Dust Shroud

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Dust Shroud
Mnemonic [shroud]
Activating Verb CMAN
Type Buff
Roundtime HIDE
Stamina Cost 10
Requirements Training in Stalking and Hiding is recommended.
Available To Rogues
Prerequisites Dirtkick (at rank 3)
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 10


Kick up some dust to distract your opponents while you attempt to slip into hiding.


Instantly attempt to hide. Applies Shrouded with a power of (Rank * 15) for (Rank + 5) seconds prior to the HIDE attempt.

Additional Information



Suddenly, Rogue begins to hurriedly kick up dirt all around himself!  Before you can react,  your view of Rogue  is obscured by the resulting choking haze of dust that completely envelops him!

The dust quickly settles back down and you notice that Rogue is no longer there!


You quickly begin kicking up as much dirt as you can!  Before long, you manage to completely envelop yourself in a choking haze of dust that you cannily use to try to slip into hiding!

An algid tusked ursian notices your attempt to hide!
Roundtime: 1 sec.

The dust settles back down, but not after you manage to inhale a lung full of it!  You stand there, gasping for air, and generally looking pretty silly.