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A falchion is a thick, single-edged weapon used in one hand. It is, essentially, a combination of an axe and a sword. These weapons were rarely used by nobility and few surviving examples still exist today, possibly due to the lower overall quality of the weapon. Falchions are generally about 3 feet long.


The blade of a falchion is single-edged, heavy, and thick. Falchions are designed to have a heavy cutting power, capable of cutting or crushing heavier armors, therefore injuring the wearer. The blade of a falchion is usually about two and a half feet long and almost always possesses a slight curve on the blade to the point. The blades were usually made of iron with steel edges.
The hilt of a falchion almost always has a quillioned crossguard and a pommel. Styles of hilts can vary widely, however, they are designed for one-hand, and therefore are generally about six inches in length.

Alternate Names

A relatively short, wide and slightly curved blade with an ornate hilt and curved quillions.
  • craquemarte
A craquemarte is a heavy curved sword. They were often used by sailors.
Typically single-edged, the falcata's blade has an inward curve not unlike a kukri, concave near the hilt but convex near the point. The hilt is usually hook-shaped.
  • kiss-of-Ivas
  • khopesh[3]
A khopesh is an egyptian sickle sword. An ancient design, the weapon is often considered off-balance and obsolete. They were usually constructed from bronze or iron, as at the time of their construction, the technology didn't exist to craft weapons of steel.
  • kopis
  • machete[4]
A machete almost never has quillions, as it is usually used as a tool rather than a weapon. They are often used to traverse through jungles and are usually 18-24 inches long.
Takoubas are broad, straight, dual-edged swords with a thick base that taper to a point. They are generally about 29-33 inches long and possess a simple crossguard.
  • warblade

Game Mechanics

Falchions are a popular weapon choice among players due to their high damage factors, high AvDs, and they do not do puncture damage (many creatures in GemStone IV are resistant to puncture damage, such as the Giant fog beetle and many forms of undead).

Weapon AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Min RT Damage Type STR/DU
AsG 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Falchion DF .450 .325 .250 .250 .175 5 4 Slash/Crush 75/160
AvD 35 37 36 35 34 38 36 34 32 39 35 31 27 39 33 27 21

The standard falchion has a weight of 5 lbs.

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