Elemental Plane of Water

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The Elemental Plane of Water is the water world of the Prime Elemental Planes. This is the ultimate source of beings such as water and ice elementals as well as wyrdlings. It may or may not be "the elemental water plane" Kiergaunt Pandarre was lost in when the Great Cataclysm earthquake of 5018 Modern Era broke his pool portal device while he was off world. This plane may be viewed through a scrying crystal. His tower to this day is crawling with water wyrds who his apprentices were unable to control. It is unclear if the hisskra reptilian creatures were from the elemental plane as well.

The water wyrds are not mechanically extraplanar creatures in spite of the in-game lore for them. The texts implied they had some structure of society to them, and that Kiergaunt was going to attempt to negotiate with the more powerful ones to learn their secrets for making water a "bendable solid." It is presumably the Prime Elemental Plane of Water that is interfaced in the Elemental Confluence.

Ruined Tower

The Ruined Tower in River's Rest is overrun with water wyrds and hisskra, though it is unclear that the latter would be related to the elemental water plane itself. However, the visions of this plane include varieties of small animals such as insects and crabs, which suggests such things found their way to the plane or analogs developed in it. It is known these planes may superficially resemble our world.


The following are journal and diary entries from 5018 Modern Era regarding the work of the wizard Kiergaunt Pandarre:

>look diary
The years have not been kind to the dusty diary.  Beetles and some tiny creature have been at the binding, reducing the canvas binding to a nibbled scrap.  Inscribed on the left hand leaf in an archaic gold script is the name Kiergaunt Pandarre.  The diary is open to the last entry.

>read diary
First day of Phoenatos, 5018.

My research continues to exceed my hopes.  To date, the wyrds I have brought back from their aquatic plane of existence have demonstrated no ill effects.  Indeed, they seem to adapt well to this existence.  These are, of course, only low functioning wyrd drones...but I feel certain the higher order wyrds will adapt equally well, if not better.

Tomorrow I return again to the wyrd's elemental plane in the hope of learning their techniques for treating water as a bendable solid.  Perhaps I can persuade one of the wyrd artisans to return with me.  If so, all my efforts will have been rewarded.  My name will be known from...but, no.  Best to do the work and not consider the consequences.

>look tome
Titles on the faded spines of the rotting volumes are barely legible on a few of the books.  Others are completely indecipherable.  Among the few that can be made out are "The Art of Distillation" by Aranos Triezon, and "Alchemical Plants of Aquatic Regions" by Mynneer Cassontius.

>look journal
Mold has turned the pages of the journal into a congealed mass of paper.  The journal is open to the last entry, dated 22 Phoenatos, 5018 M.E.  Inscribed across the top of the page in an archaic gold script are the words "Thaumaturgical Journal of Kiergaunt Pandarre."

>read journal
Three weeks have passed since the great quake.  Curse the gods for sending the tremor after Master Kiergaunt had entered the pool...his only link to the elemental water plane.  The tremor cracked the pool and allowed the water to drain out.  We repaired the damage to the best of our meager ability and filled the pool with sea-water, but to no avail.  Master has still not returned to us.

The wyrds, unable to return to their plane of existence, have become increasingly hostile and aggressive.  We cannot communicate with them as Master did.  We fear they may turn on us.  If Master does not return within another week, we may be forced to abandon the tower.

May the gods, who have been so cruel to us of late, now show us mercy.

[Ruined Tower, Pool]
In the center of the room is an onyx and lapis-inlaid pool, its lip rising three feet above the floor.  The entire chamber is bathed in a preternatural turquoise light that shines from four lanterns symmetrically spaced around the room.  A mosaic of interwoven golden circles and silver triangles is inset in the walls ringing the pool.  You also see an arched doorway.
Obvious exits: up

>look pool
One side of the pool reveals an ancient, slipshod attempt to repair a long, deep crack.  The interior of the pool is filled only with cobwebs, dust and tiny flecks of sea salt.

