Ebon Gate (gate)

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This article is about the metaphysical gateway of souls in the afterlife. For the merchant event, see Ebon Gate.

The Ebon Gate is the gateway through which the souls are said to pass through when they have died their final death on Elanthia. Lorminstra, the Goddess of Winter and Rebirth, watches over the Ebon Gate and decides which souls may return to the mortal realm through resurrection, and which pass through the gate forever. Gosaena, the Goddess of Death and Eternity, resides on the other side. It is not known what fate awaits souls beyond the Ebon Gate. It unclear where the Ebon Gate is currently located in the world system, though the Koargard religion seemingly associates it with Mount Aenatumgana.

In the archaic lore it was called the Gates of Oblivion, located on the moon Orhan (Liabo), where the other side of the portal was called Purgatory. It was essentially a form of limbo with souls floating in a timeless nothingness waiting for their fates. The ultimate fate in the death mechanics (except in rare circumstances) until the implementation of GemStone IV was to lose all identity and memory in Oblivion. In the Half-Krolvin religion for the contemporary lore, Oblivion is replaced with the word Krefka, and the similar concept is used of the end of suffering in the annihilation of identity and the soul itself.

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