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Elaejia Silithyr
Elaejia Portrait Etsy by-Conny Fza.jpg
  Elaejia Portrait
   Artist: Conny Fza, Copyright: User:LUNATUNES
Race Elf
Culture Loenthra
Class Ranger
Profession horticulturalist, aristocrat, artist
Religion atheist (mostly)
Affiliation(s) Ilyan Syndicate, House Sylvanfair
Demeanor formal, polite
Flaw hot-tempered, standoffish
Greatest Strength pragmatic, incisive
Greatest Weakness repressed, avoidant
Hobbies sculpting, weaving, embroidery/needlepoint
Dislikes sycophants
Loyalties family
Best Friend none
Spouse none
Loved One family

Elaejia Silithyr is an elf originally from Ta'Loenthra. Daughter of Aeric and Irinjia Silithyr, she was born on the 14th of Fashanos, 4793. She was a bookish and introverted youth, but was encouraged by her socialite mother to come to enjoy society life. Following a disreputable incident, the Silithyr family retreated to their country estate in 5114. After spending several years closeted at the estate, she departed with her faithful Winedotter, Wilver, to join society circles outside of Ta'Loenthra, which is not currently disposed to accept Silithyrs.

Elaejia is an accomplished sculptor and calligrapher, and pursues varied related artistic endeavors. She occasionally offers private tutoring in the arts to students who show promise. She also maintains a botanical conservatory in the Silithyr Villa and studies magical dendrology and sylviculture.

She currently resides with her brother, Jossarian, and her fiancee Aendir in Ta'Illistim. Since her arrival in Ta'Illistim, and being reunited with them, she has taken on a leadership role in the Ilyan Syndicate, a group dedicated to furthering Elven culture. In addition, and under the influence of Aendir's sorcerous studies, her research interests have expanded to include the natural world at the conjunction between Elanith and the valences.


You see Lady Elaejia Silithyr Loenthra the Benefactress.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is moderately tall and has a muscled, but soft physique. She appears to have come of age. She has subtly tilted cobalt-violet eyes and rose-tinted fair skin. She has very long, silky caramel-brushed blonde hair pulled back from the temples into twinned fishtail braids and bound in a low chignon. She has a thin-boned, gracefully angular countenance, tapering to a softly pointed chin.


Within a golden unified frame, a silver harp is set on a dark amethyst field. It is above a threaded needle piercing a columbine bloom. On the upper left, a slender stalk of purple gladiolus serves as the flourish, and flanking the harp to the lower left is a needlepoint pillow pierced by a sleek golden needle; to the right, a mosaic death mask.


Elaejia took up textile artwork in her time spent at the Silithyr country estate. She also sculpts in stone in her spare time, but unfortunately her last piece was lost to Western highwaymen on its way to her first exhibition outside Ta'Loenthra in 5119, the Cairnfang Manor Grand Art Exhibit. In early 5020, the piece was recovered with the help of her cousin Aendir and was resubmitted to the same gallery exhibition, albeit via a more heavily guarded caravan:

  • "Talador Will Rise" -- by Elaejia and Aendir Silithyr Loenthra
an on pointe elven maiden statuette raising a squalling human child
Garbed in airy, layered fabrics, the maiden displays flowing, gold-shot marble hair and a peacock feather pendant. With a look of satisfaction, she holds a human child, its face contorted in angry tears. She holds the toddler upward with implicit tenderness while he twists within her grasp. His eyes are inset with blue shimmarglin sapphires, the glint of the gem giving the illusion of tears. Fallen stones carved with illegible elven script comprise the base, her tiptoed posture heedless.

In the same exhibition in 5121, Elaejia and her cousin again cooperated on a submission, one that hearkens back to the culture of Ta'Loenthra. An example of a submission to the Chelboa Regatta, hosted every three years by the naval academy of the same name based in Ta'Loenthra. Participants in regatta, which occurs in the canals that criss-cross the city, ostensibly compete for coveted engineering and shipwrighting educations within the private academy, however it is also not uncommon for particularly beautiful pieces to result in invitations to several art academies of Ta'Loenthra as well. The regatta itself is a very popular affair, drawing large crowds to the bridges and spires of the city to cheer on their favored young builders.

  • "Canal Hopper" -- by Elaejia and Aendir Silithyr Loenthra
a double-hulled lacecut cypress faering
Large enough for one or two children, the two layers of this small vessel's hull display careful attention to each detail. The grey-washed outer hull is a study in delicate laceworking, a motif of water lilies making use of more negative space than actual cypress wood. The lilac-tinted inner hull is stippled in pointille gold that echo the pattern, glinting in the ambient light. A pair of benches span the interior, and two gilt oar-rests rise from the gunwhales, carved in the shape of open-mouthed toads.

In 5122, the cousins opted to import an antiquity for display in the exhibition from their home of Ta'Loenthra: An example of a traditional Loenthran funerary mask, this piece represents the traditional wood and metalworking of the mortuary artists of the port city. The chief aim of such masks is to capture the essence of the deceased in symbolism and artistry. This mask memorializes Thalanil Phixisys Loenthra, a merchant captain and dedicated husband and father. While masks were often traditionally buried with the deceased, Captain Phixisys passed away at sea, and his memorial mask was kept by his family for generations before being endowed in trust to the Silithyr Mortuaem.

  • A Loenthran Funerary Mask -- circa 4424
a crested flame birch funerary mask
An undulating grain pattern flows in ribbons toward the crest of this mask, evoking the ripples of a disturbed pond. The tranquil paternal visage is limned in gold, securing polished blue-green corals in whorls around the closed eyes and along the fine-boned cheeks. A broad demilunar crest arcs across the brow, extending into a gilt frieze displaying three coursed tableaus: a tiny empty canal boat trailing the wake of a galleon, a sunflower bowing to the sun in exaltation, and seahorse herding his young.

In 5123, Elaejia again took part in the Grand Art Exhibit of Cairnfang manor, this time with another politically inflected piece. To her great regret, due to pressing circumstances surrounding a lost business and patronage venture, she was unavoidably forced to miss the announcement that her piece was honored with the Best in Show distinction in this year.

  • "In The Dark" -- by Elaejia Silithyr Loenthra
a labradorite crucible sculpture
The natural labradorescence of this stone sculpture shimmers with pavonated colors, appearing from different angles at once emerald, cobalt, and gold. Carved in the likeness of a detailed forge, complete with incised flames, it features a crucible and tongs, along with a die for shaping molten metals. On a nearby work surface, a collection of identical castings - an oil lamp shot through with cracks and gaping holes, clearly useless.
☆ Best in Show, 5123 ☆

5124's submission to the Grand Art Exhibit was a followup to "In the Dark" partly inspired by the world events between the two exhibitions, and Elaejia's perspective on the same.

  • "Into the Light" by Elaejia Silithyr Loenthra
a pellucid glass celestial sphere
Etched with filamentous linework, the transparent outer glass of the celestial sphere depicts the constellations of Elanthia, every star represented by the barest hint of a point, save one boldly etched as a starburst - the point of the Spire. Within the sphere, a telescope rests upon a smaller orb painted in terrestrial hues, pointed in the bold star's direction. However, the angle of the miniature horizon suggests that the Spire would not yet be visible through its lens.
☆ Third Place, 5124 ☆

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