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Implementation of new system, Announcement (4/2002)

Category: Wizards
Message #: 9
Date: 4/22/2002 15:37 A
Subject: Enchanting Notes

While it doesn't appear there is any great need to justify the changes to the spell Enchant (925), it is still important to point out what the problems are we are trying to address with the new version of this spell. Keep in mind that the players themselves more than GMs were instrumental in setting these goals. To briefly list these without much detail they are as follows in no particular order:

1. Provide equal access to the spell for all wizards with comparable skills.

2. Establish a means of controlling how many highly enchanted items are created.

3. Remove the problems caused by mana pools.

4. Provide a more fair distribution of wealth.

5. Hopefully avoid the problems caused by to many highly enchanted items in the game.

To accomplish this we made changes so mana pools will no longer be the controlling factor used by the Enchant spell. This will provide wizards with equal skills the same opportunity to enchant items. To accomplish this we had to make a number of other changes in order to control and limit enchanting.

Wizards working on highly enchanted items will be restricted to one project at a time. In order to insure this limitation isn't made pointless and ineffective the restriction will be applied to the account. Besides, if we didn't some players would just collect a lot of wizards for the sole purpose of enchanting. This means one major project per account. The reasons for this restriction are more than just to help control the number of enchanted items being created. This also helps avoid problems caused by a few players enchanting a considerable number of items, which in turns has a variety of problems for everyone else.

The time required to enchant may be considerably longer than previously experienced under the old system. Preparing an item for enchantment will require the item to be tempered and enchanted as many times as the enchantment being attempted. This means enchanting an item from 0x to 1x will require a single temper and enchant just like it use to. However, to enchant an item to 5x will require tempering and enchanting the item 5 times before the enchantment is finished. Each temper will have to cure and be enchanted before the next one can be made. Unlike the old system, an attempt to temper an item may fail. A failed attempt will not damage or destroy the item. Once an item is cured, it will not remain tempered indefinately as before. This time isn't short, but if not used the temper will wear off. Alternatively, at any point in the process the wizard can always choose to stop the project and remove the temper.

The way tempering potions are used has changed. You will need different potions for different types of projects, but until the new alchemy and potion creation system is created someday we will make do with the potions that already exist. Potions will be available at the Wizard Guild and eventually players will be able to create their own.

While it will still be possible to enchant items as high as 10x, and no further, potions and/or facilities to create enchanted items to this level will not be readily available. For all intents and purposes there will theoretically be a limit on how far a player can enchant an item. The circumstances and conditions under which a player will be able to typically enchant an item should allow them to go as high as 7x.

Items enchanted under the new system will be more resistant to damage and destruction. Some merchants might provide updating for the older items, but this will also result in a reduction of enchantments on the item.

Enchanting an item will be more difficult. When casting enchant, the chance of failure will probably be greater than before for most wizards. However, the chances of catastrophic failure that results in item loss will not be any greater than it was previously using the old spell. Actually probably lower as far as the chances are concerned. Keep in mind, only the Final Enchantment has a chance of catastrophic failure. The enchantments preparing the item for the final enchantment may fail, and may even damage the item, but they shouldn't completely obliterate the item. (Note: most failures under the old system resulted from mistakes by the players that could have been avoided.)

To assist the wizard in their work, they should now find that using a tempering potion as before or an updated version of Elemental Detection (405) on a work in progress provides them with the information they need to know about the status of the project.

While there is likely no perfect solution everyone will agree upon, I believe we have come about as close as we can to accomplishing out goals for the new version of Enchant.

1. Provide equal access to the spell for all wizards with comparable skills.

The spell functions the same for everyone now.

2. Establish a means of controlling how many highly enchanted items are created.

We actually can control the spell now. Previously we could not Granted, we cannot strictly control the number of Enchanted items in the game without any being removed, but we have solved one part of this problem by putting controls on how many are being added.

3. Remove the problems caused by mana pools.

You can now enchant without any mana pools. Mana pools are no longer used to control enchanting.

4. Provide a more fair distribution of wealth. The game will never be perfectly fair for everyone. I'm sorry, but this is reality. We have done our part to make this as fair as we possibly can without spoiling the fun for everyone. There are limiting factors that help level the playing field without completely obstructing the ability of players to properly use the spell as it was intended.

