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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Elanthian Vogue: Elanthian Vogue 5124

Author: The Looking Glass


Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree

Editor's Thoughts

Editor. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Welcome to the latest edition of Elanthian Vogue, where we delve into the captivating world of flora and fauna and its profound influence on fashion. Nature has long been a muse for designers and stylists, offering an endless array of colours, textures, and patterns that inspire creativity and innovation. In this issue, we explore how the beauty and diversity of the natural world are intricately woven into the fabric of style, from the delicate elegance of floral motifs to the bold and untamed allure of animal prints, skins and furs.

We will uncover the timeless appeal of botanical inspirations, examining how flowers have shaped fashion trends and continue to bloom in current day design. We'll also venture into the realm of fauna, where the wild and the exotic meet, creating garments and accessories that channel the spirit of the animal kingdom. From real flower accessories that add a touch of whimsy to your look, to the dramatic influence of animal prints that make a bold statement, this edition celebrates the symbiotic relationship between nature and fashion.

Get ready to be inspired by the natural world as we showcase the innovative ways designers incorporate elements of flora and fauna into their collections. Whether you're drawn to the romantic allure of roses, the fierce beauty of leopard spots, or simply looking to refresh your existing wardrobe with inspiration from the fascinating world of bugs, there's something for every nature lover in this issue. Embrace the wild, the beautiful, and the enchanting as we journey through the verdant landscape of nature-inspired fashion.

As always, I would also like to thank you all for your continued support with this endeavour, whether that has been by contributing to this year’s content or simply reading it; we couldn't do this without you!


Blossoming Trends: The Influence of Flora in Fashion

Florals. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Flowers have always held a captivating allure, not just for their natural beauty but also for their timeless elegance and symbolic significance. Across Elanthia, they are a constant source of inspiration for artists, poets, and, notably, fashion designers. From delicate floral patterns to bold botanical prints, the influence of flowers in fashion is undeniable, weaving through the fabric of style with grace and creativity.

One of the most striking aspects of floral fashion is its ability to evoke a myriad emotions and themes. Whether it's the romantic allure of roses, the playful charm of daisies, or the exotic mystique of orchids, each flower carries its own unique symbolism and aesthetic appeal. Designers often draw upon these characteristics to create garments that resonate with the wearer on a deeply personal level, infusing their collections with an air of whimsy, romance, or sophistication.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of floral motifs in town boutiques and at festivals, as designers embrace the natural world as a source of inspiration and creativity. Moreover, the influence of flowers in fashion extends beyond just aesthetics; it also reflects broader cultural and societal trends. For example, the emergence of the early Veola hair accessory a decade or so ago has seen new and improved iterations over the years and brings us to the latest in wonderfully versatile garments known as Creative Couture.

In addition to clothing, flowers have also made their mark in other accessories and embellishments. From statement floral jewelry to intricate floral appliqués on shoes and bags, these botanical accents add a touch of whimsy and beauty to any ensemble. Accessories crafted or adorned with flowers can instantly elevate an outfit, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary with just a hint of floral flair.

The influence of flowers in fashion is not limited to women's wear alone; it transcends gender boundaries, making its mark in men's fashion as well. Whether it's a subtle floral print on a shirt or a bold floral jacket, men are increasingly embracing floral motifs as a means of self-expression and individuality.

In conclusion, the influence of flowers in fashion is as enduring as it is enchanting. They continue to captivate designers and shoppers alike with their timeless beauty and symbolic resonance. As we navigate an ever-changing fashion landscape, with continuous developments in design and access to more exotic flora, one thing remains constant: the blooming influence of flowers will always have a place in our hearts and wardrobes.

Let's Go Wild

By Vincien Illithien, Academic and Lecturer for Elanthian Elegance

Wild. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Fashion has always been a realm where creativity knows no bounds, drawing inspiration from many sources. Among the most captivating and enduring influences are the patterns, textures, and symbolism of the animal kingdom. Fauna and wildlife have left an indelible mark on fashion, infusing garments and accessories with the spirit of the wild, the exotic, and the untamed. From timeless animal prints to innovative designs inspired by the beauty and diversity of wildlife, the influence of fauna on fashion is as dynamic and diverse as nature itself.

