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The TownCrier put the call out for your favorite buys at the 2021 Ebon Gate, Caligos Isle, and here's what you chose! Thank you all for these heart-felt submissions from the Ebon Gate 2021 shop listing. You ROCK!

Nominations are now closed.

The Best of Ebon Gate Shopping for 2021

VANISHING ACT The small shadowy black velvet pouch sold in Rogue's Gambit is filled with a whole bunch of small shadowy black crystal spheres, which work with T3 pirate harnesses for a stylish getaway. Obelin added, "These are hard to find!" EGShop:Rogue's Gambit Lich# 26535, go suede pavilion,
Map: 28
CAVEAT EMPTOR We don't see a DO NOT BUY often, but there's a bone-studded ashen wand belt at the Boneyard that Ithrian took back for a refund. "It only holds a single wand and I was told deepening it only lets you put in heavier wands and not more wands. Kinda silly. Also, scripts say "loops", probably should say only loop if the belt is intended to only hold a single wand. It was too bad, I liked the item. The good news is that I got a refund. The bad news, I wasted a deepening on it and didn't get that back yet." EGShop:Boneyard Lich# 26442, go burgundy pavilion,
Map: 24
BEMASKED FOR THE MASQUE Isselie found a moon and star-printed mask at Conservation of Masks, "I just love moon and star designs. Also it's nice to have some more mask options in the game. I love the shop name too!" EGShop:Conservation of Masks Lich# 26429, go black tent,
Map 42
BETTER TOGETHER Don't miss the bloodstained leather survival kit at the Jangling Junker. Anonymouse recommended it, "Because auto herb bundling zests are the bomb, yo. The only thing herb-related that this thing doesn't bundle is liquids. Otherwise, ya put some herb in, it bundles it with that type of herb already in there, and if need be, creates a new bundle if it fills up the old bundle. It's amazing!" EGShop:Jangling Junker Lich# 26421, go schooner,
Map 16
SMOKE SIGNALS Cylnthia was enthusiastic about the Igaeshian Reader Divining Vials at Murk Manor, "For those Faendryl seers, these vials can amount to the ultimate challenge, or ultimate show of superiority. Show how well you can summon and control a demon, and then read portents of the present and future from the smoke that demon trails. Super RP fun!" EGShop:Murk Manor Lich #26479, go grey manor,
Map: 54
PINS AND NEEDLES There is a needle-spiked dark grey haon mask at Macabre Masquerade that got Archeth's attention. "One word: Pinhead. Plus it rips your face off when you remove it." Really, what's not to love there? EGShop:Macabre Masquerade Lich# 26519, go grey wagon,
Map: 31
STYLE POINTS "Buy!" Tayler was really enthusiastic, "The PeakyWear Vests at Rakish Raven are awesome! I love being able to stow away a few cigars, a matchbook and a cigar cutter in the vests lining and retrieve them with a bit of flair. The alteration options leave some some fun room for personalization, too. The cigars from the same shop are excellent and a beltworn humidor really pulls the whole smoking ensemble together." EGShop:Rakish Raven Lich# 26519, go linden wagon,
Map 31
DRESS TO IMPRESS Iskandr spotted a glossy oilskin raincoat fitted with abalone buttons at Anguillid Treasure, "I don't know of a better item for braving the seas in a thunderstorm maelstrom during your favorite Open Sea Adventure than this raincoat. It doesn't do anything special, it's just a raincoat, but if I get on a ship with a captain wearing this, I feel 100% more confident that he or she will get us through any danger." EGShop:Anguillid Treasure Lich# 26425, go buried galleon,
Map 44
IRRESISTABLE & KISSABLE Iselie is buying some bourbon maple lipbalm at Kiss and Tell. "Lipgloss and lipbalm are things I love to have and fidget with every day. I only wish that puckering or biting your lips gave you the taste messaging." But then we'd just lick it off, and need to reapply anyway, right? EGShop:Kiss and Tell Lich# 26535, go rowan wagon,
Map: 28
FANTABULOUS Gizwizit the Great dropped by to recommend the gear at Fantabulous. "Peoples shoulds be buyings gloves and lots of thems! Is gettings colds nows and yous be needings lots of fantabulous gloves to be keepings yous hands and fingers nice and warms. Also is beings goods for punching things in faces. There is also beings lots of gloves and boots for sales toos so cans be havings things to be wearings for each day of week and beings warms and fantabulous!" EGShop:Fantabulous Lich # 26493, go tanik wagon (Harborview),
Map 36
THIS IS THE WAY Voltung found 5 shops selling flaring Unarmed Combat gear at the Festival. There's something for every discerning eye in the selections available. "UAC is a great way to levelup new casters until you get access to more spells and more mana. Wearing UAC gear with flares easily compensates for not being able to double in weapon skills. Consider buying a set today!" EGShop:A Wristed Development


TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER ClimateWear is always a favorite. Isselie found a sweeping raven-hued greatcloak with cerulean accents at Climate Change. "Raven-hued is so versatile, it brings to mind so many different colors. The accents are a nice touch too. Heavily scripted and deep pocketed, what's not to like?" EGShop:Climate Change Lich #26429, go rock formation,
Map 42
HEAD START Anonymouse was overheard raving about Veolas, "You either love 'em, or you hate 'em (or you don't know about 'em). They're AMAZING, so much fun, so much RP, SO MUCH WORK. Buy your basic Veolas at A Head Above Water, plus some gems and/or feathers... and then look for merchants that can customize and unlock 'em for even more fun and RP goodness!" EGShop:A Head Above Water Lich #26519, go pale wagon (Northern Passage),
Map: 31
SEATED COMFORT Have your throne, and sit on it... ANYWHERE. The chairs at the On The Throne shop let you carry around your own chair, plop it down anywhere, and have a seat. No more sitting in mud during the rainy season(s), or getting dusty when it's dry. Get it unlocked and customized at Ebon Gate, and you could be sitting with flair forevermore! The chairs are actually wearable, too, so you don't even need to have container space for them. Just make sure to register them, because after a while, even they'll become susceptable to the janitor! EGShop:On the Throne Lich# 26427, go canvas-draped wagon,
Map 43
POKE--- ER, UNIQUE SPIRIT CREATURES Obelin reminds us, "The raven, healer, pooka, panda, and fennec fox are ONLY available at Burden of Beasts, and can't be caught in the wild. Don't forget to capture the Caligos Isle beasts as well!" EGShop:Burden of Beasts Lich# 26537, go blue pavilion,
Map 27
BURN IT There are some fiery crimson gloves at the Jangling Junker that Alyxandyr was very excited about, "I love the RP nature of this item, it fits my RP. And who doesn't want to have burning hands?" EGShop:Jangling Junker Lich# 26421, go schooner,
Map 16
ADVENTURE IN STYLE Buy the AdventureWear pants in distressed cocoa brown at Wrenella's Wrappings. Isselie was crazy for them, "They have lovely scripts, and cocoa is not a color you see that often." EGShop:Wrenella's Wrappings Lich# 26462, go long wagontrain,
Map 38
CLIMATIC CHANGE Aetheri recommended the cloaks at Climate Change, "They come with 4 scripts off the shelf that change with the weather conditions in various areas, including blood rain. They can be unlocked to T1 at Xerria, and Up to T4 with a working (non-feature concealing) hood at Duskruin." Watch for ClimateWear unlocks at Ebon Gate, too. EGShop:Climate Change Lich #26429, go rock formation,
Map 42
START HERE Beginner's Boo-N is an "I've been thinking about starting an alt's" paradise to get them off the ground running with fun flaring x4 gear, and it's all fairly reasonable. Iskandr was overheard, "I am getting full plate with lightning flares for my warrior about to hit their plate trainings and a bunch of fun flaring runestaves for the pures in my life. With a little love, these pieces can take you pretty far! I love this shop, and they have a wide array of things for basically any type of build to get you up and going." EGShop:Beginner's Boo-N Lich# 26523 go shoddy shack,
Map 30
DEAD ON What Suits Zoo has pin-worn chrism holders. Conrash suggested everyone get one, because every adventurer really needs a handy place to hold a chrism that will fall out for the cleric who is about to reunite your soul with your sorry corpse! EGShop:What Suits Zoo Lich# 26455, go rocky hollow,
Map 40
DRESSY ACCESSORIZING Fancy That has wrist purses for most any reason. As a shopper left, she quickly told Miss Newsby why she was shopping there, "Because who doesn't love having a place to put things when at a fancy gala? The gowns are lovely too." EGShop:Fancy That Lich# 26442, go yellow cottage,
Map 24
GOWNIFICATION The Zenlia gowns at Wench Wear may be the same as were sold last year, but if you didn't get one (or 4), or simply don't have one, absolutely get one and bring it to a seamstress if you must. Zenlia gowns are absolutely amazing and beautiful. Also the Joola items sold in the same shop are always, always appreciated. LAST CALL! EGShop:Wench Wear Lich #26493, go ramshackle wagon,
Map 36
BRING IT HOME, BRING IT ALL HOME One happy shopper from Weave and Wear left with bulging shopping bags, "Absolutely everything sold in Weave and Wear is absolutely wonderful, and I always appreciate being able to find unique and interesting things to weave with. The little cinnamon amber fox is adorable, the etched black walnut cubes are delightful. I can't thank enough that this shop exists for those of us who enjoy hiding away creating beautiful things for others." EGShop:Weave and Wear Lich# 26440, go wood wagon,
Map 23
TROPICAL DISTRACTIONS Island Sounds was fondly remembered by a shopper from Feywrot Mire. "I haven't personally noticed them sold elsewhere. They're both beautiful and silly and being able to choose a sound to emit from the pieces is great." EGShop:Island Sounds Lich# 26523, go crimson wagon,
Map 30
TUNEFUL AND GHOSTLY Marabet was quite taken by a fiery ruby flute trinket at Ghost Sounds. "This is a great buy for your favorite bard! A trinket you wear, and with one rub you have a flute to play on - no more carrying instruments with you. Such fun to have a shimmering ruby ethereal flute in your left hand with a rub. Definitely worth the 100 seashells they cost. And what is even better no Magic Item use required to use it. I definitely stocked up on a few of these. You can also use the play styles wit it. Even if you aren't a bard and like playing for role play get one!" EGShop:Ghost Sounds Lich# 26437, go music kiosk,
Map 22
PANDA BUDDY "People always forget about Spirit Beasts," Iskandr exclaimed. "YOU CAN GET A SPIRITUAL PANDA TO FOLLOW YOU AROUND FOR DARN NEAR FREE! Also, the Burden of Beasts shop has flasks that you can give your spirit buddies to make them stronger if you feel they've been lacking in the arena." EGShop:Burden of Beasts Lich# 26537, go blue pavilion,
Map 27

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