Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl Asylum for the Thaumaturgically Unsettled

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Behind the ScenesThe Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl Asylum for the Thaymaturgically Unsettled was founded by Thanris Akeleyn Faendryl, Patriarch XVI of House Faendryl. It was a place for the care and treatment of those who had lost their minds through arcane pursuits, most often people who's minds had been disrupted by chaotic magical energies. This type of care was needed, as during this era, incredible developments in the arcane arts took place, but at the cost of many brilliant minds. The asylum was named for Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl, Thanris Akeleyn's sister, who herself had lost her mind in arcane pursuits. She was the asylum's first patient, and she never recovered.

Behind the Scenes

This is a fairly straight forward anagram based on the "Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane", otherwise known as "Arkham Asylum" in the Batman universe. "Arkham" itself in turn is derived from the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, which was alluded to extensively in the I.C.E. Age, as well as the modern Faendryl lore with Abdullahi Hazalred Faendryl and Abdul Alhazred.