Animal prints are perhaps the most iconic and ubiquitous way in which fauna has influenced fashion. Leopard rosettes, zebra stripes, and snake skin have been long time favourites, gracing everything from pants, gowns and cloaks to shoes, hats and bags over the years. These prints evoke a sense of power, elegance, and mystique, allowing wearers to channel the primal allure of the animal kingdom. Designers have long celebrated animal prints in their collections, creating bold and glamorous pieces that exude confidence and sophistication. But beyond prints, the textures of the animal world have also made their way into fashion design. Feathers, fur, and leather offer tactile experiences that add depth and luxury to garments. Only last month we saw a sepia-spotted aurulent giraffe fur coat for sale in the Rumor Woods!

The symbolism of animals also plays a significant role in fashion, with various creatures representing different traits and ideals. For example, the lion, often associated with bravery and royalty, appears in fashion as a symbol of strength and power.

You see Lord Teveriel Anduin Vaalor the Heroic Tactician. He appears to be an Elf. He is tall in stature and has a hard-muscled physique. He appears to have come of age. He has brooding steel grey eyes and fair skin. He has mid-back length, straight pale blonde hair flowing out from a gilded lion head helm affixed with predatory crimson blazestar eyes like a silken mane. He has a chiseled, angular face, a straight nose and broad shoulders. His steeply arched, dark eyebrows and symmetrical features lend him a dour countenance. He is wearing an eahnor mesh greatcloak collared by a full aurulent plains lion mane, a mirror-finish crimson eahnor heater slung over his shoulder, some regal golden vaalorn plate-and-mail, a pair of golden vaalorn gauntlets tipped with drops of pure eahnor at the knuckles, a pair of eahnor-buckled dark buckskin belts, an antiquated lasimor scabbard, a pair of black fitted wool trousers, and some black leather knee-boots with gilded vaalorn spurs.

The moth and butterfly, with their delicate beauty and transformative journey, inspire designs that evoke a sense of grace and metamorphosis.

You see Atylia Vontien Illistim the Walker of Lore. She appears to be an Elf. She is shorter than average. She appears to be an adult. She has green-specked misty blue eyes and fair skin. She has thigh-length, wildly curly ebon-streaked mahogany hair with a single bright silver curl. She has a narrow face, an upturned, pert nose and freckled cheeks. She has an ebon-inked open book framed by crossed golden quills on her neck. She is wearing a pair of silver-caught grey pearl earrings carved with a tiny crescent moon-and-stars, a tiny broken mirror pin, a hawk-winged butterfly cloak of smoke grey velvet, a shimmering silvered black lotus silk gown with crescent-like swirls, a vibrant ianthine silk pouch, a pair of sheer ebon stockings, and some low-heeled ebon suede ankle boots with pearlescent crescent buttons.

Released during the Ebon Gate Festival in 5122, the Moth Cloak - as it is commonly known – has proven to be very popular and considered by many to be the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Incorporating symbols such as these into fashion allows designers to convey deeper meanings and connect with wearers on a more profound level.

Fauna's influence extends beyond aesthetic elements to inspire entire collections and themes. Some of the designers that set up shop during the Ebon Gate Festival on Caligos Isle some years ago were a good example of this. So Eely in the Morning featured a collection that drew heavily on the prodigious eel population and showcased designs that mirrored the textures and forms of the anguillid. Specific examples included onyx talon-tipped rippled black eel skin gloves, wide belts of medallion-impressed eel skin, and turquoise-splashed alabaster eel skin thigh-boots. Similarly, the entire collection in Fashionably Belted featured animal skins in their full natural glory including zebra, crocodile and ferret. And, of course, many cobbling warehouses across Elanthia continue to stock varieties of tanned pelts all ready to be turned into shoes and boots for the discerning fashionistas.

The relationship between fashion and fauna is also evident in the growing trend of biomimicry in design. This approach involves studying the structures and functions of animals and applying these principles to create innovative designs. For instance, garments like the Moth Cloak that replicate the iridescent quality of butterfly wings or those that utilise the water-resistant properties of shark skin such as the utilitarian merchandise available in Unfinished Fashion in Brisker's Cove; perfect for those who spend a lot of their time at sea.

You see Bathcwyn Missoni Sabretache Faendryl the Member of the Order of the Swan. She appears to be a Dark Elf. She is shorter than average and has a fragile, slender frame. She appears to have come of age. She has long-lashed chimerical viridian eyes and richly toned, olive brown skin. She has long, glossy black hair drawn into a bun just beneath one ear and pierced with a branching wand of resin-dipped haon, its delicate limbs winding upward through thick tresses. She has a pinched face, a sharp and severe nose and a prominent collarbone marked by a tiny mole. Her pointed chin and delicate bone structure contribute to the waifish appearance of her visage. She has high-glossed clear lacquer brushed onto her neatly manicured fingernails. She is wearing a pendulous darkly nacreous catkin strung upon a thin silver chain, a dusky suede kirtle laced over a stomacher of glasswing butterfly beads upon brocaded boughs with a sunset naiquard chemise enveloping the arms in wide dolman sleeves underneath, a lor signet ring, and a pair of matte gold bresuna boots with latticed suede toes.

