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Elemental bows were originally auction items and have been released in various forms by various GameMasters. They are generally eligible for sighting at a WPS smithy, but undisclosed factors may prevent any particular bow from being worked on.

Information originally posted by GRIVERX3 (The Nalfein Kitten) on 9 July 2005.

Info from GM Khaladon

To clarify all the magical bows that been made...
After archery came out, an auction had 5 bows called "an elemental bow of XXXX" back in the day when the only flare types were fire, ice, acid, electricity, and impact. They are all 10x weapons basically.
Uska a couple years ago released a handful of bows at Anfelt and one at Ciston's auction to benefit the troops. I think the total is 6 of them. They are 0x weapons (which is really bad for DS for archers), and the enchant is based on level, with only rangers able to get past 5x.
I made a slew of varying types for the WaveDancer, releasing 18 in total, 3 of each type.
The arrow making bows came in 3 types, flaring (all the flare types we have now, and the chance of flaring is much greater than 10 percent, contrary to the prior posts), randomly damage weighted, and just arrows. All the arrows range from +1 to +30, and with the bows being +20, its a +21 to +50 weapon.
The others were chaos bows (varies in enchant, highly sighted, morphs), racial bows (nicely sighted for most, awesome for halflings and sylvans), and the speed crossbows (cock in 3 seconds).
Enjoy em. Which ever one you have, I think Banthis's, Uska's, and mine are all comparable.
Have fun.

That's the most definitive information on the elemental bows that I've seen to date. I wanted to compile a list of what they look like and possibly the current owners. I remember hearing about an elemental crossbow too. Was it one of the originals? Have any of them been lost to invasions, lockouts or anything? I remember seeing one of the originals on someone in Illistim but I'll be darned if I can remember who that was. Note: If anyone wants off this list or be known as an alias, please just let me know.

  • One of the original Banthis bows was lost shortly after the auction. There are most likely only 4 bows remaining in circulation.

Banthis' Original Five Elemental Bows:

Banthis' bows are, in their original state, 5x/5x bows that flare their particular element on every shot and are permablessed.

Bow Base Element Current Owner
an elemental bow of fire long Fire NA
an elemental bow of ice unknown Ice NA
an elemental bow of acid unknown Acid NA
an elemental bow of lightning short Electricity NA
an elemental bow of vibration composite Earth NA

Erek has one, type of flare unknown. If the House of Arcane Masters still invites open attendance at their occasional (used to be monthly) House Hunts, interested parties could possibly see it in action.

Uska's Six New Style Elemental Bows:

Bow Base Element Current Owner
a drakar-bound willow bow composite Fire Valdarrow (Plat) / Sildus (Prime)
a weathered long bow with the elemental rune of acid burned into the front composite Acid NA
a veil iron-nocked red longbow long Lightning NA
a blue frost-flecked bow unknown Cold NA
A recurved umbral-wreathed bow short Air (Void) NA

Loresong: The noise and light fades around you. Blinking your eyes you find yourself among an armed and armored group of Sylvankind, many sporting wounds and bandages. All around the sounds of heavy fighting filters in from among the trees. Screams and cries of things only dreamt of in nightmares can be heard coming from the edges of the encircled position the Sylvans hold. The leader of the band, an arrow protruding from the shoulder, gives an unheard command and her retainers begin stripping off the most powerful of their artifacts. Once shorn of the items they wrap them in cloth and place them in a chest. The chest is then lowered into a hole dug beneath a massive oak's roots and covered with loamy earth. The sole remaining cleric in the group blesses the ground to hide the cache from the unholy. The leader of the band gives a curt nod and the group with you among them draw their remaining weapons and charge one last time into the forest. Suddenly feeling a sharp pain, you see a feathered shaft has sprouted from your chest. With a final scream you collapse and everything around you goes black.

Khaladon's Nine WaveDancer Style Elemental Bows:

Bow Element Current Owner
a deringo composite bow Unaligned Odysia
a deringo composite bow Unaligned NA
a deringo composite bow Unaligned NA
a ruic long bow Chaos Odysia
a silk-bound elven bow Chaos fallenSaint (see note below)
a ruic long bow Chaos NA
a glowbark heavy crossbow Wood NA
a glowbark heavy crossbow Wood NA
a fireleaf heavy crossbow Wood The Nalfein Kitten

The fifth bow ("a silk-bound elven bow") in the immediately preceding list has the following long description: The ruic limbs are exceptionally maintained, allowing a draw of impossible ease. A length of dark grey silk is tightly bound across the bow which is further secured by intervals of coraesine banding. Its drawstring is nothing more than a wisp of smoke, fleeting and insubstantial.