5. Hopefully avoid the problems caused by to many highly enchanted items in the game.

Admittedly, until we have a method for removing enchanted items from the game, or at least reducing the enchantment on those items, we wont be limiting how many are in the game. Although, when/if breakage is eventually introduced this will go a long way towards accomplishing this goal. This is especially true if we maintain a strict control over enchantments being limited to 7x.

Now to answer a few questions that may not have clearly been stated already, or which a few details would be helpful. For starters, what are those limitations on Enchanting again?

Currently there are no limitations on enchanting items from 0x to 4x. These are lesser enchantments and the tempering times typically wont change much. Anything over 5x is considered a major project, and these are limited to one per account. While you no longer may need to drain the mana pools to enchant, the more wizards enchanting will effect the mana flows so that you may be required to wait a bit longer to get the needed temper on the item before you can enchant.

So to put it simply, you can be working on as many 0x to 4x enchantments at the same time as you like. However, you can only work on one major project at a time. A major project is any enchantment over 4x.

So how long will it take to temper that item? For items under 4x, probably not that long, but these times may vary based on the item being enchanted and the skill of the Wizard. For the most part these times will be fairly stable. For items over 4x, the times may vary more depending on how many wizards are Enchanting such items. The more wizards enchanting items to 5x, the longer the tempering time will probably take to prepare your item for enchantment to 5x. At least you wont have to worry about someone tempering dozens of items and pushing that time higher, since only one item can be in progress at a time per account.

Which potion works best? That depends on the enchantment you are working on and this is something you will want to work on. However, the rohnuru potion is a good one to start with. It works for enchanting items to 1x. A duqnuru should be useful for 2x and 3x enchantments. Dirtokh on 4x and 5x. The more volitile potions will be better suited for the higher enchantments, and of course a Mirtokh works for the 6x and 7x enchantments. The sisfu potion is a little different, so you will want to test that to decide how best to use it. It works on any project up to 5x. The sarmoc potion is still useful for removing the temper from a project, but you could always wait till it wears off too. Eventually there will be other potions, and it will be left to the players to figure out how best to use them.

What potions work best, what skills are best, which training path is best, and all those other questions about how to perfect the character for enchanting will have to be figured out by the players. All we will say is that the most important factor for enchanting is skill with spells, not level alone.

Yes, items enchanted with the new spell will be more resistant to damage and catastrophic failure when breakage is released. NO, I did not say items enchanted under the old system. Items enchanted with the old system will not have this advantage.

Tech stuff. The old system was not well suited for monitoring or controlling. The new system is. Not only can we easily adjust the times required for enchanting, but doing so is tracked on a table any GM can check. Its also comes with a handy date/time stamp with signature of who last modified the data and when. Just don't pester the GMs asking if it was changed. If you simply must know, post your question and I'll probably get around to replying eventually. I'll post something like, its working as intended.

When you temper items, and when you enchant, the numbers are now tracked on a handy table any GM can consult. It tracks these values for a full year so we can monitor how Enchant is being used. In addition we've improved on the logging, although some features are not yet implimented in our system. This isn't anything for the players to worry about, nor would they care, but it sure makes our job a lot easier if we want to find out what the players are doing to the game with Enchant. :)

Hey, not only do we track the players, but merchants will be using the same mechanics. Same code, and we track their enchantments too. We will cheat a little for merchants of course, since we don't want the customers standing around waiting forever on the tempering time. The tracking and handling is the same though, and this is good.

This covers the major points of the new Enchanting system. There are some details open to change at this point, and we reserve the right to make any adjustments prior releasing it of course.

GM Altiron

Enchanting Projects and Tempers (4/2006)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 3399
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 7/17/2006 4:19:01 PM
Subject: Enchanting Projects and Tempers

<< Currently there are instances where fewer tempers and enchants are required than should be, based on the enchant being attempted. For example, +12 is considered 3x, however it currently only requires 2 tempers and enchants. This will be changing in the near future, but not until some changes are made to the way Forging of high quality weapons is handled. The definition in the table above is what will become the standard. >>

Quoted above is an except from the current Enchanting documentation located at http://www.play.net/gs4/info/enchant_notes.asp which will be removed when the document is updated in the near future.

