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Aendir Silithyr
  Aendir & Elaejia Portrait
   Artist: Conny Fza
Race Elf
Culture Loenthra
Class Sorcerer
Profession necromancer, aristocrat, patron of the arts
Religion a deep respect for Fash'lo'nae
Affiliation(s) Ilyan Syndicate, House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass
Demeanor open and friendly, but wary.
Flaw aloof at times and overly cautious
Greatest Strength dogmatic and curious
Greatest Weakness well-dressed high society women (and men)
Hobbies alchemy, reading, divination
Dislikes unfounded arrogance
Loyalties family, elvenkind
Best Friend none
Spouse none

Aendir Silithyr is an elf from Ta'Loenthra. Son of Aenear and Maescia Silithyr, he was born on the 21st of Lormesta, 4868. He spent his youth wandering the surrounding woodlands with his cousin Jossarian, the both of them spending time under the watchful care of his cousin, Jossarian's sister, Elaejia. Once he came of age, he joined his father Aenear as his apprentice. Following a disreputable incident, he was forced to flee the city and took refuge in Ta'Illistim under an assumed name. Jossarian joined him in Illistim soon after, and Elaejia arrived in 5118. He has become reputable within Ta'Illistim as a patron of the arts, commissioning works from various artists. He currently resides at his Manor in the Highpark neighborhood with Jossarian and Elaejia


You see Aendir Silithyr the Necromancer.
He appears to be a Loenthra Elf.
He is tall and has a lean, rangy build. He appears to be in the bloom of youth. He has keen, silver-edged coal black eyes and fair skin. He has neck length, fine glaes-sheened hair briskly combed back from the temples with a bone white tuft at his part. He has a long face, a classical nose and angular pointed ears. He has finely sculpted and refined features, save for the jagged scar that runs from the bottom of his right ear to the base of his neck.
He has a silhouette of two counter-set ebon crows inked boldly on the back of his right hand.
His imposing figure is obscured by a haze of shadowy black.


Within a silver unified frame, a silver harp is set on a dark amethyst field. It is above a silhouette of two counter-set ebon crows. A slender stalk of purple gladiolus borders the left side of the crest to serve as the flourish. Set to the left of the harp is a black pearl set on an amethyst pedestal, to the right a pure white urn stamped with a bold ebon crow.

Patronage of the Arts

Aendir continues the family heritage of supporting artists wherever he deems beneficial. He has supported both Elaejia and Jossarian in their artistic endeavors, as well as supporting the populace at large through various Meeting Hall and Co-operative House events and competitions.