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Use the Pointy End

a shaky-looking wooden shack, Room 55, Lich #20272, go shack

[Use the Pointy End]
Walls of roughly-hewn pine are lashed together with random bits of twine to form the interior of this broken-down shack. A shaky-looking rack sits in the middle of the room, next to a long table covered in multiple nicks and dents. A small counter crafted from multiple sized twigs sits at an awkward angle in the corner, oddly covered in a vivid purple doily.
Obvious exits: east, out

On the Table you see

a sharp vultite machete with a serrated edge falchion 80000
a modwir-hilted gleaming ora sabre scimitar 7000
a short imflass kris with an engraved hilt short sword 15000
a scarred and pitted vultite longsword longsword 60000
a dual-edged vultite waraxe handaxe 50000

On the Counter you see

a butcher knife with a stained leather grip dagger 9000
a silk-wrapped vultite cinquedea 9000
an onyx-hilted sleek vultite stiletto 9000
a tiny sharp imflass dagger 5000
a matte silvery vultite spike 9000

On the Rack you see

a rusty imflass beheading sword two-handed sword 50000
a well-folded gleaming ora battlesword 25000
a scarred vultite greatsword with a bleached bone hilt 100000
a long executioner's sword with a stained leather grip 100000
a vultite no-dachi cross-wrapped in cocoa and sepia suede 100000
[Use the Pointy End, Office]
Dust covers the surface of an uneven wooden desk, the filth only disturbed by various designs and scrolls littering the top. A three legged table, a stack of books serving as the fourth leg, sits in the corner, the odd fuschia doily covering it serving as the only splash of color in the room.
Obvious exits: west