Since the Forging system has long since moved away from providing a +1-3 AS bonus to forged weapons in favor of AvD and Damage Factor bonuses, this feature of the Enchanting system no longer serves any purpose.

Weapons and Armors will now temper as enchanting projects of one level greater than their bonus indicates as per the table provided in the Enchanting document, which I've recreated below for convenience.

Bonus Range Enchant Level Tempered As
+1 to +5 1x 2x
+6 to +10 2x 3x
+11 to +15 3x 4x
+16 to +20 4x 5x
+21 to +25 5x 6x
+26 to +30 6x 7x
+31 to +35 7x N/A
+36 to +40 8x N/A
+41 to +45 9x N/A
+46 to +50 10x N/A

What does this mean for tempering and enchanting projects? As an example, an imflass weapon would have tempered as a 3x project under the old system, but will now properly temper as a 4x project. Any enchanting project whose resulting bonus is greater than +20 will now be properly considered a major enchanting project, where the previous threshold for major projects was +22.


Pre-Tempering Potion Implementation (4/2009)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 6568
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 4/24/2009 12:33:25 A
Subject: Enchanting Updates

I'd like to take a moment to share some details with enchanters about a new facet of the enchanting system.

This update introduces support for a new class of potions known as pre-temper potions. These types of potions are designed to be applied to an item to prepare it to take a standard temper potion. This preparation step is required for each step in an enchanting project, meaning a project for 0x to 1x would require a single dose, while a project for 4x to 5x would require five doses; one dose is required per step in each case. This pre-temper effect typically lasts five minutes, giving the enchanter ample time to pour a second potion.

The messaging for a pre-temper potion follows a standard form, which each type of pre-temper having a different glow description:

You pour your potion on the falchion.
As the liquid coats the surface of the mithril falchion, you murmur a few words of power while gesturing over the falchion.
The liquid quickly seeps into the mithril falchion and leaves nothing behind but a faint glow.
You examine the falchion closely and, though the faint glow appears to be fading rapidly, are satisfied that it is ready to take a standard tempering potion.

Similarly, when the pre-temper effect fades, the messaging takes a standard form, with the same glow description as the pre-temper message:

The faint glow fades from a mithril falchion.

Pre-temper potions are typically more difficult to apply than regular potions, reflecting the expected increase in difficulty when enchanting the types of gear that they allow to be tempered.As

Taking advantage of this feature, two new potions have been added to an enchanter's arsenal: an ayveneh potion and an eoveneh potion. Ayveneh potion may be used to prepare gear with Enhancive properties for tempering, while eoveneh potion fills the same role for some sanctified gear. Both of these potions maybe be used on gear with a bonus of 30 or less, similar to mirtokh potion. The only question is: where to find these potions?


In addition to these new features, enchanting roundtimes have been lowered to 20 seconds across the board, but the roundtime is no longer affected by haste effects. Overall, enchanters should see a net drop in roundtimes. Further, using tempering potions to estimate time left for an active temper should now be working as intended. Estimates should no longer vary wildly.


Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 6593
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 4/24/2009 11:01:34 AM
Subject: Re: Enchanting Updates

I have a brief addendum to this announcement.

The contribution of Wizard Base spell ranks to the success of enchanting has been adjusted. The contribution up to 1x per level and through 1.5x per level remains as it was previously. Ranks trained beyond 1.5x per level now contribute less to success.

It's unlikely that enchanters will notice any significant difference in success rates unless they are very low in level attempting higher level enchanting projects.


Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 6595
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 4/24/2009 1:13:20 PM
Subject: Re: Enchanting Updates

<< So say I have a 4x wood runestaff, and a 4x wood runestaff with super-duper-enhansive goodness...need I worry about added chance of failure or more difficulty? >>

Yes, as noted in the original announcement: "Pre-temper potions are typically more difficult to apply than regular potions, reflecting the expected increase in difficulty when enchanting the types of gear that they allow to be tempered."

In case this isn't clear, the potions are more difficult to use and the enchanting projects themselves are also more difficult to successfully complete. The potion difficulty is meant to be an indicator of the relative skill where you should be able to successfully complete enchantment.

For sanctified items, there is a flat difficulty increase applied with a minimum difficulty. As an example, if the modifier is -10 and you are enchanting something that normally has a modifier of 0 or more, the difficulty is -10. If the difficulty is less than 0 normally, then the difficulty is the sum. A normally -5 would be -15 when sanctified. (Just for note, these numbers are nonsense meant for demonstration.)

