  • Updates to Bloodriven Village:
    • Ode to Resistance includes more armor types
    • New shops: So Shifty, The pPenitent Petitioner, The Solar Nook, The Nebular Nook, The Sprite Club, and The Art of Lore
    • New Items: Shimmer Trinket certificates, MagicSheaths, Solar and Nebular weapons, Sprite Weapons, Deity Detect items
  • High End Scrip Shop Updates:
    • New items - Blink Certifications, Vial Flres, Enchanting, and more.

The High End Scrip Shop News

From Wyrom at the Officials on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

HESS will have a staggered opening by a full day of the event (June 16th at roughly 9pm ET). We're also retiring Undead Bane, Weight Reduction, Hidden Bracers, and Troll Hearts. But we're adding a lot more this time around.

Returning items will be at the base cost from last time (Feb 2018)

  • Blink certificates (5 total)
  • Enchants and Partial Enchants
  • Wandering Tattoos
  • Resistance (limited to how many can go on a single item)
  • Enhancive skill boosts certificate (limited to how many can go on a single item) Boosts an existing enhancive
  • 6 month enhancive charges (no spell knowledge)
  • Low steel weapons and shield (premade, 1 of each total)
  • High steel weapons and armor (premade, 1 of each total)
  • Vial flares (health, mana, and stamina)
  • Censer (Grand Auction of 5116, 2 total. Back by request)
  • Tier 3 Briar Flares certificate
  • ...and a few new things should they roll out of QC in time.
Wyrom added at the bottom:
We have the low/high steel equipment already made, but if there is a POPULAR choice we can switch it up before Thursday. We're only doing 2 weapons total for each low and high. One shield for low and one armor for high. Keep in mind, they have a level requirement of 100, so only suggest something if you are going to be looking to buy it. They will come with a hefty price tag of 200,000 bloodscrip.

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