Moreover, the influence of wildlife on fashion is not limited to high fashion and avant-garde designs. It permeates everyday wear, allowing individuals to express their personality and affinity with nature. Animal-themed accessories, such as owl pendants, lobster print hip-scarves, and peahen-shaped cases, add a playful and personal touch to outfits. These pieces reflect the wearer's connection to the animal world and are readily available in town boutiques.

In conclusion, the influence of fauna and wildlife on fashion is a testament to the enduring fascination and respect we have for the natural world. From the primal allure of animal prints to the innovative applications of biomimicry, the animal kingdom continues to inspire and shape the fashion landscape. As designers explore new ways to incorporate these elements, the bond between fashion and fauna grows stronger, reminding us of the wild beauty that surrounds us and the creative potential it holds.

Keeping it Real: Incorporating Actual Flowers and Fauna into an Outfit

Real Flowers. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Incorporating real flowers into an outfit is a delightful way to infuse your ensemble with a touch of natural beauty and whimsy. From fresh floral accessories to wearable floral arrangements, there are numerous creative ways to incorporate real flowers into your look, whether for a special occasion or to add a unique twist to your everyday style.

One of the simplest ways to incorporate real flowers into your outfit is through floral accessories. Fresh flower Veola creations, for example, add a bohemian and ethereal touch to any ensemble, whether you're attending a festival or picnic. Choose flowers that complement your outfit's colour palette and style, opting for delicate blooms like daisies, gypsophila, or roses for a romantic vibe, or bold, statement flowers like sunflowers or peonies for a more dramatic effect.

Similarly, fresh flower corsages or boutonnieres are a charming addition to formal attire, such as for a wedding. A single flower pinned to a lapel on a Fancycoat or woven around the wrist or ankle adds a sophisticated and personalized touch, elevating your look with natural elegance and fragrance.

For those seeking a more subtle approach, consider incorporating real flowers into your hair or jewelry. Fresh flowers can be woven into braids, circlets or headbands or tucked behind the ear for a whimsical and romantic hairstyle. Alternatively, flowers can be incorporated into delicate jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, allowing you to carry a piece of nature with you wherever you go.

Another creative way to incorporate real flowers into your outfit is by wearing wearable floral arrangements. Flower-adorned skirts or dresses, as part of the Creative Couture collection for example, feature cascading floral embellishments that add movement and texture to the garment, creating a stunning visual impact. These wearable works of art are perfect for special occasions, allowing you to channel your inner flower goddess and make a bold fashion statement.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even experiment with floral body art. Flowers can be strategically placed on the face and body using paintsticks or henna, creating intricate and temporary floral tattoos that are perfect for festivals, cocktail parties, or summer picnics. Not only do these floral adornments add a touch of whimsy and colour to your look, but they also serve as a unique form of self-expression and body adornment.

Ultimately, incorporating real flowers into your outfit allows you to connect with nature in a tangible and beautiful way, infusing your style with freshness, fragrance, and femininity. Whether you opt for a statement flower circlet, a delicate floral accessory, or a wearable floral arrangement, embracing the beauty of real flowers is sure to elevate your outfit and imbue it with a sense of natural elegance and charm.

The incorporation of living, breathing fauna into fashion is a little more challenging but achievable with some creative thinking. With the introduction of some ingenious jars and devices (Bugs on Parade jars and Life Aquatic Collection Devices), designers not only celebrate the marvels of the insect and aquatic world but also push the boundaries of creativity, transforming these often-overlooked creatures into symbols of elegance and innovation.