Scrying Crystal

This crystal gives visions of the elemental water plane that the water wyrds came from:

[Ruined Tower, Library]
Dusty tomes, most showing signs of mildew and water damage, are stacked in disarray on the wooden shelves lining the walls of this old library.  The plaster walls are badly cracked.  A moldy journal rests atop a mahogany pedestal standing near the southern wall.  A large, faintly glowing crystal is set on sculpted riverstone stand.
Obvious exits: north

>look crystal
The crystal has an odd shape and an unusual bluish-green color.  It is entirely dust-free, although the stand on which is sits is covered with a layer of fine dust.

Vision 1:

>look crystal
It is difficult to focus clearly on the strange, bluish-green crystal.  As you strain to see it clearly you experience an eerie feeling of motion, as if you are moving toward the crystal...or as if it is moving toward you.

A short, sharp sensation of disorientation sweeps over you.  When it passes, the bluish-green of the crystal has been replaced by a bluish-green sea.  Although in the back of your mind you sense a faint connection to the room in the tower, it appears as if you are standing on an island in the middle of that sea.  The island consists of nothing more than the tightly interwoven roots, vines and tendrils of thousands of peculiar plants.

In the water nearby a small group of water wyrds bobs gracefully in the low swells.  The group has formed a half-circle.  Their mouths open and close in unison as they are singing.  Although you hear no sound, you sense a slight vibration in the roots of the plant-island.

Suddenly a large, smooth-skinned fish rises to the surface in the center of the half-circle formed by the wyrds.  They close in on the creature, caress its sides, then they all slowly sink below the surface.  A moment later the bluish-green sea is tinged with dark red.

A sound behind you startles you.  As you turn your head to see what is there...you find yourself back in the tower.
Roundtime: 12 sec.

Vision 2:

>look crystal
The crystal has an odd shape and an unusual bluish-green color.  It is entirely dust-free, although the stand on which is sits is covered with a layer of fine dust.
>look crystal
An odd feeling of dislocation comes over you as you turn your gaze on the oddly-shaped, bluish-green crystal.  A tremendous wave of dizziness overwhelms you.  You feel as if you're somehow being drawn into the crystal.

The wave of dizziness passes.  In its place is a vision of a vast blue-green sea dotted with hundreds of floating islands.  The islands seem to be nothing more than mats of odd plants with densely intertwined root systems.  Low, gentle waves make the islands undulate.  Schools of strangely colored fish dart around the islands, sliding in and out of the roots and tendrils.

Gathered on one of the nearby islands is a small group of water wyrds.  They move in unison, as if engaged in some sort of dance.  Their lower bodies are a blur of swirling water, their torsos bend rhythmically, their arms sway in harmony with the island's undulations.  One of them turns its gaze on you...piercing blue-green eyes, the color of the sea, the color of the crystal.

The rush of dizziness returns, stronger than before, causing you to swoon.
Roundtime: 12 sec.

Vision 3:

>look crystal
You turn your eyes to the unusual bluish-green crystal and everything becomes still and hushed.  The room seems to recede and in its place you see the rhythmic swaying of reeds caressed by low waves.  The stone beneath your feet turns into an undulating sponge, the cool air of the tower becomes a warm and gentle breeze in which the tang of sea air is softened by the delicate scent of flowers.

You find yourself on a floating island of living plants, surrounded by a pale green ocean.  Other such islands float nearby and more dot the horizon.  The sturdy roots of hundreds of plants...tall reeds, broad-leafed vines, delicate flowers, madly-colored mosses...intertwine to bind the mass together.  Insects flutter from plant to plant, where small lizards lie in wait for them.  Tiny, pale crabs skitter quickly over the lumpy surface.

A sudden movement at the edge of your vision draws your attention.  As you turn your head to see the world shifts again.  Beneath your feet the surface becomes hard and cold as stone, the warm air cools, the scent of flowers dissipates...and you find yourself back in the ruined tower.
Roundtime: 12 sec.