Kiergaunt Pandarre

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Kiergaunt Pandarre was a wizard who lived in River's Rest before and up to 5018, M.E.

Pandarre made his home in a blue roofed tower on the shore of Maelstrom Bay and delved into inter-planar travel. Among his successes was travel to a water element world inhabited by creatures he referred to as water wyrds. He also successfully brought some of the creatures back to Elanthia, who had the knowledge to turn water into a metal hard substance. Unfortunately, Pandarre elected to travel to the wyrd world on the 1st of Phoenatos, 5018. It was on this day that the Great Cataclysm occurred in the region around River's Rest. It created Tempest Falls and destroyed the careful magical teleportation circle. The result was that Pandarre was left stuck in the wyrd world when his portal, the cracked pool currently in the basement of the tower, was broken.

After Pandarre's disappearance, his tower was abandoned by his servants, and last inhabited by lizard like creatures known as Hisskra and water wyrds.