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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

The Empath Guild is the empaths' profession guild.

Empath Guild Skill List

Alchemy - There are three subskills to Alchemy.
Emotion Projection
This is a planned skill that is not yet implemented.


Promotion to Guildmaster status requires mastery of General Alchemy and a total of 125 skill ranks; once meeting this requirement, the presence of 2 other members who have also met the requirement (whether they are currently a Guildmaster or eligible for promotion themselves) is necessary to execute the promotion. Player Guildmasters can gain experience and fame for checking in other Guild members (must be inactive or required to check in in the next 10 days) or for promoting other Guild members to higher ranks. Guildmasters need to drop by the guild once a month - if they don't they'll receive a warning after a month, followed by loss of status after three.


The Empath Guild has structures in the following locations:

Each Guild has an alchemy annex and alchemy shop, and some house masseuses, an aromatherapy room, a recipe research library, and a meditation room.


The symbol of the Empath Guild is an emerald green acantha leaf crossed over a sparkling silver longsword on a field of pure white.

The motto is, "Heal When We Can, Fight When We Must."

Exclusive Alchemy Recipes

Alchemy recipes exclusive to empaths include:


The first Guildmasters of the Empath Guild were:

  • Myrefalcon
  • Zuzana
  • Kembal
  • Dfarren
  • Aluenna
  • Siwas

More Guildmasters:

  • Artoriosdemer
  • Nilandia
  • Jadah
  • Gweneivia
  • Giogionni
  • Kolgran
  • Malstar
  • Thailmore
  • Alendi
  • Orlicks
  • Krystalena
  • Dirvy
  • Scarswyrth
  • Olivvia

Benefits of Guild Mastery include not having to pay dues, being able to induct and reinduct guild members, being able to accept dues from guild members, and being able to promote guild members in their guild skills. The Master can gain silver and experience from several of those benefits.

Myrefalcon was the first empath to master all three Alchemy skills.