Elven divination (log)

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This discussion about elven divination was held during the Convocation of Coraesine Field by Lady Chisma.

>look ruhan
You see Ruhan.
He appears to be a Loenthra Elf.
He is average height and appears to be very young. He has sparkling pale blue eyes and ivory skin. He has short, tousled red hair. He has slightly downswept pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a supple leather satchel, a soft brown tapestry-weave vest, a suede-trimmed light leather tunic with short sleeves, a slender tooled leather belt with a polished maple buckle, a reinforced dark leather bag, some fitted dark leather pants, and a pair of scuffed leather boots.

>look chisma
You see Artisan Chisma.
She appears to be a Loenthra Elf.
She is average height and appears to be very young. She has silver-flecked violet eyes and fair skin. She has waist length, wavy white hair worn loose with a delicate eahnor-twisted geldarald dangling a lark-etched amethyst anemone over her brow. She has a dainty face, a thin nose and sharply-curved pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a silver-edged soft violet anemone, a silver-veined misty grey robe crafted of marbrinus over an amethyst-hued organza bliaut edged in silver anemones, an alternating haon and amethyst bead hip-belt, a haon-slatted crushed velvet pouch, and a pair of delicate silk slippers.

Speaking excitedly to Chisma, Ruhan asks, "Did you hear that?"

Chisma nods to Ruhan.

Ruhan says, "Someone is going to talk about scrying."

Ruhan loudly exclaims, "Exciting!"

Chisma begins chuckling at Ruhan!

Speaking teasingly to Ruhan, Chisma asks, "And who do you think that might be?"

Chisma takes a crystal wine glass from the lip of the basin and dips it into the pool of wine, filling it with silvery liquid.

Speaking wryly to Chisma, Ruhan asks, "Isn't it fancy?"

Chisma agrees with Ruhan.

Chisma says, "It is a lovely blend."

Chisma says, "Greetings and welcome all."

Chisma says, "Please feel free to have a seat, I'll begin the discussion shortly."

Chisma says, "As I'm sure many of you know, the various houses of the Elven Nations have different views on many things."

Chisma says, "The art of divination is no different."

Chisma says, "A fine example of these differences can be seen in the reaction you will get if you ask an elf from Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Loenthra the same question..."

Chisma says, "While the Loenthran elf may wish to sit and have tea with you to discuss the matter, the Vaalor would more than likely lable you a fool for believing in such nonsense and bid you good day."

Chisma says, "Such a mentioning brings us, in all honesty, to our first divination method amongst the elves."

Chisma says, "The literal translation of the Loenthran method of divination is "Intention left in leavings", or mundanly tea leaf reading."

Chisma says, "The idea behind the name is that the person drinking the tea leaves behind the intention of the life, their story, and their future."

Chisma says, "There is a method by which the leaves are brewed, which becomes part of the scrying itself, but I won't go into that at the moment...."

Chisma continues, "However, I will say that there are a wide variety of things that a practitioner must view when contemplating a tea cup."

Chisma says, "For example...."

Chisma offers, "If the leaves are high or low inthe cup then it can mean the distance in time before the prediction will come to pass."

Chisma says, "If letters are seen, then those are the first letters of the people in which the scrying will touch."

Chisma says, "Thousands of combinations can change the depth and measure of the prediction."

Chisma says, "The Loenthran take this simple opportunity, to have tea, and turn it into a ceremony that is filled with grace, style, and character."

Chisma says, "It is not unheard of for there to be parties where all present will present their cups for viewing...."

Chisma says, "And yet, it is also not unheard of to seek an answer within a single one on one viewing."

Chisma says, "Also clinging to simplistic and naturallistic ways, my cousins the Ardenai have developed a method that they loosely call Wind-sight."

Chisma says, "The manner in which this particular form is employed is rather simplistic and involves a querient drawing near to mind the question or matter that they seek to have resolved."

Chisma says, "After careful meditation, the individual must go outside to a clearing and carry with them some manner of natural debris."

Chisma says, "Dirt, leaves -- particularly that of oak -- or even flowers are lifted above the head and released into the air."

Chisma says, "The answer comes in the pattern or manner in which the leaves fall to the ground."

K>get feathers

You remove several tattered black feathers from in your grey leather neckpouch.

K>toss my feathers

You toss a handful of feathers into the air and hum as you watch them float toward the ground. You gaze at the feathers for a moment after they land, then stoop to retrieve them.

Ruhan looks thoughtfully at you.

Chisma says, "Things that are noted in particular are the speed of descent, the distance, do the items stay clustered together or scatter...."

Speaking quietly to you, Ruhan asks, "Could I see those feathers of yours?"

K>give fea to ruhan

You offer your tattered black feathers to Ruhan, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Ruhan has accepted your offer and is now holding several tattered black feathers.