Enhancive items are a bit more complex in their difficulty, which increases relative to how 'good' the enhancive benefits are. The value of the item can be a good gauge of relative difficulty, though it isn't be any means exact.


Pouring on TD Items (4/2010)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 7387
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 4/29/2010 1:46:25 PM
Subject: Re: TD bonus

Pouring a temper potion won't ever have any negative effect on an item. It will either take, or it won't. If it doesn't, there are a few different messages that give a rough indication of why.

Temper potions are safe to pour.


Material Difficulty (7/2010)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 7478
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 7/12/2010 9:49:55 PM
Subject: Re: Fail and reset
Mithril is the easiest material to enchant, period. There are many metals that are easier to enchant than steel, such as all the elven metals. Also, there are many woods that are easier to enchant than plain ol' wood, such as fireleaf and rowan (which is the easiest of all woods, period.)

Obsidian, on the other hand, is pretty much insta-fail.

As for mithril and boxes and the Unlock spell, not all magic is created equally, and the magical stability referenced in the document is what allows enchanting to take so readily in mithril gear.


Enchanting Resistant Items (3/2011)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 7855
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 3/17/2011 1:55:42 PM
Subject: Re: Armor resistance question

Aaaaaactually, resistant armor is more difficult to enchant than equivalent armor sans resistances. I don't think the permanence of the resistance matters, either.

You can pretty much assume that any additional attributes that don't outright prevent enchanting increase the difficulty of enchanting. (The only exception I can think of would be spikes.)


Enchanting "Metal" Items (8/2016)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 1797454
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 08/08/2016 02:33 PM
Subject: Re: Difficulty on a 0x -> 1x metal dagger
I cannot enchant this dagger to save my hide. I can only assume it comes with a huge negative for being made out of "metal" rather than a specific type of metal.
Any GM mind giving me a little helpful info? I'm 0/3. On a 1x cast.
After a careful inspection you determine that a rusty metal spike requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively. It appears to be a modified dagger.
It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of metal.

No weapon, shield, or armor should ever inspect as "metal", as that's used for decorative props only. You may ASSIST to have it changed to steel and can refer the GameMaster that answers the assist to this post. If you keep it as is, "metal" has a -500 enchanting penalty.

GameMaster Estild

Prospective Lore Changes (10/2016)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard Spells
Message #: 3163
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 10/18/2016 02:07 PM
Subject: Re: 925 - any update for us?

It should be out soon, but we can't really get more specific than that. If there are items at Ebon Gate that you're considering, I would definitely buy them, as the update will be out in the near future. Perhaps not before Ebon Gate ends, but soon. You also should not worry about starting or any existing projects when it goes live. It will not affect those (in the sense of losing any progress).

I had thought I had posted the full details of the update to Enchant Item (925), but it seems like there is still a lot of confusion (and I know we've made some changes since the original announcement, like on failures). So to list some of the specifics:

  • When you CAST 925 at an item, it will give you a reading to tell you how likely you are to succeed on the final (i.e. the most difficult) cast. It will not actually try to enchant the item unless you CHANNEL, and during which, it will also give you more information regarding how lucky (or unlucky) you were with the attempt. This mimics the setup of Ensorcell (735).
  • Tempered items will no longer shatter in combat, but they still cannot be used.
  • Catastrophic and cursed item failure are being removed. It will no longer be possible to destroy or curse an item.
  • The only possible failures are (ordered worst to best):

1.) Reset: the project is reset and you lose all progress toward it. You can immediately restart the project. This is the worst possible outcome. 2.) Lock: the project is locked and you cannot progress on it any further. It will not expire. A merchant can unlock it or you can untemper it to immediately remove all progress on it and the lock. 3.) Damage (toward progress, not the actual item): your progress is damaged and the current step of the enchant process is lowered (i.e. if you were on step 3 of a 5x enchant, it could be lowered to step 2 and you would have to wait for it to temper again). 4.) Delay: the temper time is reset, so you must wait again until it's ready again. 5.) Minor: no actual penalty, simply fails. You can immediately retry.