As featured in an earlier edition back in 5122:

You see Lucrecea Ruin the Beguiler. She appears to be an Ardenai Elf. She is of a slight height and has a svelte figure. She appears to be youthful. She has slightly canted vibrant mulberry-hued eyes and smoothly tanned skin. She has gentle curls of long, bronze-swept silky raven black hair swept to one side with an elegantly preserved songbird devouring a diminutive pallid tomb spider perched high above her ear, while the rest tumbles over her shoulder in unfettered locks. She has a delicately boned face and long, slender ears ending in thinly tapering tips. She has pale-webbed ebony polish brushed onto her faintly squared fingernails. She has sharply tapering strokes inked in deep ebony sweeping upward from the corners of her eyes. A fan of ethereal blades hovers high about her form, twisting and turning silently. She is wearing a jute-strung pallid avian skull with a wire-bound beak, a full-faced dark wolf stole with long alabaster claws, a high-collared cobalt silk bodice with fitted gauzy ebon silk sleeves, a trio of dark ironwood bangles, a darkened pewter signet ring, a layered cobalt silk skirt trimmed with ebon lace, and some tone-on-tone dark marbrinus shoes on tapering ironwood heels.
Live. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

When it comes to Elanthian haute couture though, imagination knows no bounds and the ultimate fashion statement is one of wearing live animals, such as snakes or teadragons, as a daring and provocative accessory. This avant-garde approach to fashion transforms the wearer into a living embodiment of nature's wild allure, exuding a sense of mystique and primal elegance.

Imagine entering a cocktail party with a sleek python elegantly draped across your shoulders, its sinuous movements reflecting the fluidity and grace of high fashion. The juxtaposition of person and animal creates a striking visual impact, evoking themes of power, harmony, and the untamed beauty of the natural world. Such a statement piece not only draws every eye in the room but also redefines the boundaries of wearable art, making it clear that you are not just following trends - you are setting them.

Who can forget Akaal, who featured in our Exotic edition in 5120!

You see Akaal. He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf. He is taller than average. He has gold-ringed sand-hued eyes and desaturated grey-brown skin. He has short, choppy ash blond hair that sticks out in a chaotic myriad of directions. His face is concealed by a long black gauze veil sparsely fringed by shards of bronze. He has a ruby-headed coral snake laterally banded in onyx and lapis suspended in a graceful arc from his neck, its head atop one of his shoulders. He has a vaalin-swept onyx spike in his left eyebrow, and a twisted black steel hoop in his lip. He is wearing a bone-inlaid bronze torc, a cropped ashen shrug fastened by a cascade of blackened chains, a pair of dark grey spidersilk hand-wraps, some hip-slung stark leather pants, and a pair of coal black punched leather ankle-boots set on tapered bone heels.

Live animals as fashion accessories symbolize a deep connection to the earth and its myriad wonders. They serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between civilization and the wild, adding an element of unpredictability and raw energy to the fashion landscape.

It is a statement of individuality, daring creativity, and a celebration of the untamed spirit, transforming the wearer into a living canvas of nature's most exquisite creations.

Interview with Velique: Embracing Nature in Style

By Rohese Bayvel, Editor-in-Chief

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Velique Fzala, our very own in-house designer about her own unique and bold style.

Rohese: Let's dive right in—how would you describe your personal fashion style?

Velique: Thank you for having me! I would describe my style as eclectic and expressive. I love blending classic elegance with bold, unexpected elements. I’m particularly drawn to pieces that tell a story or evoke a certain emotion, and I’m not afraid to experiment with different textures, patterns, and colours.

Rohese: Your outfits often feature striking floral and animal motifs. What draws you to incorporate elements of flora and fauna into your wardrobe?

Velique: Nature has always been a huge inspiration for me. There’s something incredibly captivating about the beauty and complexity of flowers and animals. They symbolize so many things—strength, fragility, transformation, and freedom. Incorporating these elements into my wardrobe allows me to connect with those feelings and bring a bit of the natural world into my everyday life.

Rohese: Could you share a memorable outfit you designed that prominently featured floral or animal-inspired designs?

Live. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Velique: Absolutely. One of my favourites was a gown for a gala event. The dress was inspired by the Saewehna Jungle, featuring vibrant green silk with intricate embroidery of the tropical flowers and exotic birds that can be found there. I added a subtle touch of sequins to mimic the shimmer of sunlight through the leaves. It was a stunning piece – even if I say so myself - and the wearer commented that it made her feel like she was wearing a piece of the jungle itself.

Rohese: That sounds incredible! How do you feel wearing real flowers or elements inspired by wildlife enhances your fashion experience?

Velique: Wearing real flowers or wildlife-inspired pieces brings a unique vibrancy and authenticity to an outfit. Real flowers add a freshness and organic beauty that’s hard to replicate. They have this ephemeral quality that makes the moment feel special and fleeting. Wildlife-inspired elements, on the other hand, bring a sense of adventure and exoticism. They allow me to express different facets of my personality and mood.