Ruhan separates a single feather from several tattered black feathers and holds it out at arm's length. He cocks his head slightly as he watches the feather closely. Tutting softly, Ruhan returns the feather to the bunch.

Chisma says, "Unlike the Loenthran..."

Chisma says, "The Ardenai hold close their means of translating the Wind-sight and it is passed on from mother to daughter and father to son."

Chisma says, "Some speculate that there isn't one single translation, but a series of translations that vary wildly from each other."

Chisma says, "Meaning that each different family, or even gender, could have their own set of translations."

Chisma says, "In contrast to the three Houses I have mentioned, the House of Nalfien has their own twist on divination that is more tailored to their conspiratorial natures."

Chisma says, "At some point in the history of the House, an artist gifted one of its noblewomen with an elegant deck of paper-thin, teak cards."

Chisma says, "Painted upon one side of each wooden card was the ebon rose of the House, while the other had elaborate images of various flowers and plants that could be found throughout the whole of Elanthia."

Chisma says, "It is speculated that the gift was intended to be a means of divining the future from an artist of House Loenthra, however, the noblewoman scoffed at the thought that anyone but she could predict, and facilitate, her own future and thus the deck took on an entirely different purpose."

Chisma says, "Ladies of the House can frequently be seen to employ use of the deck during women only functions, teas, or other gatherings as a means of communicating their feelings towards another woman."

Ruhan looks thoughtfully at Chisma.

Chisma says, "The two-hundred and eighteen cards would be shuffled and artfully arranged with skill and panache into the sequence that the shuffler wished and then flipped upon the table, while all present would feign their ignorance that the cards had fallen in anything but random patterns."

Chisma chuckles.

Ruhan blinks.

Karly's dancing pixie tattoo suddenly emerges from underneath her deep black armor and disappears behind the silver-linked waistchain covering her waist.

Ruhan softly comments, "That's quite a number of cards.."

Chisma nods to Ruhan.

Chisma says, "Like their fan-speak, it is part of what every young Nalfein court-driven lady must memorize."

Chisma says, "This is the reason behind the famous elven saying, "playing a Nalfein's hand", which is to say that any hand dealt by a Nalfein is arranged."

Chisma says, "It is believed by many true practitioners of the Art that a Black Rose Deck could still provide a true prediction if properly employed, but there isn't a Nalfein alive that would give it any credibility."

Ruhan rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Chisma says, "Lastly, amongst the elves are those of House Illistim."

Chisma says, "The practice by which they study is difficult to pin down to one question one answer."

Chisma continues, "Indeed, it takes an Illistim practitioner years and cycles of study to come to a single answer."

Ruhan nods slowly.

Speaking offhandedly to himself, Ruhan says, "Woolgathering.."

Ruhan examines his fingernails.

Chisma say concludes, "However, when an answer is discovered -- typically by studies years of weather, climate, migration, and global changes -- it is more along the lines of a doctrine or almanac in its length and can frequently span a great distance of time."

Chisma begins chuckling at Ruhan!

Nouvard takes a moment to observe Ruhan.

Chisma says, "That rather concludes the doctrine portion of the discussion...."

Chisma inquires, "Does anyone have any questions?"

Nouvard raises his hand.

Speaking in Elven to Chisma, Nouvard asks something you don't understand. [Great. Thanks!]

Ruhan bursts out in laughter, snorting silvery wine through his nose.

Ruhan coughs.

Chisma smiles at Nouvard.

Ruhan coughs.

Nouvard smirks.

Chisma says, "Vaalor historically have not held much stock in the process."

Chisma says, "They generally deem it to be nonsense."

Chisma says, "If any are curious, then I would dare say, I'd be not only surprised but out right shocked."

Chisma says, "I suppose, that it could be considered a taboo for them."

Speaking in Elven to Chisma, Nouvard says something you don't understand.

Chisma raises an eyebrow.

Ruhan offhandedly comments, "That's something new..."

Chisma says, "Perhaps you have some knowledge that I have been yet to gleen."

Speaking in Elven to Chisma, Nouvard says something you don't understand.

Chisma asks, "Do your mystics have names?" Speaking in Elven, Nouvard says something you don't understand.

Chisma raises an eyebrow in Nouvard's direction.

Chisma says, "I shall have to do that."

Speaking in Elven to Chisma, Nouvard says something you don't understand.

Chisma says, "With every rule, my Lord, there are exceptions."

Chisma smiles.

Chisma says, "It is my pleasure."

Chisma asks, "Does anyone else have any questions that I might answer?"


Chisma says, "Then I thank you all for your understanding and patience while I shared this information."

You say, "Thank you."

Chisma says, "You are most welcome."

Chisma smiles at you.

Koleph says, "Yes, thank you for sharing."

Chisma says, "I am happy to. I feel that it promotes the purpose of this gathering, even if the delegates have all returned home."