  • Trainining in Elemental Lore, Water decreases the amount of time it takes to temper items. As a wizard reflects upon their experience (i.e. is online and gaining experience), they are able to store trace amounts of mana from each pulse, which they then infuse into their tempering potions to make them more effective. There is a weekly and maximum cap, which a wizard can SENSE.
  • Training in the other Elemental Lores will allow a wizard to enchant items with elemental flares, but it requires a special pre-temper potion and 100 ranks of the appropriate lore (i.e. 100 EL:F ranks to enchant fire flaring weapons, etc). The mana points gained from the EL:W benefit may also be used to substitute up to 50 lore ranks (so a wizard who trains 50 ranks in each elemental lore can use mana points to also enchant any elemental flaring item). Elemental flares include heat, cold, water, air, vacuum, electricity, impact, acid, and steam.

GameMaster Estild

Enchant Item Update (2/2017)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 1215
Date: 02/25/2017 08:59 AM EST

New discoveries made by Guildmasters of the Wizard Guild reveals hidden mystical abilities in items that can be enchanted. Wizards can now enchant items that are infused with the power of the elements!

The lore requirement is 100 ranks of elemental lore for the item being enchanted. Such items are more difficult to enchant, but ranks beyond the minimum required in the relevant lore grants an additional bonus.

Wizards who are trained in Elemental Lore, Water will have the ability to reduce the temper times on standard enchanting potions, or reduced lore rank requirements on elemental pre-temper potions. Up to 50 ranks of lore can be offset when infusing (INFUSE) into an elemental pre-temper potion to reduce the ranks needed. If a standard enchant potion is INFUSED, then the temper time can be reduced up to 95 percent for the next pour.

Every 325 mana points from the wizard's stored mana will reduce a temper potion time by 1 percent and every 200 mana points can substitute as 1 lore rank for infusing elemental pre-temper potions.

The SENSE verb has been updated to reveal more clues to the mana flows surrounding the wizard. Once a wizard has achieved level 25, learned the spell Enchant Item (925) and has at least 5 ranks of Elemental Lore, Water; they will begin to accrue stored mana in their own personal mana pool. Further bonuses to speed up the accumulation of mana points follow a seed 5 summation. F2P wizards do not have stored mana pools. Every 30 of base experience absorbed will result in 1 mana point at 5 ranks of Elemental Lore, Water.

The maximum amount of mana that can be stored per week is 10,000, and a grand total of 35,000 mana points can be stored.

New elemental pre-temper formulas have been uncovered buried in the stacks of tomes in the Wizard Guild Library. Four formulas, one for each of the base elements; air, fire, earth and water can now be made by Master Alchemists in the Wizard Guild. Also, rumors of extremely rare greater elemental essences have been reported as well. These greater essences are required ingredients for the elemental pre-temper potions.

It is no longer possible to completely destroy an enchanting project. This includes attacking with a tempered weapon (which is still not possible, but also won't result in item loss), as well as catastrophic enchanting failures. The new failure conditions will be; a delay, damaged, locked or reset project.

The worst failure is a project RESET. This will remove all progress made on the item.

A LOCKED project prevents a wizard from moving forward on it. Some highly skilled merchants can be found to remove the locked status of the project which will allow the wizard to continue where they left off. The project can also be RESET by using a common remove temper potion to remove the LOCKED status.

A DAMAGED failure will setback the step progression on the project.

A DELAY failure will just delay the temper time.

Finally! Wizards will now have the ability to gauge their chances of a successful enchantment prior to their final cast. Due to the varying factors involved with enchanting, and the use of certain potions; one cannot gauge their chances without tempering the item first. Simply CASTing at the item will give the wizard a reading and CHANNELing will attempt the enchant.


Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 1845
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 04/01/2017 01:48 AM EDT
Subject: Re: ENCHANT ITEM (925) UPDATES!

Two minor updates:

  1. If you're currently enchanting an elemental flaring weapon, you may want to test the difficulty again before trying the actual enchant. It was previously giving a slightly easier reading then it should have and has been corrected. Not a significant difference, but just want to give a heads up incase anyone was attempting to enchant something that previously read as less than optimal for their success rate.
  2. GameMaster Contemplar has updated 925 so that you now cast the spell to get a reading of your chance of success without first having to temper the item. Do note that the mirtokh potion has a modifier that makes the enchant more difficult, so if an item would require that potion and you attempt to read it without tempering first, it won't be entirely accurate.