Rohese: What advice would you give to someone looking to incorporate more nature-inspired elements into their wardrobe?

Velique: Start small and have fun with it! You don’t need to overhaul your entire wardrobe. Begin with accessories like floral scarves, animal print shoes, or jewelry inspired by nature. Experiment with different textures and patterns to see what resonates with you. And most importantly, choose pieces that make you feel connected to the natural world and express your unique style.

Rohese: Lastly, what trends do you see emerging in the fashion world that incorporate elements of flora and fauna?

Velique: I’m seeing a lot of other designers drawing inspiration directly from nature’s palette and structures. There’s a growing trend of using nature-inspired dyes and natural shapes like the honeycomb found in bee hive or the scallop of a sea shell. Additionally, biomimicry is becoming more popular - designers are looking at how nature solves problems and applying those principles to create innovative and functional fashion. It’s an exciting time where the appreciation of nature’s beauty goes hand in hand with a commitment to preserving it.

Rohese: Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Velique. Your passion for nature and fashion is truly inspiring.

Velique: Thank you! It was a pleasure to chat about two of my greatest loves—fashion and nature.

Blooming Wild: Summer Fashion Inspired by Flowers and Fauna

As the sun graces us with its golden warmth and nature bursts into full bloom, the world of fashion follows suit, embracing the vibrant energy and exquisite beauty of flowers and fauna. This summer, let your wardrobe be a celebration of the natural world, where delicate petals and untamed wildlife inspire bold prints, airy fabrics, and captivating designs. Dive into our guide to the season’s most enchanting trends and discover how to incorporate the essence of nature into your summer style.

Floral Fantasia: The Power of Petals This summer, florals transcend the traditional and become a powerful statement of individuality and elegance. Designers for those who attend elven courts have elevated the floral motif with intricate embroidery, oversized prints, and three-dimensional appliqués. Picture yourself in a flowing gown adorned with vibrant peonies or a tailored jacket featuring delicate embroidered wildflowers. The key to mastering this trend is balance—pair bold floral pieces with neutral accessories to let the flowers take center stage.

Wild at Heart: Embracing Animal Prints Animal prints continue to reign supreme, adding a touch of the exotic and high-energy glamour to summer wardrobes. This season, expect to see a fresh take on the classic leopard, zebra, and snake prints. Look for modern interpretations with unexpected colour palettes, like pastel leopard spots or iridescent snake scales. Incorporate animal prints into your ensemble with a statement skirt, a sleek coat, or daring accessories to unleash your inner wild spirit.

You see Imperatrix Lylia Rashere the Sorceress. She appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf. She is taller than average and has a slender build. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has wide-set storm grey eyes and cool-toned alabaster skin. She has waist length, thick auburn hair brushed into a sleek chignon beneath a dramatic winged silver headdress, the elongated pinions tipped in mirror-finished hematite. The smooth symmetry of her face lends a patrician grace to her angular features. She has a haze of velvety kohl darkening her eyes. She is in good shape. She is wearing an array of stylized verlok feathers linked by slim silver chains, a cloud of black plumes fashioned into a wrap, a wing-pauldroned black silk gown clad in overlapping silver scales from bust to waist with a sleeveless chemise in fine silvery wraithaline silk underneath, a trio of engraved silver bangles, an antique silver wedding ring inlaid with an amber cabochon, and some chrome-hued chainsil slippers set upon crystal heels. "My inspiration was a creature I summoned, a silver-winged verlok that graced the night sky in a particularly lovely fashion. When composing to this theme, I wished to suggest flight without becoming too literal; one should choose a few blooms for a bouquet and not simply roll about in the garden, after all."

Natural Textures: From Feathers to Fur Textures inspired by the animal kingdom are making a significant impact this summer. Feather-trimmed dresses, fur accessories, and reptilian-inspired leathers are all making an appearance at court. The tactile allure of these materials adds depth and intrigue to any outfit. Embrace the trend with a feathered clutch for an evening out or a fur vest for those breezy summer nights. Designers are perfecting the art of blending these textures with elegance and sophistication.

