Elemental Plane of Air

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The Elemental Plane of Air is the elemental air plane of the Prime Elemental Planes. It is the ultimate source of beings such as wind elementals and wyrdlings. Very little seems to be established about it thus far, such as if there is anything solid to walk upon. Elementals of the air live above the ground in Elanthia, such as Celiel the Great Elemental that resides over the DragonSpine Mountains.

The Elemental Confluence

The Elemental Confluence is a composite realm of elemental planes merging, and so is not a pure representation of any given one of the Prime Elemental Planes. However, there are some regions of it that seem almost purely air based, notwithstanding having ground to walk on and lightning being composite. The following are some examples of more or less pure elemental air in the Confluence:

[Elemental Confluence - 23317]
A striking violet backdrop emerges from behind the storm-laden dark clouds that seethe above like a roiling nimbus sea.  The intense scent of ozone pervades the air, unmoved by the sharp fluctuations in wind direction.  Expanding violently across the sky, the unwieldy haze shifts and swirls, now and then erupting with slender forks of silver-white lightning.
Obvious paths: north, east