GameMaster Estild

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 2025
Date: 04/24/2017 12:55 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Reducing NPC Merchant Enchant offerings

First off, just in case anybody thinks otherwise. Picking up the Enchant Item update project was quite the GM learning experience for me, and a great joy for me to take on. I am not afraid of challenges.

Secondly, and I have to state this as such so as not to lay blame or point fingers at anybody (past/present GMs or players), but when I took this project on initially the design goal was already laid out for me and my main task was to implement the design. I took ownership, and accept the good with the bad.

Thirdly, I read these boards (especially the Wizard board) regularly, if not daily, so I am reading the players concerns. Your words are not falling on deaf ears. Some of the concerns I take up with the Dev team. Some get approved to work on, some don't.

Lastly, as I mentioned after the release of the updates and my concerns for breaking everybody current projects lead us to take a smaller step first, with the possibility of adding additional features to the spell that never existed before. Other things that players wanted couldn't be implemented at this time (or more accurately, at the time I was coding the changes).

We are not done with the improvements for 925, but some things have to wait for others things to be in place first before we can push onward. Other things are still in design development, while others may be approved to work on, but still need to be coded. I know players want everything done right now! Or think a complete redesign of the spell into something else is the better option. Sadly, neither of those are true, no matter how simple some think a change may be.

So in a nutshell, I am not done trying to add improvements, so feel free to continue with your suggestions, as I take many of them to heart. But please refrain from attacking others ideas as that is not a good creative process. As far as I am concerned, everybody has a valid point when it comes to their opinion on something.



Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 2304
Date: 09/10/2017 09:51 AM EDT

A new discovery from the Guildmasters of the Wizard Guild now allows enchanters to INFUSE specified amounts of their stored mana into enchanting potions. Use INFUSE MY POTION to reveal information about whether the potion was infused and how much it will reduce the temper time or ranks required.

To infuse a potion, use INFUSE (amount) IN MY POTION.


Temper Time Clarification (6/2017)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 2153
Date: 06/03/2017 09:01 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Temper Command Suggestion

>I think the pour messaging is based on the older implementation where they wanted some level of mystery around the actual time it would take for a next step to complete. The newer changes to 925 (Casting) provides an exact duration. Maybe at some point in the future they will update the pour messaging to tie in with what is provided via 925 (Casting).

>Or maybe someone wants to make the case that pouring only gives you a rough idea and then using 925 (Casting) you can get that precision level of clarity if you are interested. I think proving the actual duration with the pour would be a nice (minor) quality of life improvement.

>-- Robert

This is pretty much it. The temper times messaging is pretty vague (old unmodified system) and the newer 405, and 925 updates give you more accurate status of your project.

Not sure I am for changing that because I do like a little mystery, and not have everything spelled out so precisely. Plus, a single cast of 925 will give you accuracy based on how close the temper is to being finished. Thus, if it is more than one day, you get accuracy to within a day. If it is less than a day, you get accuracy to the nearest hour, and if less than an hour, minutes, and so on to seconds.


Weighting/Padding/Sighting Revamp (8/2017)

Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Weighting and Padding
Message #: 65
Author: GS4-ZISSU
Date: 08/26/2017 05:45 PM EDT
Subject: Weighting/Padding/Sighting Revamp

Relevant Excerpt:

W/P/S items are now also player enchantable, and no special temper potion is required! A difficulty penalty to success that correlates to the amount of W/P/S on the item, very similarly to ensorcell. Ensorcell difficulty penalties will remain the same in the new system. The penalty only increases when enough services have been acquired to actually increase the combat effectiveness of an item. An item that is "in between" combat effectiveness levels does not increase in difficulty until the next level has been reached.



Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Fusion
Message #: 395
Date: 12/16/2017 04:45 PM EST
Subject: Re: The State of Fusion

Fusion Enchanting and Ensorcelling

The enhancive item enchanting/ensorcelling penalty is now based upon the number of orb slots that the fusion item carries (rather than its currently orbed enhancive properties), so it will no longer be necessary to pry out the orbs while the item is being upgraded.


Tempering Temporarily Enhanced Items (3/2018)

Alt text