You see Lord Eruien Lithavir Loenthra the Living Canvas and Most Esteemed Representative of Ta'Loenthra. He appears to be an Elf. He is tall and has a lithe body. He appears to be young and robust. He has subtly tilted, azure-flecked sea green eyes and unlined pale skin. He has shoulder-length, silky ginger hair brushed back from the temples into a loosely twisted half-knot cross-pinned by silver plumes. He has a long, softly angled face, a straight nose and broad shoulders. His ears are tipped in wing-wrought argent earcaps, the polished metal etched with fine rachis barbs. A touch of smoky lilac tints the contours of his eyes. He is in good shape. He is wearing an amethyst berry-capped lapel pin, a lilac-washed painted silk waistcoat with feather-cut tails over a soft white lacebark shirt featuring semi-sheer sleeves, a live-edge aeunarad signet worn on the right pinky, a pair of bloused chainsil breeches corset-laced on the hips, and a pair of knee-high slouchy suede boots cuffed in dove-motif ataela. "To me, the call to flora and fauna in fashion has always seemed to be our attempt to emulate the natural beauty of the world around us with artificial means. We are inexorably drawn to the endless array of colors that draw our eyes and touch upon our emotions. Our eyes are pleased by the orderly patterns found in flowers and trees, in the perfect spiral of a shell, the skin of a snake, and the hexagons of a beehive. These are the things we try to harness in our art, and that does extend to the world of fashion." "Ta'Loenthra is taken right now by berries and birds--we are ever fond of the soaring freedom, showy plumage, and daring dances of our avian friends. As this combination allows for wide variety of colours and patterns, it's primarily popping up in brooches and painted silks. For those who are not overly interested in patterns, feather-shaped cutouts in jackets and gowns are quite popular at the moment. In the evening, out of the heat of the summer sun that is disastrous to such delicate natural material, lushly feathered collars and mantles are worn by both men and women."

Botanical Hues: Nature's Palette Summer fashion is blooming with colours drawn directly from nature's palette. Think lush greens, vibrant corals, and soft petal pinks. These botanical hues are perfect for creating a fresh and lively summer look. Monochromatic outfits in these shades can be both striking and serene, offering a sophisticated take on nature-inspired fashion. Latest collections are rich in these colours, encouraging you to embrace the full spectrum of nature's beauty.

Garden Party Glamour: Styling Tips For those special summer occasions, channel garden party glamour with a mix of floral and fauna elements. Pair a floral-print dress with strappy sandals and a wide-brimmed hat for an effortlessly chic look. Add a touch of whimsy with animal-inspired jewelry—think butterfly earrings or a snake bracelet. For a more understated approach, a simple floral blouse paired with tailored pants and flats can be both comfortable and stylish.

Conclusion: Nature's Embrace This summer, let nature be your muse as you explore the vibrant and diverse world of flora and fauna-inspired fashion. Embrace bold prints and rich textures to create a wardrobe that celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Whether you're drawn to the delicate charm of floral designs or the fierce allure of animal prints, there’s no better time to let your style bloom in harmony with nature.

As you step out into the sun-drenched days ahead, remember that fashion, like nature, is ever-evolving. Allow yourself to be inspired by the wild, the beautiful, and the untamed, and let your summer style be a testament to the enduring allure of the natural world.

You see Arbeia Sudha the Merchant of the Bazaar. She appears to be a Half-Elf of the Tehir tribes. She is taller than average. She appears to be in the bloom of youth. She has sultry dark eyes and sun-darkened bronze skin. She has long, thick obsidian black hair with henna-hued highlights framing her face. She has a thin nose and slightly pointed ears. She has copper-tipped turquoise glaze brushed onto her pointed fingernails. She has a tiny flawless diamond stud in her right nostril, a diminutive black scorpion tattoo on the back of her neck, an elaborate floral and vine tattoo in reddish-brown ink on her hands, a tattooed swirl of Tehir symbols on her wrist, a primitive spiral tattoo on her ankle, and a series of hammered copper hoops adorned with primitive pottery beads set along the slender tips of her pointed ears. She is wearing some oversized hexagonal hoops suspending falls of prickly pear blossoms, a silver-framed zhiqietz mosaic pectoral, a jewel-toned exotic silk burnoose, a ridgeweaver silk kaftan edged in a fall of glass-beaded cactus blooms, a cluster of wide hammered silver cuff bracelets set with colorful gemstones, a carved mesquite case clasped with a polished zhiqietz cabochon, and some beaded open-toed sandals. A charming floral pattern of tiny glass beads has been intricately stitched along the silk straps. Handcarved wooden soles provide the finishing touch with their low heel. "Arbeia was inspired by her life in both the Sea of Fire and Phannus (which, of course, is near the Sea of Fire) and the copious cacti that grow there. The prickly pear in particular are also a source of food as one can eat the paddles and the delicious fruits."