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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Disturbance

Author: Elaejia Silithyr Loenthra

The sounds of poorly-muffled bustling roused Elaejia from her sleep. She resisted opening her eyes, but listened carefully, identifying Wilver's familiar gait and the rustling of fabrics as he gathered some variety of clothing - her clothing - and then tiptoed out, pulling the door behind him. The scent of brewing coffee wafted into the room. Frowning now because she could perceive no hint of light in the room through her closed eyelids, she finally relented and opened her eyes.

Dawn has not yet broken, she thought, It is Restday, is it not?

She remained abed a few more moments, casting her mind back to assure herself that she knew what day it was, and mentally review her appointments.

I am certain I had no business so pressing today as to require rising before the sun...

Concern flooded her as the events of the Farewell Ball over a week prior drifted through her thoughts. She had written to respond to Guard Captain Aertinus promptly after being informed that she and Aendir were to be interviewed, but had not yet had a reply. Many of her friends seemed quite distressed by the potential summons, but her own feelings had been more sanguine at the time. In the interim, a flurry of other correspondence had distracted her, and she'd occupied her time thinking about recent events in a more abstract way.

Letter to Guard Captain Aertinus

In the Elven language, it reads:

5th Fashanos, 5123
Aertinus Avelleur
Captain of the Sapphire Guard


My fiance and I are informed by public decree that our testimony is required concerning the events of 3rd Fashanos.  While our thoughts are with the Malwind family at this troubled time, we confess perplexity at the Sapphire Guard's interest in our views on the matter.  

Nevertheless, as we were recently honored enough to receive Her Reflection at the Illithien Aerie, we hope you find will the same accomodations agreeable.

Elaejia & Aendir Silithyr Loenthra
Chair & Board of the Ilyan Syndicate
Oak & Rowan Guardians of House Sylvanfair

Then only a few short days later, Lady Laeraun-Ranshai's letter arrived with tidings of the attack on Lady Javillere, her subsequent disappearance, and an inquiry into the possible nature of a poison used on her and her guardian. Unfortunately, there was precious little information available then or apparently now as to the details of this agent, and while Elaejia had attempted to reply with some insights, she was far from certain that any of her proposals would bear fruit.

Letter to Akenna

In the Elven language, it reads:

9th Fashanos, 5123

My dear Lady L-R,

  The corridors of the Aerie are uncommonly silent as we absorb the troubling news you have sent along.  The political implications of so much upheaval and chaos are disquieting to say the least, to make no mention of the obvious personal intrusions we both face at present.

Turning to your inquiry, I will here list a selection of possibilities that spring to mind based on the scanty information we have at present-- in truth, however, no firm identification can be made without an examination of the substance itself, and better still an account of its effects.

Any of the following plants are quite toxic and have alluring, sweet fragrances. If they have been distilled as the bottles seem to suggest, they can easily be fatal.
~ Datura
~ Oleander
~ Zelian trumpet
~ Henbane, (though the fragrance of this last is more usually considered foul, it has a sweetness in the mode of decay, therefore I include it). 

I hesitate to offer further theories lacking firm evidence to rely upon, and I hope you will forward the same most hastily if any should arise.  Trust that I will check for messages daily until this business is behind us all.

A. sends his regards along with my--
Fond regards,

Sighing, she rubbed sleep from her eyes and rose, wrapping herself with a lilac velvet robe she kept in her small chambers at the Aerie, and slipped down the hallway past the Crystal hotsprings to the kitchens and service quarters. Perhaps even more puzzling than Wilver's bustling, there she found Aendir, pouring a cup of coffee which he handed to her with a wry smile.

"I hadn't asked Wilver to rouse you yet," he said, indicating a small platter of light tidbits clearly scrounged from the kitchens, "but I won't complain about a few more minutes in your company before we depart."

"Depart?" she echoed, "Where are we going?"

"I have been thinking about that-- I suppose we could return to Ta'Loenthra if that would be your preference, though I don't look forward to the questions from Irinjia..." The nonplussed expression on Elaejia's face finally gave Aendir pause and he tilted his head, studying her for a moment before continuing carefully, "You did not receive a letter from the Seneschal."

Elaejia shook her head slowly and quirked an inquiring eyebrow. He turned and bent to rummage in a roll-top leather valise she hadn't noticed by the doorway for a moment, presently straightening with a piece of parchment which he handed to her wordlessly.

Summons from Senechal Aeriadrn

Elaejia And Aendir Silithyr Loenthra
Fashanos 5, 5123

Lord and Lady Silithyr Loenthra,
Your letter has been passed on to the court.  We thank you for your forthright response.  You will be summoned at a designated time to answer these charges.  When that summons arrives, you will make yourself available for the inquisitors to ascertain your involvement in this terrible crime.

Aeriadrn Ghaeriden
Seneschal of Ta'Illistim Keep

A frown creased the fair skin of her brow as she glanced quickly and looked up at him, "This is dated a week ago," as she set down her mug, frown deepening.

Glancing away, Aendir rubbed the back of his neck with an awkward hand and agreed, "Ah yes... Well," he shrugged, offering, "Better late than never? I seldom receive correspondence and do not check as assiduously as you, darling. Besides, since you reached out to the captain of the Guard, I should have thought any response would be sent to you."

"Charges," she read in an outraged tone, "Charges!" She continued hotly, "This is an absurdity. How dare there be any question about our involvement? Impugn our good name? After all we have endured in this ridiculous court of strutting and clucking featherheads?" She trembled with anger, fighting the strong urge to crush the letter, managing to only slightly crumple its edges in her white-knuckled grasp. "You alone had cause to bring charges of your own that have never been answered, leaving aside entirely that farce of a tr--"

Aendir laid a cool hand on her wrist, bringing her back to herself, "Love," he interrupted soothingly, "That is exactly why we are leaving. It has been made clear there is no place for us here--"

"Nonsense," she bit out, "Leaving? No, I shall not abandon all we have worked for here, not now. I have endured my own gauntlets since we were reunited here, and built a foothold that I will not simply give over. These charges," she spit the word as if it tasted foul, "are laughable and I will give them the answer they deserve."

He gazed at her with his coal black eyes, which so many others found unreadable, and she saw answered with her own molten cobalt stare, defiance answering his unspoken question. "I can see I needn't have put Wilver to work at the break of dawn after all -- not that I would have be able to stop him," he added with a small chuckle, "He had found the letter and was already at his wits' end when I arose myself. Departing was perhaps the only thing we have agreed upon in as long as I can recall."

Elaejia forced an acknowledging smile to her lips, but her mind was already elsewhere, considering what to put in place and how best to present herself at this summons. This insult would not deter her from her goals, nor would it distract her from what she had found to be obvious for years in the Shining City. The Mirror is cracked. The Sapphire Guard is compromised.