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Spirit Guide (130)
Mnemonic [SPIRGUIDE]
Duration Instantaneous
Utility Magic  
Subtype Travel 
Availability Group 
Minor Spiritual Spells
Spirit Warding I (101) Defensive
Spirit Barrier (102) Defensive
Spirit Defense (103) Defensive
Disease Resistance (104) Defensive
Poison Resistance (105) Defensive
Spirit Fog (106) Defensive
Spirit Warding II (107) Defensive
Stun Relief (108) Utility
Dispel Invisibility (109) Utility
Unbalance (110) Attack
Fire Spirit (111) Attack
Water Walking (112) Utility
Undisease (113) Utility
Unpoison (114) Utility
Fasthr's Reward (115) Defensive
Locate Person (116) Utility
Spirit Strike (117) Offensive
Web (118) Attack
Spirit Dispel (119) Utility
Lesser Shroud (120) Defensive
Call Lightning (125) Attack
Spirit Guide (130) Utility
Searing Light (135) Attack
Wall of Force (140) Defensive

Spirit Guide causes the caster and his or her group to return to one of several different locales within each realm. In some areas, one or more of the locations this spell can move you to are potentially dangerous. This is a powerful teleport spell and is useful for getting a party out of danger quickly.


Due to the violent nature of the translocation, the caster of the spell will be subject to mild to intense nausea as a result of casting this spell.

At baseline training, this nausea comes in three waves, each capable of inflicting up to 60 RT and leaving the caster prone and in more offensive stances.

Training in Physical Fitness as well as the caster's Constitution bonus determine the number of waves of nausea. This is not a flat threshold, as every two ranks of Physical Fitness provide benefit. As training increases, one will find that they will sometimes receive only two waves of nausea, until they never suffer three waves at all. Eventually, the caster will be receiving only one wave of nausea. Finally, extremely high amounts of training and Constitution can result in the ability to receive no nausea cycle at all, albeit only the most incredibly trained Empaths would ever be able to guarantee no nausea backlash.

Nausea can be negated by ingesting a deep green volatile elixir prior to casting. These are made by empath alchemists.

Mana Control Benefit

Spiritual Mana Control reduces the possible severity of the sickness. The training reduces the ceiling of the penalty, thus with enough training, you will never get the 60 second RT wave of nausea.

Location of Landing

Each realm has a ranked list of 15 landing locations, some possibly repeating, numbered from 0 to 14.

To determine which location is landed on, a random number between 0 and 6 is generated. For every 30 ranks of Minor Spiritual spell ranks, subtract 1 from the number. (If the caster cannot learn spells from the Spiritual sphere, then add 5 instead.) For Clerics with Prayer (313) active, subtract another random number from 0 to 3.

If the resulting number is less than or equal to 0, then a new random number is generated from 0 to 4.

Lastly, subtract [Seed 10 summation of Spiritual Lore, Summoning ranks) / 2] for the landing location (the rank thresholds are 21, 46, 75, 108, 145). If the result is negative then use Location #0.

While the list contains 15 locations, the formula will only ever generate a number between 0 to 11, so the final 3 locations are unused. Native casters of Spirit Guide will only land between #0 to #5. The distribution when first learning the spell is uneven, with a 6% chance of landing on Location #0, 20% for each of Locations #1 through #4, and 14% for Location #5. Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning removes the lower-ranked locations from the list, and the caster will always land on Location #0 with 145 ranks of Summoning and 30 MnS, or 108 ranks of Summoning and 60 MnS.

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning decreases the random range of the landing location.

Landing Locations

Landing location information provided by GM Estild

Wehnimer's Landing

  • Land's End Road
  • Erebor Square
  • Town Square Central
  • Garden (far southeast end of town)
  • North Dock

Icemule Trace

  • Town Center
  • Hall of Rebirth
  • Temple Burrow, Penguin Hill


  • Pinefar Trading Post, Great Room

The Rift

  • Cavern of Ages, outside the Rift

River's Rest

  • Commons Circle (west of Town Commons)
  • Sanctuary
  • River's Rest Inn, Lobby


  • North Market
  • South Market
  • Liabo Plaza
  • Lornon Court
  • Beacon Tower
  • Market Bridge

Zul Logoth

  • Crystalline Cavern


Ta'Vaalor is magically warded against teleportation directly into the city.

  • Victory Gate (southwest), exterior
  • Wyvern Plaza in Ravelin


  • Hanging Gardens/Dais
  • Briarstone Court
  • Shimmarglin Court
  • Sylvar Pointe
  • Whistler's Pass, outside the Sapphire Gate

Old Ta'Faendryl

  • Ta'Faendryl Approach, between barrier and entry portal
  • Cottage, Niche (safe)
  • Basilica, throne room

Teras Isle/Kharam Dzu

  • Aquamarine, Cul-de-sac
  • Dragonspine and Krodera
  • Golvern Street
  • Poor Quarter
  • Town Gates
  • Vaalin Street, Temple District

Sanctum of Scales

  • Kanchoco Oasis

Elemental Confluence

  • Random, one or two rooms away from a tranquility


You feel somewhat disoriented.  The ground seems unsteady.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

You feel light-headed and break out in a cold sweat.
Roundtime: 8 sec.

You feel weak-kneed and that last meal doesn't sit well.
Roundtime: 8 sec.

Your stomach aches and you have a pounding migraine.  Your eyes water causing your vision to blur.  You can barely maintain your balance as you force your eyes shut to concentrate on maintaining composure.
Roundtime: 19 sec.

You feel dizzy.  The ground and sky seem to move together in a nauseating blur.  When things seem steadier you realize you're flat on your back!
Roundtime: 23 sec.

You are overwhelmed by an intense wave of disorientation.  An acidic bile taste hangs in the back of your throat, making it difficult to swallow.  As you try to recover some semblance of balance, an intense series of spasms from deep in your bowels forces its entire contents to work its way up your throat.  It takes every ounce of personal effort to keep yourself from the irresistible urge to vomit!
Roundtime: 52 sec.

You recover somewhat from your nausea.

Alchemy Recipe

This formula does not cast the Spirit Guide spell.

A deep green volatile elixir is also known as a vertigo relief potion and will negate any effect of motion sickness caused by Spirit Guide.

A deep green volatile elixir
  1. Add water
  2. Add powdered green garnet
  3. Add essence of vitality
  4. Simmer
  5. Add faintly radiant dust
  6. Boil

Faintly radiant dust=extracted t'ayanad crystals
Essence of vitality=extracted yabathilium fruit


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